Brokers of Heaven the Harvest is Plentiful – God is Good Praise report

We are all being set up for God encounters … encounters for ourselves, and, as brokers of God, encounters for others.  The  secret to being a broker of His love is really is no secret … it is just to believe that God is good and that He wants to be the solution to a hurting world … in every situation …

We were at a school function and I was standing nearby to someone whose teenage daughter, upon walking into the room looking drained, even haunted.  I instantly felt called to pray … well to at least offer to pray.

I quietly suggested it to her mother.  She agreed, having herself been the recipient of prayer and prophetic words over the last 8 or so months, and so I turned to her daughter and offered to pray. Her daughter agreed.  I gently took the things she was holding and placed them onto a nearby table and I took her hands in mine as I invited the Holy Spirit to come.

She instantly teared up as God came, and I took a moment to listen for what I should pray and release over her. As I did I felt to release Peace, rest … and for energy to flood her body.  She needed the energy then and there so that she could get through a school play performance for the school afternoon.

I prayed accordingly, and then I felt I received a word of knowledge, that she had not been sleeping well and that she had been dealing with night terrors that had been keeping her awake in the night, making her so tired…

She nodded in agreement saying it had been the week before.  So, I again released Peace and felt the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit to ask her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart … into her life…

I explained what I felt, saying there was no pressure, and I asked her if she would like to ask Jesus into her heart…

She did, and so we stood in the noise around us and she quietly asked Jesus into her heart. She got more teary as she felt Him on and in her and I again gently asked if she would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit…that He was the empowering force that would guide her, comfort her, protect her …

She did and so she asked for the Holy Spirit to come and fill her up …

As she did I agreed with her in prayer, telling all the powers of darkness to leave, advising them they were now trespassing, and I commanded them to go… I then asked the Holy Spirit to fill her to overflow.

As we stood and prayed, the strain left her face and she got some colour back. I said we would need to meet to explore what had happened to her, and that I would teach her to go to where God was for her so that she could learn for herself how to access and stay in that place of Peace and as I hugged her, a few more tears dropped …

I left that morning thinking how very good God is.  Here was a stressed, young woman, needing a touch from a loving Father … and God came through and gave her Himself … and He comes with so much including Peace, Joy, Hope, Faith and the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

I had been set up to be there at just the right time … what a privilege!

The harvest is all around us … and it is ready.  Will you be one of the harvesters?

If you agree to be, God will set you up to be the broker of a God encounter for others.  A broker of Heaven in your world, in your sphere of influence, because, as Jesus said:

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few …” (Matthew 9:37)

I do not believe that living a Christian lifestyle for our own blessing and claiming that a good life is a great witness is enough … it is required of us, but do note, none of us will get it right because we all fall and stuff things up … but if we will all believe who we are or “whose” we are … we can release His Presence on people and then they get to experience for themselves a good God, a God that cares, a God with the answers … a God that won’t stuff it up!

He wants us to step into our destiny of being brokers of Heaven; and, I believe He wants us to, not just for “them”, but for us as well, because as we broker Heaven on earth so we learn to lean into Him, and to therefore listen to Him, and as we incline our ears and our hearts He speaks to us of who we are … and that, I believe, releases our identity and with it our destiny … and who would not want to fulfil their God-given destiny because …

God is Good!



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2 thoughts on “Brokers of Heaven the Harvest is Plentiful – God is Good Praise report

  1. Thank God for your obedience and Holy Spirit boldness. Lives are changed as you follow the nudges of Holy Spirit. 😀

    1. I agree … the goal of this blog is to encourage others to follow the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit too … because if I can do it anyone can … and as we all do His goodness and Glory will cover the entire Earth because God is Good!

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