Freakin’ Miracles

Here is a fantastic testimony that I had to re blog!
Thank you Lessonsbyheart!
It is a testimony of someone in dire straits who is miraculously healed and whose healing becomes the tipping point for a doctor to come to faith ….
Are you in need of a miracle? Get or let someone pray for you … Your miracle may be someone else’s “Freakin’ Miracle” …
Do you know someone needing prayer … Pray for them … You never know … Your prayer may unlock a miracle that saves a life (or lives) and becomes another “Freakin’ Miracle” … in a pre-believer’s life …
Give God a go … Pray for someone and the world will see that …
God is Good!

2 thoughts on “Freakin’ Miracles

    1. I’m sad to hear its been a challenging time! I pray hope, faith, love and trust … And deep deep healing in Jesus Name.
      I loved this story … which is why I reblogged it … Full of hope …
      God Is Good!

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