Giving it to God because … God is Good!

I have a dear friend who lives overseas.  She has consistently been there for me in my challenges, to encourage, love and support me … and I hope she would say the same for me …

Recently times have got tough, and my friend and her husband decided to sell their home in Australia.  It was a decision that was not taken lightly, but they decided to remain in the country where they were for their children’s sake, in a place with opportunities where they felt their children would be best served to step into what they felt was their children’s destiny.

It has been a difficult and trying few years, and the sale of the house seemed like a guage which, when sold, would perhaps give some relief.

The auction was set for Saturday 24th October 2015 … just two weeks ago.  The Melbourne market had been hot, but it had started to settle.  Things on the property market front were quietening down; however, but they could not have planned a more perfect Spring day … the sun was out, barely a cloud in the sky, barely a breeze, the birds were singing … it was a really glorious day … I felt like Pollyanna with the sense of joy I had … and I texted her so, saying I was praying for a glorious and blessed outcome for her … I said:

I will pray and have been for 11am favour favour favour It’s a lovely morning here so good day of an auction xxx

A text came back …

Thank you! And thanks for remembering.  Have not slept well, kept dreaming it was passed in. Bit nervous.”

I read and my heart sank a little for her … I asked: “Was the dream dark or bright and in colour”

Bright in colour. Why?” came the response …

My heart sank a little more for her and I replied:

If it’s a God dream it is usually bright and in colour.  What else about the dream that you remember?

Everything …” she replied “… The bidder’s faces, their cars, the inside of the house (which I haven’t seen since we fixed it for tenants). The sky, the trees, the yard. My parents being there, the agent, etc

What happened?” I responded “Just tell it like you saw it …

all the while my mind was whirring, knowing that God gives us dreams … warning dreams … and my heart sank a little lower worrying that maybe God was preparing her for the house to not sell … after all she had been through, I didn’t know what to say … or to pray … so instead I waited for the fullness of the dream …

She wrote:

“I was in the house, walking around each room checking out the curtains I had bought for the tenancy … I was in the home office whilst the auction was going on … only one bidder bid, but it was under reserve so the house didn’t sell.  I was at the front door watching them leave with the agent. My parents and I talking, me upset. Beautiful Spring morning, sunshine, no wind, smell of ocean air. … My dad’s ute parked in the drive way. (some details deleted).”

By this time it was 9.38am … I felt panic.  I knew I had to pray for an interpretation, I had to step out … so I did! There was no time. I knew that God is a good God! That it was a God dream! That there was good being said in the dream! But where was the good in a passed in house that they needed to sell at auction?

I tried to call her, but she didn’t pick up, so I started to text frantically with what I thought the dream might mean …

There were details that were obvious to me which I briefly outlined … but as I texted and prayed for a correct interpretation it suddenly sank into my spirit what the essential message was that the dream was giving her …

Excited I hoped she would understand what I meant in the text … it would be so much easier to explain verbally … but I gave it my best shot …

I said:

The dream could be about you and where you are at.  It’s a bright clear dream in colour. God may be letting you know that He is there and He knows. …

I continued to text as it came, praying frantically … by the time I got what I thought was the crux of the dream it was 10.41am … with the auction starting at 11am … even so I felt it click in my spirit that I felt that this essentially was the meaning …

“… it may also be letting you know He has it all in hand and to trust. Standing at the front door is the place of looking out to the future. You were not in your back yard but at the front door! … Your father’s ute in the driveway (a ute is like a truck with an open tray at the back for those non-Aussie readers).  Utes move things. Your father God His ute (vehicle for moving things) is parked in the drive way.  It’s ready to go God’s vehicle is ready to move things xxxx”

She responded that she was amazed at what there was in the dream (much detail has been taken out in this story and the dream was amazing … full of purpose, promise, invitation,  it was an amazing, encouraging and beautiful dream once you really looked!) … by now it was 10.49am … and I am still praying frantically …

I continued:

“In a nut shell you have been working hard (office) to move this house when all the time your Father’s ute (God’s vehicle) is parked ready to move things for you as you stand on the cusp of your future (front door).  Hand the auction outcome and the sale over to Him and watch Him move on your behalf!!!

Love you xxx

Sitting at home praying xxx

It was 10.53 …

A text comes back at 11.17am …

Keep praying!!!!!

I keep praying and text her that I am doing so at 11.19 … and by 11.20am I feet a click in my spirit and I just knew it was done … I texted her:

“It’s done just watch it work out xxx”

I waited … and thanked God … and wandered around my house waiting to hear … and thanked God … and waited … and thanked God … and wandered restlessly around my own house … and waited to hear … and thanked God … when finally at 11.59am the text comes back:

“Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

House sold for $y

$x more than thought (kiss) I am soooooooo relieved.”

I feel such delight for her, and thank God, a big smile on my face, and I nearly start crying as I pace the house thanking Him … it has been a tough journey for her and God came through …

I’m itching to know, I sense she did, I felt that God said to me that she had … but I want to know for sure and I so text:

Did you give it to God before the auction? I am so pleased xxxx

The text comes back …

“Funny you should ask that. I did!!!!

When you told me to ‘hand the auction over … watch him move’. I made a concious decision at that very moment to do what you said.  Then I got a tingling feeling and just a split second of this incredible serene feeling & then it was gone again.”

I grinned some more … and got even more teary and replied:

“… He moved it for you! His ute was ready and waiting. Utes move things!

That feeling – that’s God’s peace that surpasses all knowledge and understanding

God is Good! xxx

Don’t forget to thank Him xx

And you know … she didn’t forget to thank Him!

She thanked Him all day!

She had the most glorious day …

She was caught in a torrential down pour and resigned herself to the fact that she would get drenched … and a friend turns up and gives her an umbrella … she texts me this and says …

Time to give more over to him I think.

She then goes to a class, and forgets her shoes … but someone had a spare pair which they lent her … and she texts after this at 2.30pm:

“I haven’t had this much good fortune in a very long time.  I am very grateful he is giving me some happiness today. It’s been long overdue!”

Essentially the rest of my friend’s day went well.  So well in fact she tells me she felt guilty!

She wants some more of that peace …

She wants some more of being able to let go and let God …

Yet she, like us all, are on a journey …

All I know, and I have told her so, that He is absolutely on her case.  He is inviting her into relationship with Him.  He wants to carry her load for her in His ute … and this I know … not just because of her beautiful and glorious dream … or because of the feeling of peace she got that she wants more of … not because her day went well … but simply and purely because …

God is Good!



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8 thoughts on “Giving it to God because … God is Good!

  1. I’m so thankful that God connected me to your blog! I’m just now learning how to “walk with God” as you have described, but I’ve been raised in an American Christian mentality that seems to operate with a “dead” Holy Spirit. It’s been a little tough finding Christian friends who converse as you and your dear friend from the post do. I would love to pray with and mutually encourage someone like that! Please let me know if you have time for extra email, or if perhaps you have someone you could connect me to in the Atlanta, GA, USA area. (connecting to another female that is… I’m a 39 year-old mom of 2 boys with a wonderful hubby who teaches 6th grade at a local Christian school).

    Thank you, again, for sharing your blog!

    Blessings, Christy

    1. Hi Christy,
      Thank you for subscribing and reading my blog!
      I would be happy to connect with you, on a less public forum if that is what you are seeking, and encourage you.
      I also suggest you start at the beginning of the blog, and start to read each post because in there I put in all my fears and challenges and try to be as transparent as possible so that anyone reading will know that they too can walk and talk with God 🙂
      The amazing thing is that my friend in this post is not “saved” yet … she is going the journey, but is still fearful of giving her heart to Jesus. This is a friendship that started a few years ago, and I have prayed for her and her family, when I have felt prompted to, on and off for years, and she is just now considering becoming a Christian and handing her “keys” over to God.
      I think the thing to really remember is that God wants to talk to you more than you may even want to hear LOL! he is just hanging out to spend time with you and walk with you!
      I feel that we could correspond, if that is what you would like, and I truly believe in the principle of “like attracts like” (see John Paul Jackson’s teaching on this here: (The video is available at

      and that you will find “buddies” to run with and others to encourage and mentor … you watch … and when they come along please let me know because I will celebrate them with you!
      Blessings, God is Good!

    1. Hi Paula
      Thank you for reading! It’s a journey unfolding for my friend, and ofcourse I never cease learning too.LOL!
      God is Good!

  2. This post is SO encouraging! PLEASE post more like this. I think it will do readers well to learn the process of learning to listen for God’s voice, knowing when something has shifted in the spirit , learning how to discern the meaning of the images and symbols in the dreams that God gives and the like.

    1. Hi Staci. You have no idea how encouraging your comment is! I hesitated telling this one, but it was such a beautiful story of God wooing my friend that I posted it anyway. I will try to write up more. I certainly have more testimonies of God giving us dreams so just need to write them up. Thank you for reading Staci! You have really been an encouragement. Blessings God is Good!

    1. Yes it is a very Aussie name for a truck with an open tray at the back 🙂 we have many odd and bizzare names and are very big on nicknames too 😊 blessings and thank you for reading and you know what … My friend gave her heart to the Lord a few days later … God is Good Ruthie!

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