Gotta let the Son-shine because…God is Good! Thank you pd hagar for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Thank you

I believe it is important to let the sunshine … or rather let the Son shine … from us, around us, where ever we go … release it to the world who so desperately need the goodness of God …

I believe that if we do dare to let Him out, the prophetic word found in Habakkuk 2:14 will be fulfilled  and … “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (emphasis added) …

Let all those who call Jesus Christ “Lord” be Son-shine people … and dare to be a light on a mountain (Matthew 5:14) … rather than hide the light under a bowl (Matthew 5:15) … let us together dare to be … “the light of the world … [for] a city on a hill cannot be hidden” …

and so I say thank you

Thank you to all those in blog-land that have nominated “God is Good” for an award over recent months.  I plan to post each award over time, working backwards from most recent in time … and so I must thank pd hagar at for the kind award nomination of the Sunshine Blogger Award

The Rules in accepting: *made to be broken … so I am told*

  1. Include the award Logo(s) in a post or in your blog.
  2. Answer 10 question about your self … author’s comment … 5 is more than enough
  3. Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers …
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. Favourite colour: rainbow … 🙂

2. Favourite animal: …?

3. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? My beautiful friend, and fellow chicken-line crosser, A makes the bestest lemon cordial … you know who you are … yum yum!

4.  Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I have no idea how to use either 🙂

5.  What’s your passion? Being in the Presence of God, followed by being in the Presence of God with others … on the street and/or at church, and/or at home … anywhere really …

I nominate the following fellow bloggers for the SUNSHINE AWARD” … for spreading sunshine … or rather for spreading … Son-shine:

My 8-year-old daughter R … at God is Good for Kids at who is a walking, talking example of God’s goodness to all those around her and who releases sun-shine where ever she goes …

Jessie … my encouraging online buddy who lets the Son-shine so magnificently at

Derek at his passion for his kids (all four of them), and the teens he works with … and for his rare honesty about His call and walk with Christ and for his unceasing encouragement in taking the time to comment and encourage a stranger on the other side of the world …

The team at “Pure Glory” for their words of wisdom and insight at … and again unceasing encouragement…

Parent boost (my buddies from Stairway Church) whose parenting skills are inspiring and a standard to aspire to … and who so generously sow into so many children’s lives everywhere they go at

Get happy at the Happiness Nest for inspiring others to be happy and get in the sunshine …

With thanks …

God is Good!



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2 thoughts on “Gotta let the Son-shine because…God is Good! Thank you pd hagar for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”

    1. That was quick! I had not yet got to your web site to inform you … Computer locked up … will give it another go later tonight (Aussie time). But in the meantime, you are so very welcome!

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