Our story is HIS-story

As I write my God is Good stories, I am reminded of how He scatters His love throughout our lives and the communities in which we live.

I encourage you to write about your adventures with God. Even the so called ‘insignificant moments’ matter.

Through the years of my own testimonies, I see scattered gold dust; invitations into upgrades (missed in the moment); and a generosity of heart in His kindness.

I reflect and am saddened I have not captured more.

His extreme love for all those around us is palpable.

Every story matters for they form our history. Each story serves as testament to God’s nature and His character. Together as a whole they show a Truth, indisputable to those that read them.

We must treasure each story as our children’s inheritance, for that is what it is. In written (or spoken form) they serve as precedent, and create a foundation from which the next generation can draw to gain perspective and faith.

Our story is our history which, when considered collectively, becomes HIStory and HIS story is worth telling… it’s the story of Jesus in our time.


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7 thoughts on “Our story is HIS-story

  1. Very encouraging post, Beth! Great timing with this! Just started practicing for starting a new YT channel last night after struggling with fear over doing one for many years. One of the things I keep thinking about is sharing, as the topic of some of the videos, what God has done in my life. Answered prayers and talking about the way God speaks to us. It’s funny how it’s hard to be afraid when speaking about the great things God has done and HOW He does it. The way when there seems to be no way kind of things. Praise God!

    1. Wow Staci. It sounds like things are really shifting and changing from where you were a year ago. Sounds great 👏🙌🔥♥️

    1. Thank you 😊 and thank you for taking the time to read and consider it. His story is being told globally… I want to tell it well. ♥️

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