Yesterday afternoon I was travelling interstate to attend a conference. The plane landed and I struggled to free my on board luggage from the overhead locker, and unintentionally invaded a gentleman’s space.

I apologised and as we stood to wait to disembark he asked if it was “home” and I said “no … I was attending a Christian conference”. He went on to say he was visiting his family, but that he was meant to have his daughter with him, but that she was ill. He then went on to mention that his daughter had not been able to come because she had broken out into a rash.

I said “what a shame”, and as we disembarked, climbing down the ladder onto the tarmac, I offered to pray. He readily agreed and so we stood at the base of the stairs of the plane and I introduced myself, explaining I was a Christian, and he introduced himself back saying he was a Christian too!  We laughed, I took his hand, and I invited the Holy Spirit to come.  We prayed for his daughter to be healed, for her histamine levels to come back into normal range and for her immune system to tolerate the penicillin (he had said it was an allergic reaction to penicillin). I then felt I “heard” the word “reunification” or “reunion” or something along those lines and I mentioned it to him, explaining that it made no sense to me, but asking if it did to him.

He looked at me and said “that does mean something to me … My wife and I are separated …” and as we walked into the terminal together he explained that he was separated, that was visiting family for four days and that he and his wife had separated, he felt, due to the over protectiveness she had with their two children, the fear that something might happen … He continued saying that she had been pregnant previous to him meeting her and that child had died … She had a very understandable fear that her children may also die … and as I heard the story my heart went out to them as a couple and to her as a woman, or girl, who had got pregnant young, had a child out of wedlock who had suffered the sadness and grief of having that child die … only to have two more with a husband, but to be filled with a constant fear for her children’s safety ..

As we walked in, his parents greeted him and he introduced me to them, explaining that I had prayed for him, that I was a Christian too, here for a conference. They asked me what conference I was attending… I told them and they said … “Oh how funny our grand-daughter is the worship leader there … Make sure you say hello to her …”!
I looked at S (the gentleman I had prayed for) and said “were you planning to come along?”

He said “no”, he hadn’t planned to but he then responded that he just may, since it was Friday night Saturday day and Saturday night…

I then quickly switched the conversation back to his wife.  I felt an urgency to pray for her for as he had spoken about his wife, I had felt my compassion stir, and I knew I needed to pray.

I mentioned this and he agreed, and so we stood, and prayed for his wife.  I prayed as I felt led, for her to feel the Fathers heart, for her to be released from all fear, for His love to surround her, and for her to be released from the condemnation she had felt as an unmarried mother.  I prayed that she would know the love of God in a tangible way, to know that she was not to blame for the death of her child, that she was free of judgement, and for her to feel the peace of God in a tangible way, for her to know beyond any doubt that it was safe to releases her children into His care. I then prayed for their marriage, for unity and for reunification…

S stood and agreed with me.  He looked tangibly moved, and as I prayed I knew that his wife was the main reason for me to stop to pray. I had felt to pray about the daughter, but the compassion had come and the heavy tangible sense of the anointing had swept around us as I had prayed for his wife…I felt that, yes, I was meant to pray for the daughter, the allergic reaction was not God’s will, however, it was a means to an end, where God could then show His love to the father, and release His heart of reunification and healing for the marriage and for the mother…

God had set me up again!  God had set S up too!  And, the extraordinary “coincidence” of his niece being the worship leader at the conference that I was going to, that the father was free to come to the conference if he so chose because he was there on his own, indicated to him, I believe, that God cared, that God had it in hand, that God “saw” him, and with that, God was drawing S to Himself, and through him, his family would be drawn too, just because…

God is so very, very Good!

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