The Power of the Testimony – healing of stomach pain because God is Good!

On Christmas Day I posted the praise report of the healing of a young child with cerebral palsy … it was appropriate, I thought, to write of a healing of a child, on the day we celebrate the birth of The Child, that would wager life for all those that would call Him Savior and Friend …

I posted this story as I cared for my 8-year-old daughter, who had woken suddenly at 5 am on Christmas morning, and had started vomiting, presumably from a tummy virus … she ceased emptying her stomach’s contents 24 hours later and on 26th December she rested, sleeping most of the day …

Even though the vomiting had stopped she still had pains in the stomach, which disturbed her sleep, and which caused us concern …

We had prayed.  We had laid hands.  We had declared healing and health … we praised God for His goodness, that this would cease quickly (previous times she has been ill with a tummy bug she has not stopped vomiting for 3, and at worst 10 days – at which time she was nearly hospitalised); and so, we were believing for a very quick recovery … and we believed we had received a quick recovery with the vomiting ceasing 24 hours later at 5 am the following morning … other things we had done … we had put on soaking music, praise music, words of Scripture that highlight God’s desire and power to heal …we had rested, we had encouraged her to rebuke the sickness in Jesus name, to soak in the presence of Jesus, to go to the place where God is for her … we did all we knew … except, take communion and anoint her with oil …

As she rested I decided to share with her the Christmas Story of the healing of the child with cerebral palsy … she loves the testimonies and delights in amazement at God’s Goodness and power …

As I did, the pain suddenly increased with an intensity that at first alarmed me, but then I thought “got you!” …

I have been taught, and have also witnessed (see link here for story with example), that sometimes when we pray for healing the pain can get worse … or it can move around the body … if this happens it can be a sign that we have hit the mark with our prayers … and whatever is causing the sickness is on its way out!  (Thank you Randy Clark healing School 1).

I completed retelling the story as she writhed on the bed, with my hand upon her, rubbing her back and I called for my husband to come to stand with me in agreement and together we rebuked all sickness and told the spirit of infirmity to get out and leave her in the Name of Jesus …

The pain stopped instantly, and from that time she recovered very quickly … firstly resting peacefully, then eating carefully … 

While we had missed the big family celebration, we still celebrated Christmas with a small lunch two days later, and a Christmas breakfast with crepes, melted chocolate and whipped cream the day after that …

Later she looked at me and said what a wonderful Christmas it had been … a quiet, peaceful three-day celebration with people that she loved, and we talked of some Christian practices that celebrated Christmas through to 8th January each year …

Throughout all we stood firm, believing that God was not the author of this sickness.  It did not come to teach her or us something … it came to steal a day of celebration … for

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy …”


“… came that [we] may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 (NASB 1995)

And so we stood firm on our belief and our knowledge that God is good and we believed, declared and did what we knew to do, leaving the rest to God … and the key came … we inadvertently used the power of the testimony of someone else’s breakthrough and it worked because …

God is Good!



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14 thoughts on “The Power of the Testimony – healing of stomach pain because God is Good!

    1. Thank you for being pleased for us! Reminds me of this other amazing testimony of someone’s child being ill at the airport and him being prayed for and being healed … oh wait … that was you! God is Good!

  1. Really glad your daughter is alright. Praise God! We had a rough time this last summer with our kids with a lingering virus or something. It is the worst thing watching your kids suffer, but what a faith building experience when there is healing like this.

    1. Hi Derek. Thank you for your comment. I do not often post stories about our own family, but it was such a good story that illustrated the idea of the power of the testimony, and how the pain suddenly escalated when I read the God filled testimony of the cerebral palsy healing showing how you can recognise what to do when that happens that I felt it was right to post … I have learnt from far greater people that the intensifying of pain and/or the moving of pain while praying (or in this instance during the testimony) can be an indication that the spirit of infirmity is responsible and is also a good sign that whatever is causing the sickness is on its way off/out … whatever … just away, and in reading these signs we can co-labour with God because … God is Good!

  2. Hi there.
    Could I ask you for a favor. [deleted detail] suffers from bouts of vomiting on a common basis that usually end him up in the hospital. He also has had type 1, insulin dependent, diabetes since he was ten years old. His troubles with health keep him from holding down jobs and usually schooling as well. [Deleted details] … yet I know the Lord will do something wonderful for him and with him.
    Anyway, could you please pray for him. One more source of prayer could very well be the blessing he needs to turn all hurt in his life around. Thank you, and be ever blessed 🙂

    1. Hi 237blessed.

      I would be pleased to pray for [deleted detail], and I can get a few people around me to stand in agreement for his healing.

      A few other questions:
      – What is [deleted detail] name (first only) and what state in the US do they live in?
      – does anyone else in their family line have the same condition, if so does it go back more than one generation [deleted details]?
      – when did the bouts start and if you know did they start around the time of a significant event or illness in [the persons] life?
      – what significant thing (if any) happened to {them] at the age of 10 when the diabetes started?
      – does the condition have a name?

      The answers to these question may help us to better direct the prayers to the cause.

      It is really tough living with illness on an ongoing basis …

      I will also pray for you …

      Blessings … knowing it will turn out well because … God is Good!

      1. Hi
        I will delete these details off the web for you so they are not public and will pray 🙂 … [deleted detail] … with breakthrough in areas comes authority to release others … so be encouraged that as you break through you will have authority in those very areas to break others free of … I think it may be one of God’s ways of bringing vindication and the seven fold return promised in scripture …

    2. Hi 237blessed,

      I have deleted personal details off the page for you … including editing your first comment. I am happy to leave it as it was, but thought you may like some of the detail off the page … the following comments have been removed or edited down … let me know if you want more or all of it off for privacy.
      Kindest regards and many many blessings! Looking forward to hearing the testimonies to come … God is Good!

      1. Thank you very much,
        I will continually hold on desperately and fervently to my faith and do all I can to proclaim only blessings through this mouth and through these hands. And may your daughter’s pains and troubles be replaced with the Lord’s comfort, peace, and joy. Blessings to you and all yours, and thank you again. 🙂

  3. please pray for me. I have had severe stomach pains for 10 years. Doctors can’t find what’s wrong. Started confessing healing scriptures recently, and it seems the pain is getting worse. I get plagued with fear that it might be a terminal illness

    1. Hi there. Of course we will pray for you. In the mean time, feast yourself on testimonies of healing and God’s goodness … What He has done for one He will do for you too. And I encourage you to use Phil 4:6 for the anxiety. Many blessings and let us know how you get on.

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