I had accompanied my daughter on her third “California Screaming” ride … a roller coaster ride at California Adventure Park.  She wanted to get just the right photo as proof for her friends of her daring adventures in the States.

The photo was just right and as we went ahead to purchase the shot I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to pray. By this time I had prayed for the woman in the Aladdin show, and another woman who was in a wheel chair, who had turned out to have some sort of back injury …

I looked at the young girl and offered  to pray. She said “oh, I’d like that but we are not allowed to talk about that here” and I replied that I had brought it up as a customer and that if there was any issue she just needed to say so, that the customer had raised it first …

She then nodded in agreement, as her work mate stood by her side.  I took her hand and she mentioned that her mum needed healing so I prayed for healing with this beautiful girl standing in her mum’s stead.

I then stopped and  listened to what I felt God wanted for her, for what I was meant to pray and release over her in the name of Jesus … to hear what His purpose and heart was for her.

I felt she was really kind; that she had not yet discovered her true passion and that I was to declare her destiny open.

I said to her that I felt she was really kind. She looked a bit shy and I looked at her coworker and he nodded agreement. I then asked/said that I felt she had not yet found what she truly wanted to do … she agreed so I prayed favour over her and declared her destiny open …. The Holy Spirit moving around us as I prayed.

I asked her if she felt it … She did and  was visibly moved.

I thanked her as she said “oh wow that was amazing” and I thanked her again, saying how truly special she was..

As we walked away, my daughter, who was happily skipping and hopping by my side looked up at me with shining eyes and said something like “well that was good mummy, we got to pray for her, I got to go on the roller coaster that I love again, and I got my photo … it all worked out perfectly as God intended”

I looked at her … her eyes shining … holding her hand in mine and I agreed that yes ..

God surely is Good!

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