Calling all creative ones to shine – God is good!

I was with my 9½ year old daughter.  We had just purchased some new ballet shoes and placed an order for her first ½ tutu … her eyes were shining with anticipation as we left the ballet store in search for our Lindt Hot Chocolate treat …

We made or way through the shopping centre and I noticed a new store.  I felt the prompt to pop in and take a look. 

We walked in and I looked at a few items.

 Seeing some gum boots I asked God quickly if I was to buy these … but I felt a “no” and reminded myself that the vision He had given me were of red gumboots … not orange or teal like these were …

As I wandered a young girl serving followed me around the store chatting.  I sensed that I was to pray for her, but I wanted to take a look at the items first … in peace.

I walked around and as I looked she gathered together the rubbish and went to take it out, I thought “ok, now I’ll have to wait” … and feeling a bit frustrated that I may have missed it I continued to wander, knowing I needed to wait for her to return.

As I waited I was served by another assistant who helped me purchase a new little mug with a blue bird on it  … I felt God was highlighting this item for me to buy … a simple item to hold our toothbrushes in but a significant one in my world … yes I believe God cares about the detail in our lives …  As I finished up the purchase M (the young girl) came back into the store.

I turned to M, introduced myself and asked her if I could pray … explaining that I had felt that I was to offer earlier, and that through experience I had learnt to step out and risk looking strange because it had impacted so many people over the years when I did stop and pray for them because “the prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective!” (James 5:16 emphasis added) …

She agreed to my praying, and I explained that I had no idea why I was to pray, but I asked if she was sick or if anyone she knew was … she wasn’t, and she didn’t … so I went with my first instinct and said “right I think I am just to bless you” …

I took her hands in mine, and blessed her and as I did I got the word “upgrade” and so I prayed “upgrade” … I called forth promotions (quietly, because as it turned out it was her boss across the store that had served me) and I declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus …

I very quietly said I believed that “upgrades” were coming and asked if she was after a promotion …

She motioned to her boss and quietly said yes and that I was freaking her out how did I know? …

We clearly could not talk, but that was fine with me, I didn’t want to take long and I felt I was simply there to move things in the spiritual, to declare God’s will into her world, so her destiny could be extended and outworked in the natural …

I said that the word I clearly felt, “heard” was “upgrade” and so I again agreed with God’s word over her, feeling the Holy Spirit’s Presence swirl as I did. I declared favour and open doors to her destiny in the Name of Jesus …

I turned to go and stopped and looked at her and said “you’re very creative aren’t you?”

She looked and said to me “yes I am … now you are really starting to freak me out … “

I smiled and said to her quietly … “step into it, God made you that way, and it is who you are … He delights in you being you, so don’t stifle it, or you will be stifled …

And I left, with my precious creative little 9½ year old daughter whose dreams I am nurturing and calling into fruition …

God is a creative God ….

We are made in a creative God’s image …

And so I call forth the creative ones and I say:

“Arise, shine for your light has come!” (Isaiah 60:1)

Shine into the darkness creative ones … be all you are called to be … dare to be you …

For I believe that as we walk out our true design and we allow ourselves to shine, the earth will be blessed and God will delight as He gazes upon His children … for I believe that like any loving parent He delights in us being all we are called to be because …

God is Good!



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13 thoughts on “Calling all creative ones to shine – God is good!

  1. Love this story it reminds me to keep working with the promptings I get no matter how insignificant they are and to keep asking Holy Spirit to show / tell me the next step. Thanks again for taking the time to share this with us.
    Ps I would love to know more about how you nurture your daughters dreams. Reading that caught my attention for all the dear ones in my life too.

    1. Hi there. Thank you for your comment and encouragement!
      I encourage my daughter’s dreams in many ways – of course by supporting my childrens dreams and desires emotionally speaking to them about their dreams, talking about what they need to do, who they need to become to fulfill those dreams, equipping them through education (in this case ballet classes etc), getting them around other creative people that support their dreams, telling them they can do it, helping them take the ext step, reminding them of their dreams when it gets tough, and finding the right people to help them (eg: she was told that her hips were not right for ballet, so we went to the Aust Ballet’s physio and had that assessed … they person who made that assessment was wrong, but in going there we discovered what else she could do to phsyically meet the demands of a ballet dancer, so the negative was turned by God into a powerful assessment of further steps needed to be taken) … financially … of course … buying “the stuff” … and spiritually I call it in … I speak to her spirit and bless her spirit, her dreams her desires, how she was created … and I call forth Holy Spirit to brood and encourage her spirit to turn to the face of God and be filled with His light and heart for her … I speak to her body and tell it to stretch in Jesus name and we follow through with all we have to do in the natural to see that stretch come in … I delight in her dance and I tell her that she is free to succeed and to be all she is called to be in Jesus name!
      It will be lots of work … but why not her? I give her permission to go for it!

    1. Oh … Thankyou for your encouragement and comment! I was just in your blog and was encouraged there … To return to my blog and to find a further encouragement from you here! Blessings! God is Good!

  2. Thanks for continuing to share how you interface with Holy Spirit and do what God has created you to do. Sharing on your blog allows all of us readers to get inspiration and further stretching in what God has for us. It is so good to hear how your daughter or son get to see Holy Spirit demonstration in you. Keep sharing! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pure Glory, for your comments and encouragement. We try to live a naturally supernatural life not only because that us who we are, but because that is how we want our children to live … But at a greater level so we figure we have to model it for them … Full them with the good stuff … The Truth of God and their life in and with Him.

  3. Wonderful testimony – it’s just what Jesus would do. Oh to be more like Him. Thanks for the encouragement to step out of our comfort zones…to be a blessing and receive a blessing.

    Love in Christ,
    (Beautiful background photo, btw. You’re a dancer? Me too – these days I only dance for the Lord, though. No other outlet [nor the time] at the moment.)

    1. Hi Tami. Thankyou for your encouragement! While I am not a “dancer” I do dance for Him and this picture was what I saw in my heart when I felt Him asking me to start the blog and a friend found it online for me in the natural! My children dance though! I play music, write, they dance and are learning music … A family that worships!

  4. I wish just stepping out and doing what we felt we were created to do was that easy. My creative drive was to go to art school and that did not happen. My current desire is to start a blog about a topic I’m passionate about , and to share Christ if led to, and I can’t even get a blog entry finished no matter how much I pray about it. I sit in front of my computer screen feeling sick because I can’t get past two paragraphs and it’s been over a month now. I’ve begged and pleaded with God for help and when I sit down to write it’s like my brain freezes up. A successful Christian blogger offered advice and told me to just begin but sadly it’s not happening and I can’t post when I don’t have posts to post about. I do not understand what I’m doing wrong in my spiritual life so I spend a lot of time trying to ignore the things I’m passionate about and would love to do because I cannot get the simplest things done. Over the years I’ve had so many endeavors fail that I’m embarrassed to even talk about what I want to do or try because I know deep down that it most likely, though it might, will not go anywhere. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

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