I was dripping wet, purchasing the photo of our family going down Splash Mountain, having been nominated the front person for the ride.  As I waited for the photo I “heard” the word “sweetness” and I knew it was for the girl serving me at the counter.

In my dripping and bedraggled state I explained that I was a Christian and asked if I could pray for her. I said I felt God wanted me to pray for her and that she had been the first since arriving in the States.

She agreed introducing herself as “M” and I in turn introduced myself

I took her hand and said I felt she was really sweet. In fact, that there was a real sweetness about her, that the word I had “heard” was “sweetness”.

I said I felt that she had been hurt due to that sweetness and I prayed for a healing of those hurts.

I then felt that God wanted her destiny opened and I looked at her, and explained that I felt she had not yet discovered what she really wanted to do, what her passion was, and she agreed and so I declared her destiny open and prophesied that this next season would be a season in which she would find what it was that she was really passionate about, after which I encouraged her that when she found it, which she would in this next season, she should step into it, even though it may take great courage to do so …

I smiled, and thanked her for letting me pray … again saying what a beautiful sweetness she had and that I could see how beautiful and sweet she was, that God made her that way and that it was not a weakness but something lovely … a strength.

She looked and thanked me saying ” you have no idea how much I needed to hear that!”

I smiled wanting very much to give her cuddle and a kiss and explained so … Saying how I could see what a beautiful girl she was … but that I was bedraggled and dripping wet …

I know she needed to hear how she was sweet and that it was ok …

I know that she needed to know that, although she did not know what her passion right now, she would find it soon, and to look for it in this next season of her life.

I know she needed a touch from God because we all do and because He asked me to pray for her in particular, in order for His will to be released on this Earth in her life, and I know this because …

God is Good!

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