Finding the Father’s heart…finding freedom, finding treasure…God is Good! praise report

There is something happening across our church at the moment … lost things, things that have been searched for, things missed and thought lost … are being found … in very bizarre places and in very bizarre ways!

This is wonderful and marvelous, and the stories are awe-inspiring … but I believe God is doing something deeper than just “getting our stuff back” for us because he loves us … I believe He is revealing His heart … His heart for the lost … His heart for lost treasures and I sense that as He calls us to go deep in Him, and as we find our freedom in Him to be all we are created to be, as we discover our identity, He is also asking us to feel His heart beat, to feel His heart and to step out into a lost and dark world and bring light … to help bring the treasures home …

About eight months ago I bought my seven-year-old daughter a small necklace from Swarovski.  It was a necklace with a little crystal pink heart on it, with a little butterfly to the side. She declared it was God’s heart for her … God’s heart of healing … and the butterfly was her freedom in Him. It was a precious gift that she held dear.

Not long after, she lost the necklace – she had worn it only a few times, and to lose something this precious to her was not in character at all … it had just “vanished”

We searched everywhere for it. We checked her luggage, where it was meant to be, we checked her room and eventually, after searching for it and praying for its return, we decided it was well and truly lost. She wept, realising something precious was gone …

On the final day of summer holidays, I resolved to replace this pendent … I don’t know why, but I just felt it was ok for her to have another and so we popped into the store from where it had been bought and found they still had stock …

I stood at the counter with the box in my hand and hesitated, checking with God about the purchase.  As I did I “saw” the boxes that my daughter has from the store – she has bought many little crystal trinkets  from there, and I felt he wanted us to return home first, to look in all the Swarovski boxes she had.  I asked the pendant to be held for 24 hours so we could go home and do as God had prompted … feeling a bit foolish, but figuring we had nothing to lose in being obedient.

We left the store and I explained all this to my daughter … She had no objections, having seen God return many of her most precious items time and time (see her blog God is Good for Kids for a few stories).

We went to the movies that afternoon, after which we returned home and I encouraged her to go and do the search. She went to her bedroom and took out all her Swarovski boxes and bags. I gave her some time to complete the task and then looked in to see how she had got on – no necklace.

I still felt the urge to check, the job was not finished … it was such a strong feeling by this stage that I sat on the bed with her and systematically went through each and every box, large and small, emptying each of its foam contents to check completely.

I then checked each box’s label, to see if we had found the pendant’s box … and I noted that it was not in the pile … this was strange since she is such an organised little poppet and keeps all of the boxes and warranties in one place.

I looked and said “we need to find the pendant’s box to be sure.”

She looked at me and said that she had found everything.

I insisted we look for the box feeling certain I had to check everywhere before giving in to defeat … each and every little blue box I could find needed to be opened and checked …

I opened the cupboard door and put my hand behind a wooden box on a shelf and found one more box behind some bits and pieces.

I showed her and quickly checked the label – it was the pendant’s box. 

Now I must admit … I have experienced lost items being found (see the missing plate story which saved us $400) but I still had my doubts …

I opened the box, and lifted the velvet flap … barely daring to believe, and, as I lifted the insert, sure enough there, shining in the sunlight drifting through the window was a little pink heart and butterfly, perfectly placed into the box like new … the chain laced through the foam insert perfectly, as if it were freshly bought and carefully placed …

She gasped and laughed and said “I can hardly believe it” … we thanked Jesus and over and over she said “that is amazing, that is so amazing … it was lost and now it is found…” (Yes …  from the mouths of babes!).

This is not an isolated story – similar stories are happening right across our church … and it is no coincidence that these “finds” are occurring …

In this instance, we had lost God’s heart and His gift of freedom … but with a search, with seeking … it was found …

Jesus says … I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10 NKJV).

What is precious was lost, but now is found … returned to its rightful owner, returned to its rightful place … see Luke 15

I believe this is just one of the many such stories that are indicating to us that it is time for:

What was lost being found …

The Lord says: I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. (Isaiah 45:3 NIV)

What was lost is now found … what was lost will be found …

It’s time to hear the heartbeat of God … the heartbeat of freedom …

The lost will be found … the harvest is plentiful …

It is time for those precious and lost to be found for it is time for the harvest..

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37 NIV)

He is calling us to a search … he wants to give us His treasures, people hidden in darkness … He is calling them home to Himself, home to His heart of love … home to their freedom for… what is lost will be found because …

God is Good!



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11 thoughts on “Finding the Father’s heart…finding freedom, finding treasure…God is Good! praise report

  1. The lost matter to God. This was a reminder I had recently when my son looked for treasures, as you probably remember. We need to care enough to reach out; to look beyond our self to the lives of people around us. It is life or death type stuff.

    1. It is life or death, and in His grace we can walk it out 🙂 In the meantime, thank you for your blog, which inspired this blog … the lost treasures being found … because God is Good!

  2. Thanks for sharing. God cares about the little details in our lives and loves to surprise us with his tender love and compassion. Nothing and no one is lost to him! This testimony is very inspiring.

    1. Thank you for reading and the encouragement … I do believe that He cares about the little things in our lives, for He is a loving Father … and I celebrate that nothing and no-one is lost to Him … I love how so many are finding that which was lost 🙂 because God is Good!

  3. Hi Craig. Thanks for stopping by and commenting … as you know I would say “Amen” to your “exactly!” … because God is Good!

    1. Thank you and welcome back … I have been reading your blog and loving it nw you are back on deck but have not had a chance to stop and comment … 🙂

  4. What a wonderful story!!! <3 It has inspired me and has filled me with hope:) and expectation that I too will find something I have lost too! My wedding ring 🙁 I would like to share an incredible story of how God answered prayer when I had lost it once before 3 yrs ago… We were returning from a two week mission trip to India. I was a member of Friends First Church in Beaconsfield, back then, Gary Grant the leader of the church regularly takes a group of people to India, so they can experience the Power of God flowing through them. It was a wonderful trip where we went from village to village telling people about God's amazing love and He was backing us up by demonstrating his Goodness with signs and wonders! We saw God do many amazing miracles including the healing of a little boy who had never walked since birth take his first steps, after we prayed for him. (We being normal people -not always full of faith I might add- yet filled with His power 🙂 we went doing as Jesus did:) We later were told via email that the whole town came to the Lord as a result of that one miracle..What a Good God! He is so Good!!!.While on the plane I realised my wedding ring which had never left my finger for 32 yrs was missing.I held my breath as I searched everywhere, every bag, the seat,up and down the isles, in the toilet bin (in case it came of as I washed and wiped my hands).The air hostesses and Crew also looked for it they were amazing! But it was no where to be found! Needless to say I was grieved and slightly devastated. I decided not to let it spoil the trip and I consoled my self with the knowledge that I was used to plunder the enemy's camp, and had caused him more grief than the loss of the ring caused me. So I spent the last hour of the trip reliving the wonderful moments with a grateful heart for the privilidge of being able to be part of this trip that apart from God's miraculous provision would not have been possible (another incredible miracle worth talking about). I gave the attendant, who reassured me they would look after everyone was off the plane, my details just in case. I thanked the crew for their help and we disembarked the plane. We went through customs and where about to go through the customs door… By now I had forgotten about the ring, in the anticipation of being reunited with my husband and family… when I realised someone was running after me calling my name. I turned around to find an excited flight attendant and the Crew Manager. They had found my ring! Get this…. The wonderful Crew Manager decided to dismantle the seat as a last attempt, and found my ring lodged between the two seats! I was overjoyed tears of joy as I hugged them and thanked them and blessed them many times. They too were visibly moved by the whole incident… Thank you for reminding me of this through your story! It doesn't make sense that it has disappeared again*!? Can it be another testimony in the making??? Thank You for being concerned for all things that are lost! Thank You Jesus for your promise to restore All things. We Love You Daddy! <3

    1. thankyou for
      Sharing this story! I agree with you that you will get your wedding ring back :-). Read some of God is Good for Kids where my daughter gets treasures back all the time , and ask God to “do again” … X

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