You never know where you might find treasure. Where ever you go there is treasure to be found. Treasure in darkness might be right before you, it’s just having eyes to see. If we will look to see treasure in darkness will be revealed because God is Good!

Paul is one of our more retiring, gentle members of our group. He has recently been moved more and more by Holy Spirit to step out and pray for those around him as he goes.  He was the person who stopped and gave all he had in his wallet to a busker in this earlier story here and he was the person who was prompted to pray for a girl at the Nando’s take away store in this story here

Our church recently hosted carols for Christmas.  He noticed a guy sitting outside in the warmth of the evening and he felt a familiar prompting. He is becoming more accustomed to such promptings now as he leans into the heat beat of Heaven.

He went over and quietly chatted to this person.

Each act of stepping out for Paul is huge. As I said he is a gentle giant – gentle and mighty!

He also told me another recent God is Good story this last Sunday, where he found treasure in darkness, where he found treasure at the tip.

Paul said he felt he was meant to drop some trash off at the tip on his way to work.  He headed off and unknowingly headed towards a complete God set up.

He said he stood in the line at the counter to pay, and a young girl looked at him and said something like,

‘You look like you’re an older man, a father, a husband, will you please give me some advice about something?’

Paul was a little taken aback but said ‘sure’ and the girl proceeded to show him a picture saved on her phone screen of the Superman actor in costume.

‘My partner doesn’t like me having this as my screen saver, he thinks it’s wrong and is really upset, what do you think?’

She apparently had been taking a poll with people as they came to the counter.

Paul looked at her and asked her a few questions (wise, gentle mighty giant).  He asked her why she thought her partner would not like it.  He explained that his wife had been through a tough divorce before meeting and marrying Paul and she would not like it if Paul had a photo of another woman (even dressed up in costume) on his phone, that it would be odd to do something like that.  He then asked the girl whether her partner may feel rejected, or had gone through anything to make him feel rejected, and she said yes that he had been through a nasty breakup/divorce.  Paul then suggested she reflect on that, and  the light started to dawn.

He then said to this girl, ‘Would you like me to pray for you?’

The line behind him continued to get longer. People were waiting to pay. Bold, wise, mighty, gentle giant.

‘I would love that,’ she said. So he prayed for her.

Paul had trash to drop at the tip.

God had treasure for Paul to find.

Because Paul is becoming more attuned to the voice of God as he goes about his day, he is finding the treasure in darkness hidden for him, and he is loving that treasure as God directs, and as he does, he is showing the world around him that they are loved, they are valuable and that …

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2019

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