The Fragrance of Heaven … God is Good!

I was driving back from dropping my son at school.  I often take the route past my daughter’s school, and as I do I pray for the school, the teachers, those in authority, the children, the school community at large … I did so this morning, sensing to drive past and pray, to bless the staff, and as I drove there was one staff member in particular that came to mind …

As I drove closer, I felt Him, I felt his Joy Indescribable, and I had a flash back to earlier this morning of the same staff member hugging a student.  I knew I was to stop on my way, run in and give this person a hug, a big hug, and tell her she was loved, that she was doing a great job.  I had seen her, at drop off, bending down to one of the little ones coming into school, and giving them a cuddle.  At the time I had smiled to myself thinking of the love she was giving out.  I now knew I was to do the same for her, and in fact, as I write, I now recognise that I had felt the desire to run across the road and hug her earlier that morning … perhaps I had missed His first prompt!

I pulled over in the glorious autumn sunshine, ran in, saw another staff member and called out over my shoulder that I just had to give a particular staff member a hug.  I saw the person and said  …

“I need to give you a hug!”

She stood straight up, stepped over her papers, and with her arms open wide she let me hug her.  I said as we hugged:

“You are well loved!  You are doing a great job! I saw you hugging the girls this morning, loving on them, and now God wants me to give YOU a hug!”

We stood and hugged for ages.  Now I must say that hugging is not my “thing” … touch is not my “love language” but when God tells me to hug, I hug, and I know that if I do I get a Love hug too because the love I feel as He pours Himself through, over and around me is amazing … I get touched and saturated in Him as well!  Now, I must say, I loved this hug!  I genuinely love this person.  I feel safe around her, and the joy and love I feel for her is not just Heaven sent, it is genuinely me as well … and so it was His love and joy for her, but mine as well … and so the hug was equally a blessing to me as it was to her!

She stood back, covered in goose bumps and said “oooo that was good, you’re a good hugger … I felt that … look I’m covered in goose bumps”.

I smiled and said “He just wanted you to know you were loved and your doing a great job” and I went to leave saying “have a great day!”

I went to walk past the first staff member I had seen, calling out my cheerio full of the Joy Indescribable that is Him and I felt the overwhelming desire to hug her as well, and so I offered a hug to which she replied:

“I’m always up for a hug”

And she ran over and threw her arms around me and as we hugged she said:

“Oh, you ARE a good hugger!”

I gave her a kiss on the cheek as I hugged her and the other staff member called out:

“It’s a good hug … I’ve got goose bumps all over me … up and down my legs …”

I called out grinning that I loved it too … that like a hose, when you turn it on and let water pour through, you get wet too, the hose gets wet with water too … that as I release Him, I get the His love too … and it’s GOOD … it’s SOOOO GOOD!

I ran out the door into the sunshine feeling Him flowing all around, and through me.  As I drove homewards I realised I could smell their perfume on my coat.  I smiled realising that I too had left a deposit of perfume on them … the Fragrance of Heaven, the Fragrance of Love, and that, like me with their perfume, they would carry His fragrance throughout the day … and in turn they would affect others … it was His fragrance of love, it is so infectious, and they had been imbued with it … as had I … as we had all stood and cuddled each other.

One of them had called, as I ran out the door “I needed that” and I can honestly say that “I needed it too!”

If  we are willing to release His Goodness in whatever form or shape it takes, we are doubly blessed by Him … in fact, I believe, we are more blessed than those who receive!  When we are willing to stop on our way and release His Goodness, His Kindness, in His way … we get wet, we get saturated by Him too … in fact, I think that these words describe it to a tee … and those words are … pure and simple …

God IS Good!



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10 thoughts on “The Fragrance of Heaven … God is Good!

  1. Hello God is Good,

    Love it, Love it, Love it. I am amazed at how many times God has used to me to give hugs from heaven, I was only sharing about it this morning with a friend. You really can feel Gods love just pouring through you and into the other person – it like you just stepped into this tunnel of pure love and its just running through and over you both. Just last week sitting in the park with a young lady who was extremely distressed, I took her hand (she was not ready just then for a hug) and the moment I started to prayer for her the Gods presence just saturated us both with indescribable peace and joy, and you could the smile appear on her face and she just melted into the moment – we just lingered there for some time – letting heaven wash over us both. The young girl said that she felt a tangible change in her (I was able to hug her then). Thank you, and this may sound a little weird, but I felt the joy you spoke of as I read your blog – saying to myself I know that joy, the joy that makes you want to just do a little dance as you walk away.

  2. God Is Good! It is so good to see that you have come back to blogging, as your blogging voice has been missed.

    A hug is a spark to get the fire of God roaring in the teachers, students and you! HUGS!!!

  3. Hi 🙂
    I agree, your blogging voice has been missed 😉 Praise God you are well….
    I always love your stories. And I totally agree, it is soooo much better to give than to receive. I think the irony of it is that as you give you can’t help but receive (especially if you have the right motives).
    There is nothing like a warm, sweet smelling hug 😉

    Blessings to you my sister…enjoy the ‘Son’shine

    1. Hey JC
      Thank you. And thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to you sending me your testimony of stopping for the one … Maybe it can be a USA God is Good story … If I can then any one can …. Really they can!
      Blessings again.
      God is Good!

  4. Hi I spend most every day praying to god to heal me or take me home, I am suffering and in pain everyday emotional and physical and am oppressed, my situation is hopeless and I feel like there is no way out, I have loved jesusll my life, got saved but I now doubt even he will help or wants too

    1. Hi there.
      Thank you for writing and for being so honest and transparent.
      Do you live in Melbourne or overseas somewhere.
      God does care and sickness certainly does not come from him and so when we walk through great pain and/or challenge it can rock the foundations if who we are and who we think God is.
      I am not going to give you platitudes, but I do encourage you to keep in the journey.
      If you would like some recommended reading or teaching let me know.
      I have a friend whose child has been very ill for a very long time and it has been a hard journey. Through out that journey they have seen God’s provision favour and miracles constantly, yet total healing has not yet materialised.
      I will pray for you. Please let me know how you get on.

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