testimony of alopacea healed because God is Good!

I was out walking a couple of weeks ago.  I had felt God say “take the dogs for a walk”.  I thought the walk was for me … for my dogs … for my health … time to chat with God or just walk and be … Well … the walk was for me … but it was for Grace too … and for the girl with the golden hair … and it was timed and orchestrated by God with perfection …

I was on the final leg home with my second dog (I walk them one at a time … easier that way) when I saw a woman I recognised as a local, someone whom I had seen around for the last 10 years or so.

We stopped and said “hello” reintroducing ourselves …

As we chatted, an elderly woman stopped and asked the woman, who had introduced herself as Grace, how her mouth was and I instantly knew I was to offer to pray …

They finished their chat and I gently asked Grace if I could pray for her healing … she readily agreed saying she had been healed from another condition years before through a Christian woman praying for her at work.

Encouraged, I placed my hand on her cheek (having asked permission to place my hand there first) and I invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I commanded her mouth to be healed and for all pain to leave in Jesus name.  I prayed for a release of the oil of the Holy Spirit … and I blessed her in the name of Jesus.  It was a quick and simple prayer and yet in the cold breeze of the morning the anointing was tangible … we both felt it … and it was good 🙂

After I had finished she thanked me and went on to say that she had felt something and that she fully believed she could and would be healed.  She then went on to say that due to a number of extremely sad and stressful circumstances, she had found herself not only depressed and traumatised, but with patchy hair loss … large areas, chunks of hair just fell out … she had suffered from a condition called “alopecia” …

My ears pricked up at this point.  I knew God was up to something.  This was not a chance encounter, but God was telling me something … the coincidence was too great to ignore, for, as you will see from my last post, this day was not long after I had prayed for a woman who had also suffered from hair loss … total hair loss … from a condition called “alopecia”.  (See link for story)

I mentioned this to Grace and she went on to say that she had been working at the time and a friend at her work, a Christian woman, had done exactly what I had done moments before and had offered to pray, placed her hand on her arm and told her to be healed in Jesus name … and Grace was … healed that is … she had total hair restoration and no longer suffered from the condition … complete hair restoration!

I told her about how I had prayed for the other girl and how encouraging her story was to me.  I thanked her for sharing it and I told her I would take this as an encouragement that the other girl would be healed …

We finished our chat and I wished her well …

As I walked home I thanked God … and laughed at the absurdity of meeting someone who had been healed of alopecia.  I had never met anyone with alopecia and here were two encounters in the matter of a week or two of girls who had suffered from alopecia … what are the odds!?

I thanked Him for the encouragement that Grace’s healing of alopecia had been to me … and I took the precedent of that healing and declared a release of the same over the girl with the golden hair …

So … the walk was for me … but it was for Grace as well … but it was for me … but it was for her … because that is how God works … He is the ultimate in multitasking …

I entered the warmth of my home with the warmth of God’s encouragement tucked in my heart.

I thanked Him for Grace, I thanked Him for the testimony, I thanked Him for His sense of fun and adventure and sense of humour.  I thanked Him for His goodness, and I thanked him for the testimony, for the precedent that Grace’s healing was to be … and I laughed at the so-called “coincidence” of meeting Grace … by the grace of God … by the Grace of God …

He speaks in many ways…

Yes I had been set up again by a good and loving God …

I had been set up for a God assignment with the timing of the dog’s walk to bless Grace … who in turn became a blessing all because …

God is good!



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47 thoughts on “testimony of alopacea healed because God is Good!

  1. What a delightful story. You praying for someone and getting blessed yourself. You can never out give God and he will always give more back to you than you gave away! Thanks for sharing how God is working through you. Abundant blessings!

    1. Hi Pure Glory. It was a delightful encounter … so like God to encourage … and I have known for two weeks that I have needed to draft the story up because I believe these sorts of fun things are available to us all 🙂
      Thank you for your encouragement.
      I am looking to try to draft a few more in more rapid succession if I can … a miracle healing (I was one of many praying) of a 28 year old man “sure to die or be a vegetable” according to doctors … but not according to our Good God!
      A salvation at my daughter’s school …
      a Mother in the Faith’s story of her son healed from cerebral palsy many years ago (for the man that need encouragement to hold on)
      and … a healing from uterine cancer … not me praying … but the elders at our church …
      all because … God is so very Good!

      1. So glad you are back writing. You have a gift that needs to be shared. It encourages others. Looking forward to your rapid succession posts. 😀

      2. Thank you … That’s encouraging and in line with many prophetic words … Perhaps why the challenge to push through and keep writing … The prophets have declared it … The enemy try to resist it … But I declare it to no avail!

      3. Yes, you have a voice and it must be heard! Powerful! Good things happen when you declare your testimony. The enemy must flee. The enemy is defeated by the blood of the Lamb, the word of your testimony and dying to yourself. Don’t stop. Be encouraged, God is good!

  2. Set-up again and again and again. I love how God works these things out. It is all for His glory — may we all be willing to be used, however He might choose.

    1. He did set me up over and over and over … It is so much fun when that happens … But I believe He does that to us and we see it if we are looking … He weaves Himself and His fingerprints all over our lives.
      I have been meaning to pop into your blog to see if there is any update on your church rebuild … how have you been doing?
      Was praying for you and your community about two weeks ago, … restitution and restoration and blessings!

      1. Thank you for praying for us. It is a long road still with plans and everything. We are making progress with the planning part, but it is a little slower than I might like. We are seeking God for what He wants to do in this. The burning down of our building was not a wasted event to God. How will it all turn out? I do now know. I do know that God is good and is at work in it.

      2. Hi Derek. Thank you for the update. In the meantime I trust you gather else where and that your work with the youth continues. I will keep praying the blueprints of Heaven for the decision makers in all this. Many blessings.

      3. We are meeting at an elementary school and the ministry continues. God is not limited by anything, so it is quite exciting to be a part of it all. Thank you for praying even all the way from Australia.

  3. Hare krsna 2 all u loving special and caring ppl. God bless u all. I am oso suffering frm alopecia. I hav no mor confidence left. I refuse 2 go out wt my bf anymo coz I’m soooo embarrased. Its reli taken a toll on my life. Pse pse I humbly beg 4 ur earnest prayers. Love n lite 2 u all. Hare krsna

  4. I too suffer from hairloss and would love prayer. God bless!!

      1. I continue to pray and believe that God will heal me and restore me to better than before. To God me the glory!

  5. Hi God is Good :-)Myself Shikha in 30year old girl living in bangalore India from past 8 years i have lived single life and have been working form six years.i have been known for being the most vibrant nd lively person.I was never been happy just by making my self happy.my happiness always reside in others making others happy.i have hit alopecia and i have completely been bals lost by eye brows..me being in india you can imagine how the social life and souurounding must have been.people stare at me and make me feel that im an alien..i tried evrything to cure me and then in the end i gave up and told god to cure me and help and i will accept this phase wont question why you did this to me rather im picking up lot of things with in me which I never knew about myself im tryingmy level best to keep myself at peace and feel that im also just another little princess who deserves to be good and happy.humble request if you could pray for me and for my wellbeing and for others well being my family is been in big stress pleae pray for them so that they be happy when they see me back again with my true self..i had a wonderfull hair and attitude always towrds my life..i will continue doing this so please cure me.love you and hugs hope you feel the warmth of my hug which is very close to your heart!amen.

    1. Hi there!
      I have been praying that you will be covered in His Glory and that your hair will grow!
      You are a Princess … His Princess!
      Bless you and let me know how you get on.

      1. Thank you so much..I was so eagerly waiting for your reply..I love the fact of me being a princess his princess..I will definitely tell you about my progress…also please tell me what can I do as a human in my daily life..any acts towards others?any prayers ?or anything activity which I can do and practice in my daily routine life which can help me get strength and become more stronger person

      2. I suggest you rest in Him knowing you are loved just for who you are, not for what you do, and that His heart is for you to be whole spirit, soul and body!
        Search my blog for references to soaking in His presence and spend time with Him and let me know how you get on!
        Blessings, God is Good!

  6. This is encouraging for people who are down this road like myself, that with God ALL things are possible. I believe. pray with me

  7. Dear sister in christ . My name is grace mathew. I live in us. I was looking for hair growth testimonies by jesus and I stumbled upon ur site what an inspiring story.sister can u please pray for my hair growth. I lost my hair becoz of painfull circumstances and depression. I am a mother of 2 kids. Its very embarrassing going out in public without much hair.plz have mercy on me and remember me in your pray for my alopecia problem.thank you so much and I am waiting for your reply.

  8. my loving people
    god will heal everyone every gud people ,,,gud people like u
    i pray for u all ,…in the name of jesus amen

    please pray for me i lost my hair and still loosing it…please lord jesus heal me ..
    i cant live without my hair ..u r the hope

  9. Hi everyone. I had alopecia back in 2007, when I was in high school. Had a lot of bald spots and eventually lost my hair completely. I blamed God for it and I was teased daily at school. Alopecia stayed with me through to 2008, and when I went to a conference in Sydney, Australia – A man named TD Jakes was preaching and I felt Gods presence. I also felt that I was meant to submit myself to God again and renew my convenant with him because the disease definitely widened the gap between me and God. A few weeks later, my hair started to grow back and eventually, My hair was completely restored. Now it’s late 2014 and I’ve noticed 2 bald patches and the symptoms of Alopecia coming back again after 6 years of Alopecia Free. I know the devil is saying, I was never healed the first time and sometimes I feel like giving in but If God was my healer in 2008, he is definitely my healer in2014!!! I don’t care what it looks like in the mirror, I’m just gonna look at the healing in the supernatural. I will pray for those on this blog and please pray for me also!! There is power in prayer and power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain of disease. God bless! Warren. Sydney Australia.

    1. Hi Warren,
      I have been praying for you and all those with alopecia.
      Thank you for praying for the people that have commented on this blog that have also been, or are suffering from alopecia. It is such a nasty thing to cope with.
      I also love your testimony of healing … I’m sad that the symptoms have come back, but I trust you will be healed again!
      Many blessings
      God is Good!

      1. thank u sir please pray me …i am suffering from alopecia …pray is only single hope ..i believe it..please pray for me .. i am just 25 and beared is getting grey this is emberrasing ….i hopei will be alright

      2. I have been Christian for just over 2 years. The journey has been a humbling, beautiful and even challenging one. I have always believed that God is the ultimate Healer. I am 3 months in to my first sign of alopecia and it has been so hard. I try to trust God and to let go. Some days the hair loss eases and other days, there’s hair everywhere. So much that it’s depressing.. I continue to have faith but I can’t help but wonder, ‘when will this end?’
        I am asking that you lift me in prayer for complete healing.
        Thank you.

  10. Thank you for sharing this testimony, I am also believing God for healing from alopecia, I know that with God all things are possible, but the devil is trying to bring some unbelief in my heart. Please pray for me.

  11. @God is good: Hi there,
    Thank you for your testimony. I was hoping to find a story like this. I am a 28yr old male who is suffering from androgenic alopecia or in normal terms male pattern baldness. It started quite young and I’ve done everything I could afford to try and regain my hair growth. I ended up wearing a hair piece for about 3yrs which boosted my look completely and seemed to boost my confidence as well. I soon after realised that this was not the case as it made me feel worse during the times that the hair piece was off. I just felt ugly. So hiding behind the hairpiece was what my life became. The problem came to when somebody wanted to touch my head, girls especially( i used to love being able to run my fingers through my hair). its the little things one realises, appreciates and miss only once they’re gone. I’ve been walking with this thought in my mind for a while which I believe was from God which was to remove the hair piece and shave my head. This obviously felt like a rediculous idea and I just ignored it so I just put it in the back of my mind. Until this past December when God’s voice was so clear that that’s what I needed to do. So after a long night of arguing with God about it and expressing my fears about it to him(he answered my every fear with scripture) I woke up the next morning feeling confident in what I needed to do. So I removed the hairpiece one final time and shaved of my hair with teary eyes. God hasn’t dissapointed me once and it proved to be probably the best decision I’ve made since deciding to follow my dream career of being an actor. Everyone including quite inflencial agents have approaced me to compliment me on my new look. I’ve recently booked a small role on what we call a Daily Soapie here in South Africa. Its like Days of our lives. I have yet to officially sign a contract and am trusting God for it. So shaving my head proved to be really good as it relieved me of the deep lying depression from living the lie I did and I am so thankful to God for it because it has given a platform to show people to accept who they are in Christ. This brings me to my current emotions and thoughts I’m experiencing. A part of me still desires to have a full and healthy head of hair. Especially being in the acting industry. I don’t however want to resort to expensive treatments again which don’t deliver the results I want anyway, or go for transplants, or even go back to wearing a membrane again. I want my own hair restored. I have been praying about it and know that God can restore it. I even had dreams where I see myself fully healed. I would love for God to restore my hair fully again, but At the same time I feel guilty for asking God for this as I feel ungrateful for asking it. I guess what I’m asking is should I accept my current position and if so how should I go about it or can I expect God to heal me completely.

    Kind regards,

  12. Please keep me in prayer. I am believing and expecting full hair regrowth. devil is a liar. Praise to Jesus!

  13. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus, I am very encouraged. I am believing for restoration of my hair. In heaven, there is a store room and God is able to to replace any lost hair. He is our creator. The alpha and Omega. Please include me in your prayers in Jesus name! You are blessed x

  14. please pray for me i lost my hair still loosing it … i dont wanna go bald please sister pray for me ….i hope u will help me ….

  15. Man. That’s the prayer I need for alopecia or for whatever is keeping me with bald patches. Could you say a prayer for me that the Holy Spirit would also. Thanks.

  16. Please pray for me.i used to have a thick beautiful hair but nuv am left with 10 percent of the hair.am very much depressed.please pray for the healing of my hirsutism, androgenetic alopecia and for the restoration of the thick beautiful hair I used to have couple of years ago. Please pray for me.i shall share the testimony

  17. Please pray with me too. I started losing my hair about 5 years ago and now I am almost going bald. I have really lost my self confidence. I have tried all kinds of treatment but they have been to no avail. I believe in the power of God and I have faith that God can heal me. Please pray with me.

  18. Please pray for me concerning Alopecia. Thank you. My edges and crown have disappeared but God loves me soooo much and He has healed me but I await the manifestation.

  19. This an amazing praise report. Would you pleas agree with me in prayer for healing with hair loss. I know the word of God says ” I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” Amen
    Thanks in advance

  20. What a beautiful story. I also have had some sort of hair loss that came on suddenly. I’ve prayed about it, but so far the hair hasent grown back yet. I also get a itchy scalp which drives me nuts. Please pray for my hair, and a new job for me. Thank you, and God bless you.

  21. Please pray for me too..I am a 56 yr old lady with hypothyroidism .I have been losing my hair mostly in the front for over 10 years..I can see my scalp and do not have enough hair to cover it.my scalp hurts where there is no hair.I am so depressed. I cannot afford to go see a dermatologist..which my family doctor thinks would be a waste of time..I need a mircle to get my hair back! I have prayer & prayed , but have lost even more hair..

    1. I meant to also say I have tried everything to get my hair back, Rogaine,pills, vitamins.oils massages…etc Nothing has worked..it just keeps on getting worse and worse..I believe it may be It is either coming from my hypothyroidism or some prescription medication I am taking ,I have tried to get my doctors to change it but the will not.. please help me..I really need a divine miracle..

    2. I had the same experience with hypothyroidism, ironically just after the encounters I had with people that I prayed for. As my thyroid levels returned to healthy my hair grew back … curly rather than straight as it had been before. I pray that you receive a healthy head of hair, thick and wonderful in Jesus name

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