Destinies, dancing and release…Part 4

Continued from previous posts at: Destinies, dancing and release … Part one, Part Two and Part Three

The final “chapter” of this weekend … now long gone, but people not forgotten …. played out in the foyer of the hotel. 

My husband went to check our room for left behind items … while I finalised the bill and arranged for our car to be collected from parking.

As I stood at the counter to pay, out of the corner of my eye I saw a man with bandages over both his hands and up his arms.  As soon as I saw him I knew I was to pray…

I arranged for the car to be collected and walked over, mentioned the obvious to him and offered to pray.

He instantly took me up on my offer and explained that he had come off his bike, causing dreadful injuries to his arms and hands where he had lost most of the skin.  I thought how useless he must feel standing there unable to do anything like lift bags however, nonetheless, there he was on duty …

I gently took his hands and released healing over his hands and arms, commanding healing to take place quickly. 

As I prayed I knew there was more, I knew he also was not doing what his heart desired to do, he was not fulfilling his dreams, his destiny …

I explained what I sensed and he agreed, looking a bit teary and so I called his destiny open, and spoke words of life over him.  I cannot remember exactly what they were, but they seemed to hit his heart and he gently said “Amen” and “Bless you” when I had finished praying …

I prophesied life over him and called Him into his place as a tall and noble man …

I quietly thanked him for allowing me to pray and I turned and walked back to my husband who was now waiting for me across the foyer.  As I approached him I smiled saying “what a weekend … lots of people being released into destinies!” …

God sure had been busy!  He wanted those around us prayed for, touched, destinies released, dreams recognised, called into, called out and brought forth to the light … to the surface.  Designs for life, designs for living had been released, and people had been set free … and I hoped that they all would dive straight into all they were called to …

It fascinated me … the entire weekend had a theme running through out  … the creative ones were being released, the hidden treasures were being called into their God given futures, into their heaven made designs … people were being called to step into their futures as God had designed them, they were being set free to fly and soar and create and be and He cared enough to show me the secrets of their heart so that His word could be released into and over their lives and He did this because …

God is Good!



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4 thoughts on “Destinies, dancing and release…Part 4

  1. Happy to see you still blogging and finishing how God used you on your weekend with your husband. In the midst of releasing others into their destiny, you are being released into your destiny. No matter how limited your free time, you are still answering God’s call on your life to blog about your impacting others by following Holy Spirit nudges. Enjoy sharing your journey. 🙂

    1. Hi Pure Glory.
      Thank you for your encouragement. It’s special for you to confirm that I am called to share the journey through the blog … Especially at this time … Important for me for it to be confirmed right now! So thankyou!
      I hope to be a little more regular with the posts, a little more disciplined … the encounters do not stop happening … as we stop for the one as we go … there is increase happening … and to be disciplined to do regularly what we are called to do … regardless of self can be challenging at times … As no doubt you know 🙂
      Your comments made me smile as I drove home from a night at church after a hectic and busy, and very hot Melbourne day so I thank you for the time you took and take. Blessings!

  2. Pure inspiration and, something to keep in mind, God is intimately involved in our lives; and he meets his purposes through us as his instruments. A beautiful post!

    1. Thankyou for your encouragement and comments. He is intimately involved in our lives and the lives of those around us … I believe that as we look we see the kisses of God and His loving kindness everywhere we go … and as His children we have the privilege of releasing His kindness into others! Blessings.

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