Healed and soaked in God’s goodness…God is Good!

The Sunday following the day that I prayed for my friend at school drop off (see previous post), I texted to see whether her daughter could come over for a play date with my son.  Hearing nothing back, and with a very persistent 6-year-old badgering me, I rang …

Z answered saying that she was just texting me, and she burst into tears, saying she felt so much better with me on the phone … that every time she saw me at drop off or pick up she felt better … that she felt better that my son was friends with her daughter … that she just felt better standing next to me … being near me … she gushed … and I felt embarrassed …

Suffice to say, her daughter could not come to play, little G she was at her grandma’s being looked after because her mum was having single mum overload and needed a little space.

As Z cried she said she had been drafting a lengthy sms to me, explaining how she had been healed of her chest infection … her chest and voice were clear … and she was well.  She then went on to say how much she valued myself and my son and how she felt joy and peace whenever she saw me …

She continued on as my mind raced, feeling overwhelmed with all she was saying, knowing it was Jesus in me, but for her for now I was Jesus to her in her world … and I gently told myself I did not need to fear the responsibility of being perfect for her … I just needed to be real and to listen to and release Him …

I took a deep breath and said to her that what she felt each time I was with her, or each time I spoke to her on the phone, was in fact Jesus; that what she felt when I prayed for her was God, the Holy Spirit, and that what I had she could access for herself … any time, any where …

She listened and I felt Holy Spirit prompt me to help her go to her “God Space.”

So I quietly explained that we all had a God Space, a place where we can all access God, regardless of whether we were a Cristian or not … that God loved us all and wanted relationship with us.   I said “would you like me to show you how?”

She sniffed, and said “… yes” …

So I said, take a few deep breaths in and ask God “Where are you for me right now?” …

She did … she quietly asked “God, where are you for me right now” and I could hear her breathing calm down and sensed the shift over the phone of where she was at …

I gently said …”you may feel Him above you, below you, around you … you may see a colour, a picture, feel a breeze … can you sense Him now? Can you tell me where He is for you right now …”

She said “yes I can feel Him all around me … just like when you pray for me …”

So I said “What else is there about that, that you can tell me” … and I stepped her through the very basic steps of helping someone find their God Space …

She responded “it’s peaceful, it’s calm, it’s like I feel when you pray for me …”

I said “great, that is your God space, now ask Him what He wants to tell you about where you are right now, your situation” for I knew nothing about it … but He did.  What I did know  was really really tough, and I knew better than to be drawn into it all for I did not have the answers, nor the skills, nor the resources to help … but Jesus did …

She responded sniffing a little more, but sounding very calm … “I feel like it is all going to be alright … I don’t know how, but I know it is all going to be alright … I feel really safe, I feel really loved …”

I said “that is God … He is never scary, He is never accusing … you feel love because He is Love, you feel peace because He is Peace, you feel safe because He is safe … now this is how you go to where He is for you, do you think you can do that again?”

She responded “yes, I feel so calm …”

And I then went on to talk about a video that one of the people who follow this blog sent me, a video clip about a Muslim girl who had come to Christ at the expense of the loss of relationship with her mother.  I told her that this girl’s friends who saw her after she had given her heart to Christ had said how “her eyes shone with a new light” more than before … and I said that we used to, and planned to again, run nights at our home where we taught people how to do exactly what she had just done … to know God, to know Jesus for themselves … that perhaps she could perhaps come sometime …

She responded she would like that … and to which she said “I think I may become a Christian, my dad would be ok with that … he’s good that way … it would be whatever worked for me, and he would be ok with that …”

To which I replied that such a decision would be a great one, and that she was surely on a journey with Jesus … He was calling her, and wanted a relationship …

We finished up our call … she resting in the peace and glow that was Heaven sent … resting in The One … and me amazed at a good and beautiful God … amazed that just doing life with Him, draws people to Him …

I am so glad I chose to “out” myself at my son’s new school two terms ago (see earlier story) … and pray for a young single mum whose mum was ill … for, whatever reason, she is drawn to me … and her daughter is drawn to my son … in fact, I don’t believe it is me she is necessarily drawn to, but the One in me … I am willing to listen to His lead, and release Him as I go … and I believe she will take Him as her own … soon … and as she does I am happy to be there by her side, to walk the journey with her and as and when she does she will continue to discover and marvel at the truth that …

God is Good!



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36 thoughts on “Healed and soaked in God’s goodness…God is Good!

  1. Love this. Love how you have clearly shown how to lead someone into finding their God space. Love also that you realised that you just needed to be real, to listen and to release God. Thank you.

    1. Hi there … and welcome to blogging land 🙂
      Thank you … the link is to Jan Dowling’s web page, which discusses the technique/concept which in turn has a ink to Di Divett’s web page, who first developed the idea … discovered the God Space … as you probably already know … I think the exciting thing about this one is she wants what we are all having … LOL!
      Blessings Jane!
      God IS Good!

  2. God is so Good, and you’re a testimony to your relationship with Father God, “doing what you see your Father do” and bringing Glory to Him.

    1. Hey there! Thankyou! Trust you’re doing well!? X
      Is the testimony of the healing of chronic fatigue at Gateway online somewhere so I can direct someone to it?
      God IS Good!

  3. I have never heard of the term God space before this or the basic steps… could you point me in the direction of more teaching on this?

    1. Hi Jessie. I trust you ok?? Been praying 🙂
      God spaces is more fully explained on the Jan Dowling’s website that I linked in the post … But from there I encourage you to then go to the link on Jan’s website and look at Di Divett who is a clinical psychologist and Christian pastor who discovered the concept and studied it and developed it. By going to their God Space very ill people have continued to live well past their life expectancy and have also been healed … It’s a form of soaking prayer … There is a great DVD I saw on it years ago that explain it … Feel free to cone back with questions. Blessings, God is Good!

  4. Another awesome story of God using you because you’ve made yourself available to be used. I am praying for Z right now. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi there. Thankyou for praying for her … God is certainly calling her to Himself!
      Thankyou also for the encouragement.
      Blessings, God is Good!

  5. Really enjoyd ur blog post. I hav been overwhelmed lately by the of the high opinion some young people in my small gp hav re my faith. I hav stress excessively due to fear i would fail. Your comment, “She continued on as my mind raced, feeling overwhelmed with all she was saying, knowing it was Jesus in me, but for her for now I was Jesus to her in her world … and I gently told myself I did not need to fear the responsibility of being perfect for her … I just needed to be real and to listen to and release Him …” really spoke to me n put things in perspective.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You don’t realise that what you have written is most encouraging in that I try to provide such detail so that people can know that all the thoughts fears challenges are a normal part if the walk, but that we can choose to walk anyway … being transparent is very vulnerable and exposes. I have often wondered if I have provided too much information, but then time and time again people like you are encouraged by my honest humaness.
      I think people are most encouraged when we stop trying to look the super hero and be real … Your connect group may admire your faith, and no doubt they should, it is a gift you have chosen to step into and anything we choose to step into and exercise grows strong … So too lack if faith … Both have power, just one is backed by Heaven.
      I suggest you’re real with your group. Years ago I ran a baby play group and I would share my failures, fears etc all the mucky stuff and I found that helped the mums … They felt they were normal and would get through it too!
      I believe it’s Jesus in you that wants to get out … And even when we much up He is there …
      Thankyou again for your encouragement!
      Blessings, God is Good!

  6. I like the expression “God Space ” I just say that I’m talking to God or singing to Him but mostly listening to Him, now I can put them all together and call them God Space,Thank you.

    It is True, God never condemns us but He does tell us to go and sin no more but that’s not all He tells us, He follows up with no Temptation will be greater then we can bear and that He will empower us not to sin when we choose not to…. How good is that!….. (1John3:9 )

    I really enjoyed sharing with you B.K, your beauty in The Lord, shone through the phone and I was blessed, Thanks for calling.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    1. Hi Anne.
      Great to hear from you.
      You are right … He calls us to sin no more, and will always empower us not to sin …
      I think it is about our identity.
      As we learn to walk in who we are, we choose life and life abundantly. 🙂
      Bless you. X

    1. Thank you for the encouragement … it has been a night of fun and smiles!
      She’s a moslem and she’s my friend … she’s my friend not because I think I need to “save” her, but my friend because she is a fellow human being and I like her …
      I will tell of God’s goodness in my life … offer Him as a solution I have found worthwhile and reliable, and she can take Him or leave Him … either way I will choose to love her … it’s that whole agreement thing again LOL!

      1. I’ve said a prayer for her and you as you guide her.
        How exciting that you can really see God moving in her in such a tangible way!
        And love is what she sees most I’m sure.

      2. I saw her this morning and there is a shift in her countenance so thank you for the prayers!
        I told her that there are people praying for her … and she believes in that power 🙂 trying to convince her mum to have me visit to pray for her mum to be healed.
        THank you for your support in her and my journey!
        It makes a difference!
        Blessings, God is Good!

      3. Still praying for her! Will pray for continued opportunities and for her mum as well.
        That’s what the whole Christian thing is about isn’t it? Being in community and supporting each other because we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ.

      4. I was wondering if you would like to do a guest post for this blog. I want to do a series of guest posts by Christians being honest and transparent about their struggles. I ask in an intro post what is your biggest struggle and say that mine is worthiness issues. When I’m weak Satan attacks me by telling me I’m no good and God doesn’t love me.
        The guest posts will talk about the struggle and then go into how God helps you with your struggle.
        It’s to show that Christians are real people with struggles and we don’t have to be quiet about them, because we all have them. And when we open up about them, it often lets other people they’re not alone in their struggle.
        The limit would be about 500 words.
        Totally understand if you’re not into it. Just thought I’d ask.

      5. Thank you for continuing to pray! She is working on getting her mum willing to be prayed for, for healing in the back Your prayers make a difference for the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective 🙂 Blessings! God is Good!

      1. Whenever you can do it, no pressure. I’ve already got two blogger’s posts and I’ll scatter them throughout my regular posts, so no rush. Thanks so much. Just send it to my email: perspectivecollector@gmail.com.
        But let me know when you do because I never check it. I just created it for the blog.

      2. Hey, just want to let you know, I’m soon to delete Idea Becomes Fact because I’m being inspired to start a blog that focuses on Christians being real about struggles and sharing about the good stuff too. It will still be a forum for the sharing of ideas without judgment, but the difference is it will be for Christians, whereas Idea Becomes Fact was more to get dialogue going with atheists and non-believers. Through that blog, I’ve seen more than ever how important it is to support each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and I want to do what I can for that.
        So I’ll post the series on biggest personal struggles on my new blog for Christians.
        Hope you’re okay with that. If not, I totally understand. I’ll let you know when the new blog is up and running anyway. It will be the exact same theme/style/format as Idea Becomes Fact, just with a different name and a narrowed focus on Christians and their views. Of course, others can join in the dialogue if they want, but I want to create a safe place for Christians to discuss views and struggles and good things, of course. Hopefully any non-Christians who visit will also see that it’s a welcoming community and that we’re being honest about what it’s like to be a Christian.
        So let me know if you’re still cool to guest blog with your post about your biggest struggle and it will happen soon.

      3. Sounds good to me. A God idea is always a great idea! Go for it! Transparency and encouragement are essential. Let us know when you’re ready. Blessings God is Good!

      4. Just put two and two together … thought that was you but not sure LOL!
        All the best with the new blog.
        God is Good!

    1. Hi there apologies I haven’t got back to your comments/queries! Of course feel free to refer back to the post it would be a privilege! And, to be honest the more people read about the goodness of God, the better! Blessings, God is Good!

    1. Hey there! Thankyou for referring to the most recent God is Good blog … And for your encouraging words before it … I agree … We need to share our great testimonies and encourage one another through our weaknesses … Blessings, God is Good!

  7. Wonderful testimony to the power, light and love of Jesus working through us. It is amazing what things he accomplishes when we open our heart and hands and allow ourselves to become salt and light. Bless you for doing your part to build God’s kingdom and love your neighbor.

    1. Dear Susan
      Thank you for your encouragement.
      It is amazing how, as we do our small part, out of love for Him and our love for others, the Kingdom of God grows … I love how there are always others doing their part as we do our part (in this story Rev P) and through this God weaves a tapestry in others and our own lives.
      God is Good!

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