How to start …

In the midst of the busyness of getting ready for children to school from home, making decisions for a child to proceed with elective surgery or not, running around, collecting,  dropping, and shopping … God calls.

“Breathe,” he said. “Stop and sit with Me,” He said.

To be honest I have struggled with quiet time with God, I have beeb overstretched for so long, yet I have felt an immense stirring, a calling, a wooing, and shifting of gears, a new day dawning.

Regardless, of the “things to do” swirling, I stopped.

I worshipped.

I sat.

I breathed.

I listened.

As I listened I felt Him say “reach for your note book and write what I tell you”, and so I stilled my mind, I stilled my heart, I took up my pen and as I did, he gave me a list.

Some of the list was what I needed to do that day, while other points I wrote were battle plans to be implemented as He directed.

I wrote dot point ideas for businesses we purchase goods, or services from, that may struggle in this current climate (eg: skype lessons for the ballet children to keep the ballet school afloat); reach out to the elderly nuns that live up the street and offer them help; skype my family, and set up skype groups to celebrate birthdays with family (some who live interstate, others who live in the States); see my elderly mum through her window (she’s nearly 90 and self isolating at home – haven’t done that yet, but may when she turns 90), and the list went on … including the words:


I put my book down and actioned the first thing to do, and as the last few days have passed, each of the things I have listed have been able to be actioned. Some of the action points have had to be very intentional and have taken time and effort (arranging in-laws family and my family skype connections, group chats, and FaceTime connections); whereas, others have come about as I have gone about my day, (saw one of the nuns on the street today as I drove and pulled over and offered to pop our numbers in their letter boxes in order to be a source of help if need be).  It hasn’t been difficult, but it has been very intentional.

Regardless of my emotions, I have chosen to stop listen and act, because we are the light in the world, a town built on a hill (Matthew 5: 14-16). That’s not to say I haven’t sat down and cried (I did a few days ago) … the cry was after a day I had served and encouraged others and had not refreshed in God … Mmmm – there is a lesson in that one for this girl!

However, after the cry, I pulled on my big girl boots, and kept going, because I was born for such a time as this …

As were you!

And so I ask you, what is God saying to you?

Breathe …

And then what?

Be in faith, walk in wisdom, and be the light you are because …

God IS Good!


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