man’s diagnosis – cerebral palsy but…God is Good!

On Christmas Day 2011 I posted a story.

It was a story of the beginning of a healing from cerebral palsy (see link).

The testimony came from a friend, who had been walking with the family concerned.

My friend, now a grandmother, is a pillar in the church, a giant in the land, who calls things that are not as though they are … and she is a giant because of the battles she and her husband, also a giant, has fought and won … she is a giant because she has laid her life down and God has raised her up to walk in great authority over the land …

My friend has been healed of cancer, foster cared over 70 babies and children, all the while caring for her son who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy …

While not denying the “facts” she stood her ground with a good God, holding onto the prophetic words spoken over her son and family, and believing and pulling on the promises of God in His word … and as she did she, and the community around her, watched as miracle after miracle unfolded … miracles that the doctors said would never happen …

This story has the fullness of promise that the other Christmas Day story had the beginnings of … 

This is a complete testimony of a complete healing for those of you who are looking for a total healing …

An apple seed has many apple trees within it … but first it must be planted and watered and cared for … so too, the promises of God …

God has used this family and this testimony as an apple seed for others … the testimony is a fully grown apple tree, which is now in turn seeding and creating a harvest of healings for others … and I know there are those out there that need to know that God is Good and that He is good to His word … that healing is available today …

This story, like its predecessor, was not instant, and in this world of instant this and instant that, I believe we so often miss what God is doing and somehow give up on a miracle that may have already started to happen, if we would just hang in there to see it to maturity?

My friends chose to speak life … not death over the world of their son … for “life and death is in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) and in doing so saw God’s nature revealed …

Her story is as follows and she writes:

My pregnancies had never been easy, but with P the Lord did a miracle and after 4 months I was no longer sick and felt quite good.

P was born after a very easy labour, so easy that the doctor jokingly said that I might as well go home straight away since there had been nothing to it!

We dedicated P to the Lord at only 2 weeks of age … the whole service unintentionally resulted in being centred around his dedication as the Holy Spirit moved.

There were many prophecies over P that day, which also was not a usual occurrence. They were very powerful words and I remember feeling like Mary … and I hid the words in my heart.

Our beautiful boy did develop, a bit too slowly, but the doctor did not worry too much and said that I should not compare him to my girls since females often develop faster than males. However, it soon became obvious that something was wrong and the diagnosis of cerebral palsy (hemiplegic) was given.

The diagnosis for my husband J was devastating; but for me it carried some relief, since I was sure that something was wrong, but the doctors did not want to believe it for some time.

His birth had been so easy …

The prognosis became more and more grim as time went on.  We were told that P would never be able to tie his shoelaces, dress himself, eat with knife and fork, and he certainly would NEVER be able to drive a car, write properly, etc. etc…

We were told he needed surgery, but we felt to wait as long as possible with this, especially since we did not like the outcome of these surgeries.

We were given another option.  We were told that rather than surgery, a series of plasters could be casted on his body at regular intervals.  This would be a lot of hard work for me as his mum, but would make it possible for the surgery to wait until he was about 7 years of age.  We chose this option instead, hoping that our little boy would only have to endure 1 or 2 surgeries until he was an adult.

We set up a very strict regime of daily exercises for P.  We believe that we must do whatever we can in the natural as well as having faith.

When the time came for P to have his surgery, we had an amazing small group of friends gather around us and again mighty prophetic words came out. These words helped us so much. They gave us something to stand on, to believe, when the going was hard and with these we were able to continue to praise the Lord and trust Papa for the outcome.

P kept on improving and started to do many things we were told he would never be able to do. They started to call him ‘the miracle child’ at the Spastic Centre and took footage of him to show to other parents of children with cerebral palsy. In short … he was completely healed of cerebral palsy and is now a completely functioning adult.

P was later diagnosed as being severely dyslexic.  Again we looked to the Lord, doing our bit by reading with him every day, and although he did not like this one bit, (he had to read ‘baby’ books) after many years of struggle (this was before remedial teaching in schools), he learned to read and even came to love it.

Now as an adult, he often speaks publicly and has written many articles in magazines, etc. Another true miracle!!

When he sat for his V.C.E. (final year at school) he wrote an essay about what his disability had meant in his life and he received an A+ for this!!

A further diagnosis came when he was in his teens.   It was discovered that his sexual organs were not developing properly and we were advised that he would require surgery and would never be able to father children.

Well, he and his wife have 4 boys, one baby in Heaven and 3 boys here on earth.

His life has been a total miracle and he is now ‘the pillar in the church’ as was prophesied so many years ago.

We thank the Lord for all His goodness towards us.

This is a brilliant testimony of God’s goodness. 

It is a testimony of a healing, blooming into fullness over time …

My friends’ child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, severe dyslexia and was later declared infertile … he has since grown into a completely healthy functioning adult man who is a happy husband and father who can read, write and speak well …

Now, for the purposes of complete and utter integrity it must be noted that, while it would not be apparent to those that do not know him, their son, at times of tiredness, will occassionally limp … apparently he tells his parents that he sees this limp as a reminder of what could have been …

All through the battle my friend did not give up, and continued to pull down on the Promises of God … all the while they continued to foster care over 70 children … I know … it amazes me too!

In fact, they would often get the toughest kids to foster and care for, including little “drug” babies because a little time with them and the transformation was remarkable … miraculous in fact … the authorities knew they had the “X factor” … little knowing it was really the “God factor” at work in their lives …

So, I ask … what miracle is around the corner for you? 

We all love the instant fixes, the eyes that open, the ears that hear, the lame that walk instantly, but often a healing can be a process … it comes as a seed that must grow … and in that process there is a coming closer into relationship with a loving Father God, who wants good things for His children (Matthew 7:11)…

I believe we must celebrate all stories of breakthrough, all stories of triumph, for in each story of breakthrough is the promise of our own breakthrough … this is why I love these stories …

God is no respecter of persons and we … “ overcome [the enemy] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of [our] testimony…” (Rev 12:11) … there is power in the blood and in the word of our testimony … and so read and prepare for the hour of breakthrough in your own life and be blessed as you declare His goodness in your own lives and into the lives of others for …

God is Good!



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25 thoughts on “man’s diagnosis – cerebral palsy but…God is Good!

  1. What an awesome testimony to the wonderful work of Jesus in P’s life. Healing through the years shows the presence of God to heal in increments. Thank you for taking the time to post this story so we can all know that God is good!

    1. Thankyou for your encouragement. This family are a pillar in our church life and a testament to God’s goodness … A mother and father in the faith and I believe their testimonies need to be heard, written up and shared to function as testament to Gods goodness but also as a precedent of what God can and will do in our lives. They have, through their battles, established an inheritance that must be drawn upon and pulled down from Heaven.

      1. Yes, it is important to let others know that God still heals and does miracles today. Many live beneath their privileges due to settling. Bragging on God is great! 🙂

  2. My dear friend, I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link:

  3. Sometimes He overwhelms us with His goodness with immediate healing, and sometimes He is teaching us perseverance and how to contend. Either way He is faithful to His promises. Thank you for this.

    1. Yes … You’re right. The contending and waiting can be tough … But either way He is Good!
      Thankyou for stopping by and commenting. Blessings.

  4. Thank you, God is good, for sharing this wonderful Story of God’s never ending Love and Mercy, this couple have been and are also very blessed in their caring for so many children as they in turn bless them, He brings us Children to Love and to be Loved by, the lives they give God’s Hope to will bear good fruit and much glory for our King of kings and Lord of lords.

    We need to have faith that God is the only Healer in which ever way He chooses to heal us or how long it takes and we give thanks for Him doing so. I too have been healed Miraculously much more than once but I have also had amazing pain relief over the years through Medicine and God’s natural remedies and you can be sure that I did not earn these blessings, He healed me freely and I believe He will heal me completely one day but even if it were not so how can I fear knowing I’m in His Loving Arms.

    Some like your friends have a promise through prophetic words , some have a dream or a vision and for some it happens like it did with me, unexpectedly each time, but it happens and we give God the glory and thanks.

    I’m also Dyslectic and unless I’m sharing about the Lord, I find it very hard to write ….do I doubt…… only myself , never my wonderful, Awesome, Abba Father.

    Thanks for sharing, you have blessed me greatly, I reflected on my own healings and have been thanking God again for His great Love and Mercy.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  5. Reblogged this on Freedomborn … Set Free Eternally and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful Testimony and for your heart warming passion in sharing about our Awesome God and His great Love for us, everything He does is for good in our Lives, we never need to fear when we Trust in His Love and goodness, we can be assured His planes for us are very, very good…….

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

    1. Thank you for reblogging this story. The more this testimony gets out, the greater the impact, and the hope that will be released for others in similar situations, or in any situation that requires long term faith …
      I also apologise for the delay in responding … I had wanted to take time in doing so and here I find myself months later …
      In any case – I thank you.
      I have passed the fact that you have done so onto my friend (and her husband) who are a mighty pillars of faith in our church community, and who have interceded for our nation for many decades … I just hope and trust they see much of the fruit of their prayers!
      They have already seen many many miracles and been so very important in encouraging others to believe for a miracle for themselves … such testimonies should not be lost … with those that lived them, but written up and retold … so we do not forget … as the Israelites did after Joshua died …
      I have noted some of your comments to others about my post on your blog, my scripture use etc …
      The primary purpose of this blog is to encourage others to listen and to step out and touch others in their immediate community; where ever they are … to be the hands and feet and mouth of Christ in their community …. and to call people (including myself) to higher levels of faith (this story of my friend is a case in point) …
      You are obviously an incredibly caring couple, with a very strong pastoral gift and gift of encouragement … especially given your generosity of comments back and forth with the community you speak to through your blog … and for this I applaud you!
      I know the time and effort that takes.
      In any case, blessings and thank you again.
      God is Good!

    1. Hi Jill
      Apologies I have not responded … a few comments fell by the wayside …
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      It is a marvellous testimony of many that this family have in their treasure trove!
      Blessings, God is Good!

  6. Thank you for sharing your friends story! My son was a miracle too! My husband and I tried for 12 years to have a child! We had twins who died at birth due to premature births and 2 miscarriages! God promised us a child and we tried to make this promise come to life by going to fertility doctors but after the last miscarriage I realize that I the trying to control His promise! I had to let go and let God! Within a year I was pregnant!
    My son was born premature! At 4 months old he was having seizures and soon after he was diagnosed with cerbal palsey. Regardless, of what the doctors say…we know a God that heals and performs miracles! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! My son who is going to be two on Valentine’s Day is already healed! We already claim it! In the name of Jesus!

    1. Wow what a journey!
      I will forward on your comment to my friend … she will love to read it!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment.
      Blessings, God is Good!

    1. Dear Minister Gertrude. Thank you for reading and for the repost. That story you reposted is an amazing testimony of a pillar of the faith. I will let her know that her testimony again will go forth and encourage others to hold onto God’s goodness. It is an inspiring testimony, of a woman who did not let go of God’s promises for her and her family. I saw (and have opened to read after I complete my work) that you posted about challenges in this season and standing with others. Prayer shields (praying and standing together) are so powerful and I love the imagery of the shield like the romans who fought and would lock shields – that is what we do in the spirit when we stand and pray for one another. Blessings.

  7. It is a great blessing reading this powerful testimony of God’s goodness of healing and deliverance. Alot of times people think that healing and miracles only happened in Biblical times; however, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. Also, the same Power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same Power that is at work today. Nothing is impossible with Him. If we have only a little faith, whatever we ask according to His Will, we shall receive. He is still in the miracle-making business.

    God bless you all.

    1. and the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is in me 🙂 blessings Minister Gertrude. I think God is moving and calling us and showing us all, cessationists and non-cessationists alike that He is the same yesterday, today and forever 🙂 and that He is Good!

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