And she stood weeping … because God is good!

After church today we popped into a service station to fill up the car and to purchase a couple of items for a lunch we were heading to. I collected my items and as I went out to the car to get a discount voucher I felt certain that God wanted me to offer to pray for the girl behind the counter.

I finalised my purchase and offered to pray for her … explaining I was a Christian and I wanted to know if she needed prayer for anything.  She looked at me puzzled and so I repeated my question, explaining that I had felt God prompting me to offer to pray for her as I had walked out and so I wanted to know if there was anything I could pray for her about …

She looked at me and lent forward earnestly and immediately said “yes, a job, I am a qualified pilot and I want a job” … I looked at her and said I would pray for her and I stepped aside so she could serve the next person …

To follow was one of the longest waits.  The customers poured in.  One would leave and another would come in … (it often happens) … so I waited … but as I did I checked my watch noted my husband and children waiting in the car and prayed for an opportunity because we were due to get to a lunch … regardless, I knew to wait, because this was a God assignment and therefore important …

She looked at me and suggested that I could go … I looked and said “no, this is important” …

Eventually we had a break in the flow of customers and I introduced myself.  I noted her name and said hello, took her hand and invited the Holy Spirit to come … an anointing immediately flowed.

I recounted the testimony of a friends husband who I had prayed for, who had waited for 9 months for a contract to come through from a major bank, and for whom the day after I had prayed an open destiny, a contract came the following day by email … he quit his job and started the new job in less than a week (praise report click link here) …

I then prayed “God what you did for B, do for A” and I declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus, I released blessing and favour, and doors to be open to her destiny … as I did I could feel the anointing flow.  Someone came and waited to be served as I prayed and I felt the Holy Spirit say “that’s enough”.  I left quickly and as I ran out she again asked my name, I told her as I ran out and left calling out “bless you”.

As I left the store, I felt that I needed to give her the name of our church and so I ran to the car, scribbled the churches name and my name and number on a scrap piece of paper and ran back in to give it to her … I saw that she was standing behind the counter holding back the tears as she served the next customer …

I ran up to the counter and gave her the details, explaining them briefly to her and as I did the flood gates opened and she started to weep.  I looked at her and said “you felt Him didn’t you?” she nodded … I asked if she needed a cuddle, she said she was fine, and so I encouraged her to feel ok about calling me, and explained that this was my church …

I left marvelling at how powerfully God had touched her.  As I climbed into the car I mentioned it to my husband, explaining how I usually do not get to go back to see the impact of God on the people I stop for “as I go” … but this time I had, and how powerfully He had touched this beautiful girl … she was obviously moved, and had felt the touch of God first hand … I know her destiny is open now … I have seen it happen over and over … I know that good things are on their way for this lovely girl because …

God is Good!



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10 thoughts on “And she stood weeping … because God is good!

    1. Hi Christine. I am so glad you liked it 🙂 She was beautiful and was deeply impacted, and in returning it was like I got a peak of what God does sometimes when we will stop for the one and care enough to pray …

  1. This reminded me of a time years ago when, as a part of a youth group, we decided to ask the waitress at the restaurant if we could pray for her. It was stretching for many in that group, but what a blessing. She shared some real deep issues and we prayed for her. I have found that even those who don’t believe, are willing to be prayed for. So, why not? Great story!

    1. Thanks Derek. Have you read The Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Kevin Dedmon? Youth really seem to love this sort of stuff and it is really fun watching God move through us … when the lame start to walk, the blind see and the deaf hear, all of a sudden they “get it” and get excited 🙂

      What I do is not Treasure Hunting per se, but rather stopping for “the one” “as I go” … so sometimes it can be many God appointments while I am out, while other times there are few or none … I have found if we avail He will use us … for the harvest is ready, but the workers are few 🙂

      If you work your way back through the blog to the start and read on from there, you will discover the many “teaching” pieces on how to do it … at our church we are equipping others to live this type of life style – stopping for the one, taking Jesus out of the church – and we are seeing miracles of healing, salvations on the streets, blessings and people being powerfully impacted on the streets, in the schools, in the shopping centres and in the work places …

      In any case – thanks for your encourgaement! It means a great deal to me.

      Blessings! Oh, and keep writing, I love reading your blog as time permits 🙂

      1. No, I never read that book, but I will look into it. I will also look back through the blog some and check it out. God does use us as we obey. There are never a shortage of people that need help. We do need to open our eyes because so many are just right in front of us.

        Also, I am glad you enjoy what I am writing. I have a lot of things I am working on, so there will be no shortage of posts. I am amazed anyone wants to read what I write, but am glad if it is a blessing to someone.

      2. Read and enjoy and feel the showers of His Presence as you read … Kevin dedmon has such a heart for evangelism.

        One blog which even I am amazed at is “Christmas shopping with Jesus” and the surrounding blogs with associated praise reports … it happened last Christmas where a youngs girls two broken legs are healed and she stands the following day, and walks in less than two weeks and is training with the cadets in 6 weeks (when she should still have been in the wheel chair) … her mum came to Cjrist on the phone three days later and God’s goodness just poured into their lives in such an amazing way … it still astounds me … if you can’t find the blog let me know and I will arrange a link – they are stories of such goodness and grace.

        As for what you have to write … you, as a youth pastor in particular will have insights, words of wisdom and aspects of a Christian walk which we can all learn from … and as a husband and dad of 4 I believe you have gems hidden that even you are not aware of yet, in fact I know they are in you and God is ready to reveal … what is in you will astound even you, because God is good!

  2. Amen! Can’t wait to hear what GOD does…thank you for sharing:) I love when we are obedient and listen…we serve an amazing powerful all knowing God! AMEN!
    Phil 3:10 May this lady know the Power of Christ resurrection and share it with all that she meets!

    1. Hello. Thank you for stopping by again and for your encouraging comment. May we all know the POwer of Christ’s resurrection and share it with all we meet :-). Blessings, and … Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I enjoy reading all of them but for some reason this one particularly grabbed me (not exactly sure why specifically). …Love how that girl was so touched by Him.

    God’s doing some pretty fun stuff in my area too and I’ve had a few opportunities to pray for people which has been cool…

    Keep going 🙂 ….and have a great Christmas!!

    1. Hi Kate. Thanks for your encouragement. Maybe you could send some more of your stories through by email and we could post one or two of those? For some reason this story had touched people greatly, and oe comentator noted that she cried when she read it … I just loved seeing what He was doing after I left, it was so encouraging to see Him at work, because you never really know, unless you get follow up, what really happens … regardless I always know it’s good because … God is Good!
      Merry Christmas to you too! X

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