God loves my local hairdressers … He turns up there on a regular basis …

I was at the hairdressers on Saturday 5th November 2011 getting some “sunshine” put into my hair for summertime …

I have been going to see the same girl for nearly 8 years now, and she knows my own story, as well as many of the stories of others who have overcome known or suspected infertility …

My hairdresser is beautiful, clever, smart, kind, very very sensible, courageous and was their youngest manageress ever!  She is very self-sufficient and has managed life well…

She has known for a very long time that I am a Christian.  She has watched as I got frustrated with everyday Christianity and how I recently decided to step out and believe what God’s word says about Himself … and me.  She has personally watched some of the early stories unfold in the salon, watching me pray for people while there.  She watched one of my earliest and biggest challenges in The nose that could not smell, she then saw the story of a baby with a toothache  unfold, and she knew about the salvation story.  God has been very busy in this salon! 

She has gradually become more open to me and to my faith and has asked questions, not just ones about the God stories, but about life in general … she says she watches my children and is interested in my views about life … and when she asks me these questions I take a deep breath ask God to give me wisdom and I answer them as best I can … for we are witnesses where ever we go, even without saying a word …

A few months ago she quietly said to me that she would like me to pray for the same miracle of fertility and conception that I and others I have prayed for have experienced … I vaguely recall having just finished telling her a story about a girl getting pregnant after prayer and she told me that it was time for her and her husband to start a family … and she wanted me to pray.

Touched, I gently reached around the chair and I prayed for her.  I didn’t feel anything much, but I believed by choice that God would honour the prayer as He had so many times before with women (and men) who wanted to get pregnant and I had prayed for.  I have continued to pray for her, and even called, when I felt to, just to encourage her in her conception journey.

Well, as I mentioned, last Saturday I was in the hairdressers getting some “sunshine” and B quietly let me know that she had been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance – she needed higher levels of progesterone!

She came around and sat before me and said that she was planning to take me up on the “coffee and a chat for a prayer session” offer I had made many months ago … I looked and said “that would be great, and I am happy to do that, but lets quietly pray now?”  I took her hand, invited the Holy Spirit to come and … well, He did … He overwhelmed me, His presence was so strong, I started to cry in the middle of the salon!

She looked concerned, so I quickly explained that He had come very strongly, and I prayed declaring hormonal balance, declaring fertility and asking God to do for her what He had done for me … I knew not to pray double portion – the last person I did that for ended up pregnant in her next cycle with twins!

When I stopped, and it was only brief, I asked her if she had felt Him come.  She gasped and said “I did, I felt warmth flow all over and through me, and it was amazing, it went right through me!”

… the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings (Malachi 4:2)

Jesus had turned up in a magnificent way!  I was there to receive some “sun shine”; but I was in fact set up to release some “Son-shine” … and what a privilege it was!

Greatly encouraged I said that what she felt was the healing power of  the Holy Spirit and that I believed she would be fine now … and as I did my brain was screaming at me “what if the test results she’s having in a month show that the hormones are still unbalanced? …”

It has been a relationship of 8 years with this girl.  It has not been a relationship “to convert” but a relationship between two girls doing life … one a Christian, and one that is not … yet … and the time came when she was open to His influence … the time came for me to step out and pray … she knew my faith, she had heard the stories and when she was ready she received … and boy did she receive! She was so open as I prayed and I am sure it was her hunger that drew Him so powerfully … her hunger and His desire to prove Himself strong for her, I just had to effect the introduction, He did the rest …

I later came home, and thought of the immediate fears I had of failure, even though she felt the heat surge through her body (much like what had happened to me all those years ago).  I reminded myself that the issue was now with God – I would continue to pray as prompted by God, and I would continue to believe … and who knows, she may even get pregnant in the next cycle, she just may, and if she does not, I know she will conceive at just the right time … and I will keep you posted … because …

God is Good!



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