At some stage of this journey, after the food etc I had felt to give to the kindy teacher and her husband a couple of small pamphlets on healing and keeping healing.  I also felt to pop in a pamphlet on who Jesus was … it was a little book (one of a pack of 10 that I had bought many years prior on the prompting of God) that was called “Why Jesus?”.  I think it was written by Nicky Gumble, but I could be wrong.  It was a little red book that I had handed out as I felt I was  meant to over the years, and this was my last copy … I gave it to them, hoping it would not cause offence.

My relationship with the kindy teacher remained positive, she returned my bags I had provided the food in with her note, and she gave me updates on how L was doing.  Christmas was coming and life was busy with two small children. The kindy teacher gave me updates and said how much she wanted us to come back and pray for L again.  When school and kindy finished we would make a time to visit and to pray for L again … but in the meantime I got updates and I would pray, thanking God I had not completely botched it!

Eventually, we arranged to visit L and the kindy teacher at their home.  I can’t remember all the details, but my husband A and I went along, and we prayed for L, answering their questions about God.  They then pulled out the little red book, and sheepishly said to me that this little red book had given them a prayer to pray, and that the little red book advised that, if they prayed this prayer then they should tell someone … and they looked at us and giggled and said that they had prayed the prayer and they were now telling me … they had become Christians!

I was shocked and delighted for them … but they said there was a story that I had to hear …

They told me that L had suddenly got better after the prayer, he had then slipped back a bit, but while all this was happening, L’s son and wife in South Africa had been given a little red book … !!!

Yes it was THE SAME little red book I had given them here in Australia …

They said that his son had spoken to them about Jesus … he had told them that he had become a Christian and he wanted the same for them … well as they spoke to him, they told him about their little red book … and their decision to become Christians … and they told A and I with giggles of delight that simultaneously on the other side of the world, completely independent of us, they had all become Christians at the same time … after reading the same little red book …

I was flabbergasted!

It was so God!

It made me laugh and cry simultaneously … of all the things for God to line up … to show the entire family (and me) that He was on the case and had it in hand …

Simply and basically all I could say to them at that moment was, that well …

God is Good!



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