About 2 months ago I posted a story called “chocolate cake kisses from God“. It was a story of how a mum, a friend, from my son’s kindy community had seen beyond her own circumstances full of loss and grief and had seen me struggling and had baked me a chocolate cake … to show me I was loved. It moved me greatly.

The cake was joyfully devoured and the plate on which it came sat at home waiting for me to remember to return it.  It waited for longer than I care to admit.

Then, one day, I was finishing off work, and madly getting ready to leave for our American trip, when I remembered the plate.  As I did I had the ever so strong desire to wrap it up in a pair of tea towels.  There was a new pair sitting in my gift cupboard, a set I had bought long ago, on a God prompting, and they had sat since their purchase, waiting for their new owner.

Sensible to protect the plate by wrapping it in something soft, I thought, trying to justify the seemingly strange desire.  I had no inkling that God was involved, and I told myself that the plate needs to be protected up to kindy, at kindy and home again.  I did not want to break or chip it, but then I thought ” that’s a bit over the top”, yet the desire remained.

In fact the desire was so strong I went upstairs and got the tea towels and wrapped them around the plates popped them into a plastic bag all ready to hand over at kindy pick up, and, oddly enough my husband called me just prior to kindy pick up and he reminded me that I needed to return the plate … I laughed saying I had remembered this time … but still I did not click that God was up to something good.

I headed up to kindy, ready to hand over the bundle with a brief explanation, and a laugh at myself …

I saw my friend, grinned and gave her the bag with plate and tea towels, explaining that I had an ever so strong desire to give her plate back wrapped in a gift of two new tea towels!

As I did she exclaimed something along the lines of  … “your kidding” …

Now, some of you may remember that this particular friend and story.  Not long before the gift of cake she had travelled through the significant shock of having both her parents killed tragically in a car crash.  From the time of the loss,  God started loving on her … I was told to pray, send texts, I had her daughter a few times … and each time it seemed to coincide with a very strong need on her part … a need that was met through my obedience to His prompting … so I knew that God was on a love rampage for this girl … He was showering her with His love, letting her know He was with her, watching her, caring for her … It was so amazing some of the things He did He even freaked me out!

Well this one took the cake … so to speak!

I had not recognised the desire as a God prompting … I thought it was just my wacky idea … well God is into wacky ideas … in fact  am becoming more and more convinced that He is the author of the ones which express and release His attributes of love, kindness, joy, peace etc …

My friend told me that just the night before she had looked at her old tea towels and had declared to her husband that she was throwing out the old and buying all new ones … she had said she was over the ratty old ones she had … she wanted new ones!

And here He had provided two new ones, without my knowledge of her desire, the following day … and through this little act He had said yet again to this beautiful girl: “I am here, I know your needs, I know your wants, and I care about the little things, I love you …”

I had no idea I was being used by God.  I had walked in complete ignorance as to what He was up to …

God is so kind, so very good …

He will move through us with our knowledge … or without … either way He will get His Word out … He will get His Love out to the world …

Jesus responded to the Pharisees when they told Him to silence the people’s praise of Him that if the people kept quiet, the stones will cry out (Luke 19:40)

The knowledge of His Glory, which I believe is imbued with His goodness, His love, His kindness, will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (see Habakkuk 2:14) … And as it does we all will see that …

God is Good!



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