What do you want … calling forth a blessing for business because God is Good!

About two weeks ago I was chatting to a friend who owns an online organic fruit, vegetable, and essentials home delivery business.

We were discussing “customers” … or in my world “clients” … 

What were “good clients” in my industry and what were “good customers” in her industry … and how wonderful it would be to have customers that were essentially regular, paying, non- complicated individuals who appreciated and valued what they were receiving … how business would be so much easier with those sorts of clients … They appreciated value and service and were not high maintenance, complainers or ones that expected a whole of something for … nothing ….

She discussed a prophetic word I had given her and how I had prayed a blessing for her business … She mentioned that business was going well, and how good changes were on the winds. I asked her whether she had ever identified and written down the “ideal customer” and whether she had called them in.

She responded she had prayed for her business to be blessed, but she had never considered identifying the ideal customer profile and asking for lots of those types of customers in her prayers … she had always kept it general …

I told her the story of a Christian great I had read about and how he had learnt to be particular with his prayers … I then shared how I had also been particular after reading this book, with my prayers regarding a matter in my own life, that had dragged on for 18 months … and how not long after my husband and I had seen break through, and I encouraged her to do so the same, get particular with her “ideal customer” and ask for them to come … and with that we both said goodbye with school pick ups to take care of in our own respective worlds …

Not long after I received this message:

“So you said pray for good easy customers to come in, which I did …. Got a call this morning from a company with $x to spend from a grant and have ordered veggie boxes for the next 9 weeks and have paid upfront! Hilarious and so good. I like that prayer idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration xxx”

We have not because we ask not …

Get particular with your prayers … What do you really want?

What does a blessed business look like?

What does abundance look like?

What does health look like?

And when it comes … Regardless of the size of the break through,  celebrate!  Celebrate the first fruits of the breakthrough and see the fullness of the promise in the seed …

Are you ill? Do you feel a little better? Praise God and look for the fullness of the healing.

Are you in need of finance … does someone buy you a coffee, or do you find $2 on the pavement … get excited and see it as first fruits …

Does someone else have the break through that you are looking for … celebrate with them, ask them to pray with/for you and watch what will happen …

A good work He will bring to completion!

Never despise small beginnings … But celebrate and call the rest forth … For your self and for others … And as you do you will see the goodness of God grow in your life, and in the life of others and it will be the start of the knowledge of the glory of God filling the Earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14) because …

God is Good!



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2 thoughts on “What do you want … calling forth a blessing for business because God is Good!

    1. Agreed … Although I did hestitate being so general … we do need to avoid manipulative, controlling … “make them change” prayers … but those sort of prayers are not the type I’m talking of .. but more, we need “x” to get this done and we would like it by X …


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