It was a marvellous autumn day with the sun beating down as I collected my little boy from kindy.  We decided to sit outside at a local coffee shop and have a Devonshire tea (scones with jam and cream and tea … but, in my son’s case … a milk shake).  We sat at a table in the sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed our time together, as I tucked into a healthy sandwich and my little boy munched on scones with jam and cream, with a milk shake to boot, wearing his kindy made bunny ears all the while …

As we were finishing up, a family came past us, with a young teenage girl in a wheelchair.  I looked at the girl and smiled, and she looked back, and I knew that I needed to offer to pray.

I paid for our meal and walked back to our table as the young girl’s mum walked past and stopped her and explained that I was a Christian and that there had been healings of people in our church of all sorts of condition and could I pray for her daughter.  As I spoke I looked at her daughter, speaking loudly enough for the girl and her father to hear me as well.

The mum said to ask her daughter but that she had no objections, and so I knelt by the girl and spoke to her about it and she happily agreed.

It turned out that she had cerebral palsy and so I repeated the testimony of my friends, whose son had been completely healed of cerebral palsy, and then I told the Christmas story of the young baby girl being healed of cerebral palsy and she happily allowed me to pray.

I asked to place my hand on her at the top of her back and held her hand and I told her she may feel something and to let me know.  I asked the Holy Spirit to come and I silently reminded myself that I did not have to be a super hero or anything else but a conduit of God’s love for God to heal her and as He came and rested upon her in a tangible way I rebuked the sickness from her body and commanded her body to come into line with God’s intention, decreeing and declaring it to be “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) …

The girl felt some warmth, tingles in her spine, and I continued praying until I felt it was enough … until I sensed Holy Spirit say “its done” and I thanked her explaining that the healing may occur over time as it did in A’s story (see link here for the start of the story and here and here for the praise reports), and I quickly gave the testimony of the girl with the broken legs being healed over a day or two and walking free of a wheel chair and braces within days.  I suggested she thank God for each aspect of healing as it came.

They asked me what church I went to, so I told them and explained where it was and that if they wanted more prayer to call the church or come … that they would find the details on the web through a Google search of “StairwayChurch” …

I left in the sunshine with my little boy by my side … trusting that they had been left having been touched by God … and as I walked away I sensed in the sunshine, in the joy of the moment, that another family would taste and see that …

God is Good!



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