It was an “all body experience” for her…God is Good!

I was at school drop off with my preppy this morning (my 6-year-old son).

A girl who is a single mum of two asked how my son was getting on and as we chatted and discussed our respective children she mentioned to me that she was still battling the same infection she had been dealing with months before, and that she had now been prescribed cortisol steroids (I think is was …) but still to no avail …

Now I have prayed for her a number of times.  Once early, in the year, when we were all new mums at the school, and her mum was in hospital due to a back problem, I had sat by her side and offered to pray … she replied she was a Moslem but she would like that and so  we sat side by side on the garden edge and I placed my hand on her lower back (where coincidentally her mum had the pain) and released healing into her mum, but into her, in her mum’s stead … and as I had done so she had cried, saying how she could feel something, and that she would go and tell her mum …

She told me later that her mum had recovered very quickly from the back issue and it was due, she said, to the prayers I had said on her mother’s behalf …

Some time later,  her mother had surgery and she had sent me an urgent text asking to see me.  Weeping at school drop off she had said her mum was in hospital could I please pray again … that she knew my prayers were answered and made a difference … that her mum had healed so quickly last time she wanted me to pray for her again …

I did and she cried … and I hugged her … in the morning sunshine …

Well, this morning, I felt Holy Spirit prompt me to pray for her healing and so I offered.  She agreed and I gently placed my hand on her chest where the infection had been, and prayed healing, for Jesus to do what he had done for J last year (see link for story) which was a healing of a persistent chest infection, in the name of Jesus …

She teared up again, and said how she felt something again, how every time I prayed for her she felt something  … that it was (and she wriggled and gestured her arms from her head to her feet) a “total body experience, all enveloping, all over my body” and she said “it happens every time you do that…”

I replied “that’s the Holy Spirit” … “that’s God” …

She threw her arms around me passionately saying “I love you!”

I answered, hugging her back  … “He loves you”

And we made our respective ways …

God has her in His sights … and gives her an “all body experience” each time I pray … and it’s not because I am special or highly anointed or highly favoured … it’s because He wants her to know that He is real, and loves and cares for her … He wants to give her an “all over body experience” … a hug … purely because …

God is Good!



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20 thoughts on “It was an “all body experience” for her…God is Good!

  1. Beautiful!!! I loved a couple things…the hugging her under the ‘morning sunshine’ is beautiful and the fact that she kept feeling ‘something’….I love how unabashedly you are available to our God….
    He is good!!

    This song and testimony comes to mind…let me know what you think…

    Blessings from your sister

    1. Oh thank you so much for this …
      And thank you for your encouragement!
      I watched the clip before school drop of and my son loved it, and it has opened up conversations around the price some have to pay to follow Christ, and our responsibility to pray for the persecuted church 🙂 aside from that it just blessed me through and through …
      Thank you again … I think we just may be kindred spirits!
      God is Good!

    2. Hi there JC. I went to click on the link to the video you sent, so I could link it to a story I was writing up, but the link no longer works and has been removed … do you have a ink for it still??
      Thanks … and blessings!

    1. Thank you for that encouragement!
      I’d love to hear some of your or your daughters testimonies.
      Bill Johnson and Banning Leibster is out speaking at our church and deaf ears were opened, broken hearts were healed, knees without cartilage were healed, backs full if metal made supple because … God is Good!
      I will celebrate the day you are fully healed. Blessings.

      1. My oldest daughter loves Bill Johnson, the church her and her husband attend is somehow affiliated with his church. I clicked on the link for your church last month and saw that he was coming there. I told my daughter. I think she is following your blog.

      2. How wonderful that she goes to that sort of church that is encouraging to people to be the hands, voice and heart of God in the community … God is raising up His army and sending them out to touch the world 🙂

  2. Wonderful to hear how God is using you to touch not only this mum but her family. God is so good!

    Just learned I had the same problem you had early and somehow there was a disconnect on my email subscription to your blog. Back on your list. 🙂

    1. Thanks for encouragement. Strange the disconnect. I had trouble with getting my “likes” posted into your stories for a while too!

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