Synchronicity – God is Good!

I’m sure anyone who has walked with God for any length of time has experienced this … this will be nothing new to most … but no matter how often it happens and how regularly it happens, I am still like a kid in a lolly shop (a candy shop for the Americans) and am amazed at how God works in our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Our church had a women’s event on Thursday night.  In fact, I am sad to say I had not thought about it since popping it into my diary, since I tend to live in very short bursts of time right now due to my children’s’ schedules and the fact that anything around their schedules can change at the drop of a hat means I tend to look at one day at a time.  I was catching up with my pastor on Wednesday morning for a lovely chat and coffee when she asked if I would play at this womens event.  Now God had warned me that I may be asked, so I said yes … and then realised it was the very next day!

I thought … well, I’m going to be there anyway, so I am going to invite local people I love, local people who have no “spiritual home”, and anyone else God places on my heart to invite.  I trusted it was going to be a good night, a speaker from the Babes Project was coming, and there was going to be tea and chocolate later … who wouldn’t want to come!

Names popped into my spirit and I texted as I thought of people …

A number of friends couldn’t come, especially with only 24 hours notice, but others could and after speaking to them, and mentioning to one or two I was playing, they became determined to come (some didn’t even know I was a musician).

Now a few weeks ago I posted about a mum F who had wanted to meet me, and whose close friend, M, was an ex-member of my previous church.  I did invite F but she had the children that night and couldn’t come.  I didn’t have the details of M, but I had mentioned to F that it may be something that M would like.  I left it at that … and I basically said to God “if I bump into M at school I will invite her …” noting I never see her at school drop off or pick up  …

Well the following morning my little boy wanted to walk himself in, so the odds of seeing M was nil … I had a few things to do, but felt to first head up to a shopping strip and stop for a cup of tea, which I don’t usually do, and I felt strongly to head to a particular coffee shop to do so …

I headed in, and … yes … you know where this is going … there M was with her husband … She said she hardly ever goes to this particular place for coffee … but they had decided to come this morning.

The long and the short of this is that I invited M, she happily said yes, and I think she had a great time … I haven’t seen her since …

Now I know that this is a simple story, and many of you may be saying … “yeah whatever” but as for me … no matter how often this happens, I am in awe of God, a God who sets us up for His best … a God that loves us … a God that allows life to flow with synchronicity, if we will just listen …

Purely and simply because …

God is Good!




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13 thoughts on “Synchronicity – God is Good!

  1. The key to that and all of these types of things is listening — you need to listen. And as a side note — lolly shop is a great name for a candy shop. (from this American’s perspective)

    1. Yes you’re right … Two ears one mouth … Something in that!
      Glad you like our colloquialism for candy shop … Lolly shop … Or when I was growing up you went down to the local milk bar (shop where you bought your milk etc) and you got 20 cents worth of mixed lollies … That was fun!
      Thanks for reading and commenting Derek.

  2. I love stories like this one! It always thrills me to see God’s hand in the seemingly small or “coincidental” happenings of life. I believe!!!

  3. I love how you are completely open to God’s plan. You didn’t even get worried about what you would play. Well done. You are a shining example how to allow God to work through you, no matter how scary or inconvenient.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I actually have never looked at it that way isnt it funny … although I am being stretched at the moment in stepping up and playing on the worship team every second week without music. As a classically trained musician that’s like stepping out of the boat … but God has been kind and good to me … there is a whole story behind how I started playing again after 20 years …
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement
      Blessings, God is Good! XX

      1. Wow, it’s amazing to me you didn’t see that. I love your heart towards God, and it is quite fun to watch how God uses you. Have a great day, or evening, or whatever you are at at the moment 😉

  4. Thank you … it’s 7.30pm Sunday night here … its dark and cold on a winters night 🙂 …
    Bless you courageous woman of God who is willing to write through her pain and despair to help others come out of the dark X

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