As mentioned in an earlier blog, I was at the hairdressers a couple of weeks ago (Saturday 5th November 2011).  While there a young girl was washing my hair and she was bemoaning the fact that her hair would not grow beyond her shoulders.  As she washed my hair I decided to pray for her, God had just turned up very powerfully for another girl at the salon (see the “Sunshine/Son-shine story”) and I thought, well, God cares about the little things too!

I offered to pray as she rinsed my hair and she readily agreed, saying what a lovely idea it was …

After she had finished the washing I sat up, told her that God cares about the little things, and that if it matters to us it matters to Him, including hair.  I then asked for her hand and I prayed for long luscious locks, past her shoulders and down her back.  As I did I “saw” a picture of her sitting on a bed, holding her legs in her arms, sitting up near the pillow end of the bed.  The bed ran along the wall and on the same wall, above the bed, there was a window … It was as though I had looked in on her in her room from the doorway and I “saw” her there.

I asked her if her room was configured this way and she said “yes.”  I told her that I saw her sitting on her bed, and I said to her that I felt that God was waiting for her to receive a cuddle from Him.  I said to her that I felt He was saying that, although she felt she was too big to come to Him, she indeed was not and that she would always be “His little girl” in whom He delighted … that she was not too big to come … that she could come to Him at any time she pleased, to receive a “Daddy” cuddle, sit on his lap, and “snuggle”. 

I said to her that I felt that there would come a time soon when she would remember these words of love and I encouraged her that when she did so that she take the time to climb onto her bed, tuck her legs into her arms and ask God to come, and He would … and when He did He would encase her in His love and she would feel it in a very real and tangible way …

She looked delighted, teared up and said she would do so …

I sat and had my hair dried and contemplated the salon visit … one girl wanted a baby and needed hormone rebalancing, and one girl wanted hair that would grow below her shoulders.  Some might say that one was far more deserving than another, but I think that God cares about it all …luscious locks and babies … and through both encounters I believe that each girl will discover a Daddy that loves her, cares about her, and that the little things, that matter to her, matter to Him because …

God is Good!



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