We shared the same name…and it was no coincidence – the deaf shall hear

We recently went away for a couple of days.  On our last day we decided to have a burger for lunch, before the drive home.  As we queued to place our order I went to ask a girl who was stacking the fridge where the bathroom was.  She stood and motioned to me that she was deaf … I nodded, smiled, and noted the direction she pointed to in response to my query, which she lip-read …

As we sat outside waiting for our lunch, I mentioned to my husband that there was a deaf girl and I was going to ask if I could pray for her.  It was not that I felt God necessarily wanted me to, or that I had to, it was not a matter of obedience, but rather it was something I felt He would like me to do, and, in any case, if I wanted to see the deaf hear I needed to step out and offer.  I also realised that I did not meet many deaf people in my day-to-day activities … and I needed to step out.  I did feel a bit nervous about it, but thought I would regret it if I did not offer, and in any case … she just may be healed and who was I to not offer?

We ate our hamburgers and I watched for my opportunity.  I saw her as we readied to leave and so I went across to her, gently tapped her on the shoulder, and tried my best to layman’s sign “could I pray for you?”  Another girl watched and then signed to her for me.  I gratefully smiled, and quickly explained that I was a Christian, had seen miracles happen and wanted to know if I could pray for the girl … the girl signed my request and the response came back … “thanks but no thanks” …

I thanked both girls (who I presumed were sisters), and said to the girl who had signed for me that I needed to learn how to sign “can I pray for you?”  she stopped, put her dishes down and taught me there and then … and as I practised, the girl I had wanted to pray for stopped, watched and signed that I could pray for her if I wanted to …

And, so I did.  I placed my hand on her arm and as I did I asked her name … she had a very subtle variant of my name – I knew that this was no coincidence!  God had set me (and her) up for a miracle.  My name is not that common in Australia and so it was a set up! 

With a greater feeling of confidence, I invited the Holy Spirit to come, and I started to pray.  I then cautiously asked if I could place my hands on her ears … she agreed, and as I did I commanded the mute deaf spirit to leave and released fullness of hearing in the name of Jesus.  I finished praying quite quickly, sensing it was enough and thanked her …

There was no sudden thunder bolt, no angels singing the Hallelujah chorus (that I could hear in the natural anyway), but I knew that I had stepped out, not because I had to, but because I wanted to …

I had not felt much as I prayed, but as I sat down again I felt a strong surge of power flow and so I prayed for her again, on my own quietly as she moved around the outside tables …

As we got into our car to come home I said to my husband that, while I had not seen a miracle manifest immediately, I was still encouraged – her name and my name being nearly identical was not a “coincidence”.  I said to him that she may start hearing the next day, or it may slowly get better … I did not know, and it was not up to me to worry about the outcome.  I mentioned Heidi Baker, and recalled how the first blind people who had seen, after Heidi had prayed for them, all had Heidi’s name.  I note that these women saw instantly before Heidi’s eyes, and yes, I note that Heidi prayed for many before seeing her first receive sight … at least 100 blind people (or it could be 1000 people, I am not sure of the numbers but it was many blind people before her first blind person regained sight), but the fact that the first three all had Heidi’s name, and the fact that this girl had my name, not a common name in Australia, was encouraging, and I am certain no coincidence!

Some of you may say … “well, you are no Heidi Baker.” I agree, I’m not.  Rather, I am Me … stopping for the one, in my sphere of influence and choosing to believe that He will up hold his word for anyone, where ever they live, including me, if we will step out and trust Him to do so.  I have to start somewhere and a sea-side coastal town in Victoria, Australia is a great start!  I figure, we just have to get going, where ever we are, what ever we are doing, and go about the “Father’s business” … stopping for “the one“!

I thought to myself and I declared it out loud in the car … “God, you did it for Heidi … please do it again” and I held onto the power of the testimony.

I left knowing I had stepped out, but this time I stepped out as a friend of God … just as a friend would step out and do something nice for another friend … rather than out of a sense of obedience.  I stepped out this time out of a love … a love for a girl who may receive her hearing; and, out of a love for my God, because I knew he would like it if I did this for Him.  It was not about performance, but about love, just as one does something special for a friend … and also … don’t forget … I want to see the deaf hear!  He says it is a sign that will follow me, so I need to start believing it, and stepping out on His word, knowing He will back me up in accordance with His word because …

God is Good!



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3 thoughts on “We shared the same name…and it was no coincidence – the deaf shall hear

  1. I have never heard of Heidi Baker before now. I will have to look her up.

    Thank you for posting this. I can not tell you how much I sincerely enjoy reading about each encounter. It lifts my faith and helps me to remember to watch for God encounters in my own life.


    1. Heidi Baker is remarkable. She and her husband Roland Baker feed 1000’s of orphans in Mozambique and have planted over 10,000 churches there … she has the adage of “stopping for the one”, and teaches that as long as the one in front of you feels loved, then her job is done … and in her ministry “the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the captives are set free” … she and Roland Baker are truly inspiring!

      And, by the way, I sincerely appreciate every comment, every blog, and every piece of encouragement from you … it warms my heart to know that you enjoy the testimonies … and I know that you will catch the breeze on these encounters and start fires where you live for the Kingdom of Heaven … be blessed mighty woman of God!

      1. Thank you. For telling me more about Heidi and Roland Baker and also for your kind words. I savor them and I receive them, in Jesus’ precious Name.

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