There was warmth and there was healing because God is Good!

I was at my son’s piano lesson, waiting for him to finish after what had been a long day. I had considered sitting in my car. I was tired and so often I end up interacting with people in the parents waiting room; however, I knew that this was where God would want me to be …

The door slid open and in bounced two little poppets (5 and 7) that have a lesson after my son. I said a cheery “hello” and “konnichiwa” (my son son learns from a Japanese teacher, and most of the students have one or both parents from Japan), and I smiled asking how they all were.

The two poppets and their mum sat. I asked whether they had been doing any more origami (their mum had taught my son how to make a stork a few weeks earlier) and they shook their heads … and as the older sat she winced and rubbed her neck, speaking something to her mum in Japanese.

I looked and asked if she had a sore neck and her mother looked and said that she had slept poorly and hurt her neck … and said … “what is it called a crook neck?”

I replied, “yes, a crook neck, where the neck gets hurt due to poor sleeping position” and I mentioned that my daughter had suffered from one a few weeks earlier.

The mum asked what could be done, and so I mentioned that heat helped, that we had seen an osteopath to massage it out, and that with massage and heat it would get better …

7 year old poppet kept rubbing and looked in pain …

I felt the familiar “knowing”, not even needing to ask Him, I offered …

“Would you like me to pray for her? That can work too” I said and when queried I said “pray” and put my hands in a familiar prayer pose …

The mum said “yes” and the little girl nodded and shuffled over to my side where I gently placed my hand and prayed, explaining that she may or may not feel something, heat, cool, tingles … but that God would want her well …

I sat quietly and in Jesus name prayed for healing. The little girl melted a little in the face and I said “you feel Him don’t you?” and she nodded in response …

“What do you feel?” I asked.

She looked and said “heat, it is warm”…

I asked her, “has the pain gone”

She nodded saying “yes” and smiled.

I said “oh good there you go” … all the while her mum watched and then asked what religion I followed …

I gently explained I was a Christian, that we believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God and that the Bible says that as a Christian I can lay hands on the sick and they will be healed in Jesus name …

She nodded saying “thank you.”

I smiled and said “your so very welcome, I’m so glad she feels better”, as 7 year old poppet moved and flexed her neck with a smile.

Now, a little later I did pray again, but for the mum. I prayed favour for the family, for their destinies to be opened for their next move for work and as I did my son’s teacher came out smiled as she saw what I was doing (yes I have prayed for her too over the years) and she called her next student in.

And so I ask … where are you meant to be positioned? Where does God want you … in the car, isolated and alone, but comfortable … or out in the community ready to release His love, His light, His warmth …

I believe I know where He wants me most of the time … and I know this because …

God IS Good!



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26 thoughts on “There was warmth and there was healing because God is Good!

    1. Hi there. Thank you for reading. After a while it’s not courage, for God really is good and wants to reach people more than we do … It’s really just a matter of offering Him and then it’s up to them to accept or reject … it just takes time and a little effort. Blessings, God is Good!

  1. It is amazing what God does when we leave our comfort zone and follow his leading. Pain relieved and several people knowing God is love and cares for them.

    Thank you for sharing. I have missed seeing any recent posts from you.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Pure Glory
      Thank you for reading and your comment.
      Life has been hectic … It has been a while!
      Thank you for all your encouragement!
      Many blessings God is Good!


  2. A challenge, I love it. And might I add, “Yay! You posted!” I have missed your posts and have thought of you very much in the last couple of days. I’m so happy to see this and know you are doing well. Blessings!

    1. Hey Jessie!
      Thank you.
      Life has been so hectic but I managed to get a post out lol!
      How have you been and are you posting? I haven’t been getting any??
      You’re looking good! I trust you’re well?
      Many blessings my friend, God is Good!

      1. Healing nicely because God is good! No I’m not posting. I deleted the blog. I’m staying active with the children and all is really well. I’m so glad we got to connect a bit. Blessings to you and your family!

      2. So good to hear.
        You’re looking good too 🙂
        Enjoy your weekend! Ours is nearly over 🙁 but after a long and cold winter (cold for us) Spring is coming and we have a beautiful sunny day.
        You’re very special.

  3. So encouraging, you inspire me so much with the blog as you share what God is doing through you to touch the world with His love. Good to hear you are doing well, think of you often and wonder what your up to and then I see a post and I get excited and my spirit leaps. 😊

    1. Hey there!
      Thank you.
      Think of you all too. I hope the conference went well!? And that you and your crew well too!?
      Much love, God is Good!
      > 8:26 pm, “God is Good” wrote:

  4. There was such a gentleness in this post and in this moment with God. Thank you. So many times we think it has to be ‘over the top’, but sometime we all need the gentleness of the Holy Spirit, and the simplicity of His love. Thank you for this post. I needed gentleness today.

    1. Oh I am so glad that you felt that … He can be so very gentle and kind and there is such a simplicity to His love … I trust you have time to be still. Blessings, God is Good!

  5. Beautiful moment to serve 🙂 I have missed your encounters. But I am always blessed by them 🙂
    May God continue to use you increasingly….
    Your words made me think of this post I wrote yesterday:

    It’s so good to know and ‘sense’ where God wants us to be 🙂

    Blessings my sister

  6. Praise God!! Your testimony reminded me of a similar experience I had with answered prayer. I was serving at a baptism celebration (of all things) when one of the guests tripped and broke a couple of her ribs. I took her to the hospital and after the diagnosis came, she asked me to pray. I felt so crazy, but I had meditated on the very scripture that you mentioned in your testimony (is it Heb. 6:2?) that very morning. (Holy coincidence?…:))Anyway, with this great privilege in Christ in mind, I layed hands on her ribs and prayed… leaving the results up to God. The next day, she was on an airplane to see her grandchildren, completely free of pain… her ribs healed! God is indeed good! I’m looking forward to following your blog! Continued Blessings to and through you!

    1. What a wonderful testimony! That really is a God is Good testimony! God speaks to you that morning and you step into Him and that very scripture later that day! Isn’t He wonderful!
      God is Good!
      PS: with your permission may I post your story as a God is Good story and with a reference back to your blog?
      No worries either way.
      Blessings again!

      1. Absolutely, you may share my testimony…I’d be blessed! God even more so! 🙂 Praise be to the God who answers prayers so far and above what we can imagine or even think to ask! <3

  7. What a wonderful testimony… I want to share it with my friends!
    Love and blessings from Holland,

    Talitha Numberi

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