Choose Hope

Holding Hope ©Rampal Singh on Unsplash
Choose Hope.
Requiring courage, hope demands forward movement. Insists on release of past things, hurts, ‘reasons’, excuses…
Hope demands an exchange of the old; a step forward to the new… into something not known or even yet felt.
Hope confronts, shakes mountains, rattles cages and releases great strength, great focus.
Hope creates faith seeds so that we may birth bigger than self.
I choose Hope…
For without is despair … only darkness.
Will you too?

4 thoughts on “Choose Hope

  1. ❤️ Hope lies beyond us but with God we see it and are able to cling to it🌈⭐️🐛to🦋

  2. I work with people facing cancer and talk about hope all the time. Without hope, there is despair. And I don’t just mean hope for a cure, but rather that hope infuses every step of one’s cancer journey, pointing a way forward. Without hope, there is only despair, and for those who believe in God, hope (light, love) overcomes despair.

    1. Wow I honour you in your work and call. For a mercy heart like yours that would be a rewarding, yet personally costly profession. I bless you in all that you do ♥️💝

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