Are you willing to look around you, regardless of your personal circumstances, and love another human being on purpose?

Today I was the recipient of a chocolate cake kiss.  No … not a mucky, wet chocolate cake kiss from my children, but a chocolate cake kiss from a friend, a beautiful friend who intentionally loved me regardless of being in the midst of a time of grief and sadness.

A few weeks back a friend who has a daughter at my son’s kindy received the news that both her parents had died in a car crash.  I was privileged to be available to support her and her family with some practical things … and … I was permitted to pray and release God’s love and peace more than once …

This girl is a beautiful person, kind, caring, honest, compassionate … and, in midst of her time of great grief she saw me, struggling with a nasty cold, a mess in my home from having an entire ceiling replaced in one of our rooms and fumes left by the recent painters having cleaned up the mess left by the plasterers …

She saw me, regardless of her sadness, and went back home after kindy drop off and made me a chocolate cake with her 2-year-old-son.  And so, when I dropped her delightful little girl off after kindy time she presented me with a chocolate cake gift … a chocolate cake kiss of love … for me and my family …

My friend cooked us a cake of love, a chocolate cake in the shape of a love heart with the words “with love xxx” inscribed on it …

It challenged me … and so I now challenge you

Are we, as Christ’s representatives on Earth, willing to love another, on purpose, regardless of what is happening in our own worlds …?

I have been the recipient of a kiss from God from a girl who is kind, caring and loving regardless of what is going on in her world … she has set a standard … and I believe it is one we should all aspire to … to look beyond ourselves to the one before you and see them in their need … and offer … and act for “love” is a verb, an action word after all!

And so … will you follow her lead and be a kiss of kindness in your sphere of influence?

I believe we must, and in doing so be the hands and feet of God in a hurting world … and as we do the world will see that …

God is Good!



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