It’s a Baby Boy because God is Good!

Stop by and pray for her” I felt Him urge me again … and so I turned and found a park and got out of the car.

It was a prompting to pray for a girl who was the owner of a local clothing store.  I had been in there 2-3 weeks earlier and at the time I got the distinct feeling that she had wanted a baby, but had not yet conceived.  I had not offered to pray at the time, sensing it was not quite the right time …

This particular morning, on my way out, I felt Him urge me to make time that day to stop and pray.  I was heading out and I asked Him to remind me on my way home if He wanted me to stop.  I was actually flat-out trying to get ready for a major trip overseas, and we were leaving the following day …

True to His word, and to my request, God had reminded me on my return trip, and so, having parked the car, I made my way over to the store.

I wandered in, and after the usual greetings, I told her why I had stopped by.  A little taken aback, she had said yes she had been trying to get pregnant, that it had not happened for her and her husband yet … that she would absolutely like me to pray.

Ironically she had the same name as my daughter, whose conception was a miracle.  I explained the story to her, and laid my hand on her gently and prayed, as I felt led, asking God to do for her what He had done for me those 11 or so years earlier.

She got teary, and said thank you and I left, saying I would pop back in after our trip.

We went away, returned, and life went on as usual until about 3 months later, when I felt the gentle prompting to return to the store … to just wander through and see how she was getting on …

She was there and was serving a customer, so I waited.  When she was done she turned to me and said very quietly, that not even her family knew, but … yes … she was pregnant and she was overjoyed!

She went on to tell me how freaky the timing of my coming into the store that day had been, that her “fertile day” was the day after I had prayed, and that she had conceived that day (God had answered the prayer within 24 hours) … but as she spoke a shadow fell across her face and she said with great vulnerability that she was so frightened that what had been given would be taken away … she was frightened of a miscarriage and she searched my face for confirmation it would be ok …

“No pressure” I thought … but then I chose to step into the truth and told her that God is a Good God, a Kind God, and He does not give just to take away, and that He would not have had me stop to pray for her with that sort of freaky timing, just to allow the baby to die … and I told her so, and I asked if I could pray again …

Looking relieved she said “yes” and I gently laid my hand on her stomach, and prayed for that baby … I prayed that the baby would be healthy, full term, sleep well, and that the pregnancy would  be a blessed and easy one … the fear on her was palpable, but I felt it leave as I prayed and I said to her that when and if the fear returned she was to remind herself of her own testimony … and that God was all over this, that the baby was His own good idea and that the baby would be fine!

Oh faithful one that I am (and I say that with great Aussie irony!) because I did get into the car and start to intercede for her and the baby as I drove away … but as I did I felt a quiet confirmation in my spirit that all would be well and so in faith  I stopped and thanked Him for His loving kindness …

And yes, late last year, I drove past the store and I saw the sign in the window of the store …

It’s a baby boy!”

Purely and simply because …

God is Good!






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12 thoughts on “It’s a Baby Boy because God is Good!

  1. God is Good! Due to your obedience, the mother and father, their extended family and their baby boy will know the goodness of God!

  2. Hi, I cannot tell you how much your blog posts have encouraged me. God bless you in all that you do and don’t do.

    I love how the flow with Holy Spirit is so evident in all of your stories.

    I find myself in these types of situations, but have found it can be an isolating (humanly) one, at times. I have precious new friends come along my path at church, but none seem to share my heart in the same way.

    Your blog posts have encouraged me no end…that I am truthfully not the only one having these kinds of “fun” things happen. And it opens my eyes to things that God is able to do with one loving and obedient heart.

    I appreciate the vulnerability and warmth you convey in your writing and that has spoken to me on a number of occasions. A good friend of mine (Jo Berenyi) told me about your blog and she said I would LOVE them. She was so right!

    I felt alone in it all, and God showed me that I definitely wasn’t.

    I know there is so much more that probably goes on in your world, but thank God for Him working through you – in sharing just a spatter of adventures that speak hope, show love and walk in joy.

    With much love and many, many thanks. Karen Brough 🙂

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you for your encouraging comment!
      It’s made my day because it had been a struggle to start writing again and I have wondered if it has been impacting people or encouraging people in any way!
      You are not alone … God has many in this city 😏 Acts 18:9-10. What church are you at? Feel free to send a story or two … I love telling other people’s stories too because …
      God is Good! 😊

    1. Thank you Ruthie. I wonder what it was? I sat in the middle of chaos trying to write it yesterday … There was more to the story but for brevity I kept it simple. Perhaps it’s something about the heart cry of a someone who wants to be a mother having her hearts desire fulfilled!
      Much love.

      1. Isn’t it amazing how God allows us to have a part in that? I see you like a godly bird flitting around and touching people who turn to God.

      2. Thank you … I think we are all called to be … Carriers of his Presence and releasing His loving kindness as we go!

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