God is in the beautification business – God is Good!

Last Thursday was a day of beauticians and blessing …

I had a busy day but I felt prompted to book in an eye lash tint for that day too.  This was not logical!  I usually have an eye lash tint once a year, before Christmas, so I don’t have to worry too much about make up etc … but for the rest of the year I tend not to worry.  I was therefore a little surprised when I felt God prompt me to make an appointment.

That morning, I briefly caught up with a beautiful Christian friend.  In the past she had worked as a beautician and when I told her of the prompting she encouraged me to make an appointment.  She then proceeded to tell me some stories about eye brows, tinting and waxing that had us both laughing out loud …

With hurried goodbyes, I headed to the supermarket to get a few necessities, hoping for a quick run through. Items found and in my trolley, I looked up and there was a check out completely clear of people – a miracle itself at that time of the morning.

I headed over, started loading up the conveyor belt and said “hello”.  I made a little bit of small talk and I felt that familiar nudge to pray for the girl.  She was quite young and I asked her how she found working at the supermarket.  She responded saying she wanted to study, she was a qualified beautician and she wanted to further her study at a particular school.  I recognised the name, having spoken to other beauticians over the years about their dreams and goals.  I mentioned that I had heard of the place and that I believed that it was quite a prestigious place.  She agreed it was, and with that I offered to pray for her and her dream.  I introduced myself and she happily gave me her hand.  I prayed for her future, to have favour with respect to her studies, that her dreams would be realised.  As I did I felt she was also looking for work as a beautician.  Now, this may seem obvious to you, given she was working on the supermarket check out, but it wasn’t necessarily obvious to me at the time, since many young people work part-time to support their studies.  I felt a little nudge to pray for a new job, so I asked her if she was looking for  a job currently in the beauty industry … she was … so I also prayed for favour with her search, for that the perfect job and as I left the store I encouraged her that the job would come quickly, much more quickly than she thought.

I headed home and I then remembered that I had felt that I was to make a booking at a particular local waxing place for an eye lash tint. I tried to logic it away, thinking there would be no way they would have an appointment with the right girl in the next two hours, which was the only time I had left before I had to pick up one of my children from school, and so, with such a small window of time that I had available, and given my schedule I knew that there would be no  chance of an appointment.

Are you getting the gist?  I was using logic to step out of obedience … my husband and I call it “logicing” ourselves out of “it” … whatever “it” might be …

As I tried to use my logic (I really couldn’t be bothered by this time) I felt convicted and so I picked up the phone and got the girl I needed on the phone.  Within 2 minutes I had the perfect appointment, with the right girl, that fitted exactly with my time allowance for the rest of the day … go figure … Go God!!

I headed up to the waxing place, and made the usual small talk with this girl.  As we chatted she started to tell me about how as a child she had pulled her eye lashes out – compulsively.  She said she loved eye lash extensions, but she couldn’t wear them because when she got them she would pull her eye lashes out with even more ease … it became such a problem that the person who put her extensions in refused to give her extensions any more, being concerned that she would end up with no lashes at all.

I knew of this condition.  I had researched the condition when one of my children, when  little, had started twisting their hair and pulling it out at night when it got knotted.  I had found wads of hair knots in the bed.  At the time I had googled it, thinking it could be a stress response to what was happening at her school.  I had found the condition in my search – it was called alopecia.

I have written about alopecia in other stories.  For these stories see links here and here.

When it came to my child we had a chat, let them know it could develop into a habit and that habit could result in bald patches … the behaviour instantly stopped with the possible consequence understood and not desired.  Whereas, the girl at the waxing place was now an adult, and although she knew it was a bad habit, she felt compelled (as she had as a child) to pull out her eye lashes.  She found it very difficult to stop and could not control the compulsion.

I mentioned to her my child’s story.  I said I had heard of the condition and that it was called alopecia.  She was a little shocked that I knew the name of the condition.  We had bit more of a chat as we walked out to the register for me to pay, and once the payment transactions were taken care of I gently mentioned asked for her hand and as she gave it to me I explained I was a Christian and I said I was going to pray for her to be healed. She smiled and said “sure”.  I could sense that she felt it was just a nice thing for me to do.  Most non-Christians out there seem to have no problem with us praying for them … I think most do see it as a nice thing to offer to do; however, I felt that she expected nothing, which was fine by me … I couldn’t heal her if I tried … but my God could!

I smiled back and asked the Holy Spirit to come, and I prayed breaking the addiction, requesting healing and finishing in Jesus Name.  As I prayed I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit through me, and I assumed it went straight into her because as I prayed she looked a bit startled, jumped backwards in her chair and she said:

 Oh my gosh … Oh I just felt tingly all over … oh my gosh that was so weird, I am so tingly

I smiled again, and said that the tingly feeling was the Holy Spirit.  I explained that it was definitely not me, but God and that she could ask God for more through the day and He would come to her again and again.

She looked at me with big eyes and said “oh my gosh … oh … thank you so much … oh wow!”.

I left her there and wished her a brilliant day.

It was only later that day that I realised … three “appointments”… three beauticians … there was a coincidence there … I actually still don’t know what that was about … but what I did and do know was that God is always on the move, He is always wanting to touch and kiss and love on people, He is always wanting to release people into their destinies, encourage and love them, and show them through experience that He is real … purely and simply because …

God is Good!




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7 thoughts on “God is in the beautification business – God is Good!

  1. God Is Good, you were used as a conduit of God’s love today. Showing the true beauty that God gives. The 3 women with beautician training got to know God truly loves and cares for them and that their lives are important. What love!

    1. Thank you. It was weird. The first is a Christian friend. I was just as blessed by her!!! And of course the other two were a blessing in that being a conduit means some sticks 😊thank you yet again for loyally and consistently reading and commenting! Your comments have been of great encouragement. Blessings.

      1. Love to read your posts and see how God uses you. God has a great sense of humor and uses it to make you stop and smile! The complete mystery may never be solved until you get home to heaven. You are most welcome! 🙂

  2. What a great post! Isn’t it amazing how God works if we just simply override our “realistic” thoughts and just DO what God is asking no matter how it doesn’t make sense?
    Thanks for sharing! I found this very encouraging.

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