And the baby had down syndrome no more because…God is Good!

On Wednesday 9th May 2012 I received the following testimony from a dear and beautiful friend who takes God at His word …

She believes, she stands, she declares and she releases … fully knowing and fully believing with all her heart that God is Good!

She writes:

In early February I had the opportunity to meet and pray for a woman called M.  She was about 6 months pregnant at the time. I prayed for her and the baby, that all would be well for the baby and for the Mum, not really knowing anything about her background or circumstances, etc .

Later into the pregnancy, I found out that the baby was diagnosed as having “down syndrome” and was missing a nose.  I was told that the mother of this baby was in shock and in total fear of how she was going to cope with such a baby.

Some time later, at church, I heard a testimony of a woman in our church praying for a pregnant woman who had also been told that she was carrying a baby with down syndrome.  The woman at church had prayed for the pregnant woman and the baby had been completely healed by God.  When I heard the testimony at church I elbowed my husband and said, “that’s for M“ and I “took” the testimony for her knowing what God had done for one … he could and would  do for her … and so, when I saw M again, I was full of faith and I released the testimony and God’s Kingdom over her, praying for the same … a fully healthy baby…

On the way to church last Sunday (May 5) I heard the news that the baby had been born at home, early that morning, and that the baby appeared to be totally healthy, with a fully formed nose.

I was told that, after getting to the hospital, the doctors assessed the baby, in full knowledge of the diagnosis of down syndrome and that although all appeared well, a blood test would have to be done to be sure the baby was fully healthy.

Late Monday afternoon, the blood tests came back … all clear!

I saw the baby today.  He is totally healed, totally whole,  and is absolutely delightful!!!!!

Glory to God!!!

And so …

A loving woman, full of God, stepped out and prayed … she heard the testimony of God healing another …  she took the testimony, as something of substance to take be taken a hold of, she claimed it for another … she released it … in faith … and saw God move …

And as a result … another baby, declared by the medical profession as being a hopeless case, declared as being destined for a life of struggle and sadness, is instead set free to step into the fullness of his God’s given destiny … just because she chose to believe, and offer what she had to another, fully knowing and believing that …

 God IS Good!

Note: in referring to “taking” the testimony see Revelation 19:10.  There is power that is released as a testimony is told and as such there is an open invitation to see that testimony (miracle, healing etc) repeated …

“They overcame him [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11 each and every testimony is powerful in and of itself.  

See Bill Johnson’s book “Release the Power of Jesus and see this story for demonstration of the concept in my world where we later discovered that the tumour shrank (even though Dr’s said it would never shrink) … and we believe that the tumour shrank when this testimony was read …

The power of the testimony is a powerful and effective tool to use when you are about to pray for someone, regardless of situation … using a testimony of His goodness that matches the situation, if you have such, or a story that doesn’t match but that demonstrates God’s goodness and power if you do not have a matching testimony … either way I have found testimonies increase faith in me and the person I am about to pray for, and it often releases the anointing in a very tangible way … this is why I tell and retell the stories of God’s goodness on this blog – we are all one family, who can share each other’s victories and retell and ask God to do the same in our lives and in the lives of those we encounter as we go … your victory is mine … and my victory is yours … so let’s tell and share and see the power of God’s goodness infect the world … because …

God IS Good!



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16 thoughts on “And the baby had down syndrome no more because…God is Good!

    1. Yes … it can be done again … and again … and again … because He is so very good!

      Lovely to hear from you …


  1. God is so good! What he does for one, he will do for another. Thank you for sharing such an encouraging testimony.

    1. Thank you. I have forwarded your comment onto my friend. You are right what He does for one He will do for another … in fact I believe He wants to do for another.

  2. We are in this very situation and trusting and believing God can heal our precious child (due 9th October). Please join us in pleading with God to work a miracle.

    1. I have and will pray.
      A pastor at our church was told that their first born would be down syndrome, but she was born with no problems and is now a flourishing 18 year old.
      I will forward your email to my friend who prayed for the baby for prayer by her too.
      Please let us know how you get on.
      Blessings, God is Good!

    2. Noddy, I am reading your comment today (11.7.15). How is your child who was due 10.9.14?

  3. This testimony is just in right time for me and my family!!! God is good! We are trusting God and waiting for His miracle in our future son’s life( due January 29, 2015).

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