I thought that it may be a good idea to communicate what we may be offering in 2021. It’s time to grow and go (and in saying ‘go’ I do not mean you look like me as shown in these stories, but you look like you, in all of your unique and incredible individual ways that you express the manifold wisdom, multicoloured facets, of God in your life, in your sphere of influence as you go about life).

Plans for 2021:

We will continue with Sitting at the Feet of the Father which is predominantly a soaking/growing group. You simply cannot spend time in God’s Presence and not be transformed. Click here if is this is of interest to you. 

We will also run a prophetic community training group which will be the start of a local and international prophetic community. The local group may start meeting on a monthly basis, as well as zoom meetings. International groups will be run on zoom. This group will include training in prophetic protocols and with a view to developing your gifts in a safe accountable environment. Our heart for for this community is that it’s safe to learn, grow, make mistakes, and ask questions. Click here if this is of interest to you.

We also welcome creatives (dancers, musicians, artists, sculptors, writers, poets, artisans, actors) and mystics. We have a heart to create a creative community that is a part of our prophetic family. We are forming wonderful relationships with people who run communities specifically for various creative art forms etc, where opportunities abound to grow in prophetic creativity in a safe, accepting, fun and kind environment.

2021: the year of honey ©Bermix Studio

Neither group is to draw you away from your church, but rather to empower equip and release you into your sphere of influence, dripping with the honey of Heaven as you go.




Link to photo cred: ©Bermix Studio

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