This is a story from May 2009, an early story in my “out there” walk with God.  It is a simple story, but one which I believe reflects what we can all be “as we go” …

A girlfriend told me at school drop off that her Mother-in-Law was ill in hospital in South Africa. She had gastro and a bowel blockage, which they were having trouble removing due to a kidney issue.

I said that we would pray for her at our prayer meeting that night, and as I got into the car to head off I started to pray immediately, feeling the anointing as I did.

At the prayer meeting we also prayed, some time between 7.30 and 8.30pm that night … when the meeting was always held.

The following morning I was to catch up with my friend for coffee.  My then 2 1/2-year-old was being looked after, but I had promised to see her to chat about my faith etc, and to try to answer some of her questions about Christianity and so I caught up with her even though she had her 2.5 year old with her.

During our chat in a coffee shop I discussed life with God.  We covered so much, but I kept it very real letting her know that I certainly was not perfect, but that I had somewhere I could go when I struggled.  At the time she was struggling with being at home, was stressed, bored, talked about going to back work – to which I said very bluntly that working would not change things for her since she was trying to fill a gap in her life with busyness so that she did not have to face some issues about who she was in relationship to God etc.

She recognised this and she asked about the peace I had – I talked about it somewhat and asked her about her Mother-in-Law.

She said that at 8pm the night before her husband had got the phone call to say her Mother-in-Law was being discharged.

I told her that she would not believe me if I told her what time our meeting was – she was amazed to find out 7.30 to 8.30pm.

I laughed and said how God so had her in His sights.

She talked about my professional background and how it did not seem to match the Christian walk – the money etc.  I said that Christians could be wealthy too and we talked about a loving Father and used her beautiful parenting as an example as to how God also loves us so much as a loving Father and wants all that is good for us including money.  She noted that she had a cousin that she would say was like me in her walk with Jesus – her cousin was wealthy, and it surprised her.

The whole time her child played happily and quietly.

At the end of our catch up (1.5 hours) she said she felt great, refreshed and excited about going on a journey of discovery with me …  She then noted how calm my children seemed to be – I reminded her that we all had tough times, but she came back to it and then said how calm her son had been the whole time we had caught up … she said so calm that it could not be a coincidence … she had never had him be so calm and content at a coffee catch up before and she said she was sure it was me and my influence (I did not do anything in particular with him in fact he entertained himself very happily).  I said to her I believed it was God .  I also said that I believed the peace was prevalent so that we could talk calmly – so that God could show her who He was – a God of peace.  I had also prayed before going to see her and I had prayed the day before for her and her family.

What was lovely was how she saw how God can not only impact a person but how God can then, though that person, impact others and environments … it was so very encouraging for me and so very, very enjoyable!

Later she said how much she enjoyed our catch up and how refreshed she felt … to which I can only respond …

God is Good!

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