Prayer releases Heaven’s bulls eye … God is Good!

The purpose of these posts is to declare and remember that God is Good!

This is something that I have resolved in my heart – that no matter what … God is Good!

In the storm – He is there.

In the calm – He is there.

And – He is Good!


Graham Cooke teaches this so well. In the midst of challenges and hardship, Graham teaches us that we should stop and ask (my summation of Graham’s teaching – Graham is so much more eloquent):

‘God what are You doing right now, I know your’e up to something, and it’s always good, it’s always for my benefit. God, who do You want to be for me right now? How do you see that person right now? How can I agree with you God for that person in prayer?’

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and every tough awful event is an opportunity to learn more about God, His character, and who He wants to be for us. And, the best part is, once we get it we can pass it on – it’s our inheritance to share with others!

In the midst of storms, our own storms or other’s storms, or in this case, we are all in the storm, we have an opportunity to ask:

‘God what are you up to? How do you see me? How do you see X? …’

It will always be kind, because He is a kind Father It will always be redemptive, because that is Who He is!

And so, I encourage you to seek Him first, see how He sees others, or situations, and pray it, declare it, release it … always blessing, always favour, always good, always redemptive – for Jesus did not come to condemn the world … He came to save it! John 3:17

It is God’s kindness that leads to us to repentance (the changing of minds) see Romans 2:3-4

So I will continue to post at this time, and declare the Truth that God is a Good God and He is in a Good Mood!

I will continue to post because it is by the blood of the Lamb and by the power of my testimony, your testimony, our testimonies, that the attack of the enemy is defeated (Rev 12:11) …

So, release your testimony and call on the blood of the lamb, and pray as God leads you, knowing that as you pray you are painting a target in the spirit realm on that person, over that situation, in that land, one that we may not see in the natural, but it is there, and God knows it’s there and He will hit the mark (and I want to hear about it when He does) because …

God IS Good!





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24 thoughts on “Prayer releases Heaven’s bulls eye … God is Good!

  1. I am looking all through wordpress to find strong devoted christians to take part in my online movement! Make sure you read my most recent post to find out what it is. 🙂

      1. Do I just keep posting on my blog to do that? If so God has already asked me to post daily 🤣 Blessings Beth

  2. Your cartoon brought to mind the Hebrew word, “paga” that means to make intercession, to entreat or request, to reach the mark. God hears, answers, and directs us. All these things show that God is Good and the blood of the lamb and our testimony makes us over comers.

    1. I had thought of “hitting the mark”
      The picture has always made me laugh
      We mark them for blessing 😀
      Thank you for reading and encouraging

      1. ❤️ It is good to see that you are back to blogging. I always enjoy your posts because God is Good all the time! 💕

      2. Dearest Pure Glory
        Thank you
        I am trusting God I will have a story every day because God is Good! and one of the things He asked me to do on that list was to post every day. How? I don’t know but I will do my best and He will do the rest. I again thank you for being an ever ending source of encouragement over so many years! You are kind and generous and you’ve been there to encourage because … God is Good! 🤣😊

      3. It is my honor to encourage because God is Good. You will have what you need to post every day. Holy Spirit helps you with your writing. 🙂

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