Destinies, dancing, and release … Part 2

Continued from previous post at: Destinies, dancing and release … Part one

We headed down the street chatting about the encounter at breakfast and talking about what our day would look like.

We quickly found our “shopping list items” and felt we had completed a successful shop … nothing like “bagging” your “items” quickly, without fuss and at sale prices! 

With purchases in hand we made our way back up the street, and with enough time for me to look, we stopped at a store that had caught my eye as we walked past that morning.  We checked our intentions to stop and look with God, and we entered the store. 

I tried on some things, relishing the fact I could do so without having to attend to the frequent toileting needs, hunger statements or whingeing of children in my change room; and, while changing I heard the girl serving me tell another customer that she was currently studying fashion design.  My ears pricked up …

I finally settled on a summer dress and cardigan and with little time to pay (we had a movie booked), I chatted to the girl as she bagged my items and took my payment.  As I waited, I again had that familiar sense that I needed to pray. 

I offered …

She said “yes …”

So I took her hand and invited the Holy Spirit to come. 

The anointing swept around us.

I looked at her and said “can you feel that?”

She could …

I blessed her and released favour over her and I quietly listened to God, for His prompting for her … for I wanted to pray His heart, not my so-called wisdom.  I heard and called her destiny open in the name of Jesus, asking if I could place my hand upon her.  I then placed my hand upon her arm and released a spirit of creativity over, around and within her and had a picture of her dancing.  As I looked at the vision of her dancing I just knew Heaven would release patterns, textures, fabric designs, fashion designs to her … textures in particular …

I asked her: “Do you dance?”

She did, and looked surprised that I had asked.  I told her what I saw and sensed, and I called forth what I saw … into her future, into her present, into her person and she gasped as I prayed the heart of God for her life, for her future.

I suggested she start to dance again, in private, and as she did she should shut her eyes and ask God where He was for her and ask Him for the release of the pictures to her of the fabrics, of the textures, and of the designs she would create … and I said they would come … that she would receive designs as she danced …  and I assured her that as she asked He would release …

I finished up, aware of timing, and she thanked me … stating how amazing it all was … a touch overwhelmed.  I looked at her and said that she would be great, she was called to be great, that her name would be known …

I said goodbye, with my purchases in hand, and again did not want to leave, just as I did not want to leave the other girl that same morning …

I wanted to see her live out her destiny, I wanted to walk with her, I wanted to encourage her, cheer her on, remind her of God’s word for her … but again, I knew I had done my part … I was to pray, decree, release the will of God, call forth the heart of God for her.  I was to declare her destiny open …

I reminded myself … I had released favour, I had released her into her God-given destiny … I had released creativity and I had suggested she dance as God desired … I had suggested she call on God to release the designs of Heaven (in all ways) for her life …

I noted her name as I left the store, her calling out “thank you so very much” and as I left I sensed, I knew, that she would be great, she was born for greatness … I just knew it!  Collette Dinnigan came to mind and I knew her name would be well-known, that she would become a well-known designer, that she would do well … and I knew that if God had His way with her life she would indeed fulfill her destiny, because …

God is Good!

… to be continued …



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6 thoughts on “Destinies, dancing, and release … Part 2

  1. You are walking in your destiny, as you show Jesus and follow Holy Spirit’s lead. Way to go!

    1. Hi there Pure Glory – your encouragement is timely to say the least and I thank you … I was just sitting down questioning what my destiny was 🙂 … however I know enough now to know that when in times of doubt one must press in deeper still and get confirmation and reassurance of who we are in Him! Bless you!

      1. You are welcome! Yes, God will show you more as you press in to him. However, it really struck me that you are walking in destiny. You listen and obey the promptings of Holy Spirit and lives are changed. You are a Holy Spirit catalyst pointing others to what God has ordained for them. The light and love of God shines through you.

      2. Thank you Pure Glory. Know your words hit the mark true and caused tears as I read them … I appreciate you … And thank God for your timing! Blessings! God is Good!

  2. What a beautiful testimony God is Good. It occurs to me that this truly is God’s Kingdom coming…His loving Kingdom being released by willing vessels like you into the lives of those in our communities…and being expressed as they catch and are so often deeply touched by His vision and heart for their purpose and destiny. Without a vision the people perish…but where that vision is ‘gifted’ to others through inspired words of encouragement and hope…isn’t that just how life and life more abundant is imparted?!…isn’t that just how the Spirit of Prophecy releases His potentially life-transforming words of spirit and life? Awesome! God bless you richly and overflow abundantly in all you do in His glorious name God is Good! xo

    1. Hi Nicky
      Thank you for visiting and commenting! God’s Kingdom certainly is coming … I believe a mighty army is arising willing to listen and obey and stop as they go … and as they do the “earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14) because God is indeed Good!

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