Stories of a good God

Dance dance wherever you may be

I am the Lord of the dance said He

And I’ll lead you all wherever you may be

And I’ll lead you all in the dance said He

(Sydney Carter)

About 3 months ago, a little poppet in my daughter’s ballet class hurt her foot.  Her Mum commented that she could not dance and was frustrated since she had a competition coming up and needed to practice.  She is a serious little ballerina, and to be stopped from her practice was challenging to say the least.  I listened …

They know that I have laid hands on people in the past, praying for healing.  The mum personally knows some of the people I have prayed for at the ballet school, and she has listened to many stories of God’s healing and other miracles, both ones I have witnessed and ones I have heard of from reliable sources.  She has enjoyed my passion with grace and acceptance …

Well, here was an opportunity to put my money where my mouth was … so to speak.

I took a deep breath and offered to pray for her daughter.  She graciously agreed, and so, on a cold evening I placed my hand on the girls foot, invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded the foot to be healed in Jesus name … and as I did so I recounted to the girl a testimony of a little boy’s sprained ankle being healed in my daughter’s school playground, in such a complete way that he took the bandage off and ran immediately on the foot … I trusted the release of the testimony and invited God to “do it again” …

The girl felt something, and then said the pain had gone.  She tested it and said the pain had gone.  I said she did not need to say it had, if it had not … and she said it had gone as she tried something she could not do before … and so I left the mum and her daughter saying to them both “let me know how she goes … either way.”

I spoke to the mum a few days later …

The foot had been healed and her daughter had danced from that day on …

He danced on the Sabbath and He cured the lame

And a little girl danced again because …

God is Good!

Comments on: "And she could dance once more …" (4)

  1. Awesome testimony!

    • Thanks for your encouragement. It is a great testimony isn’t it … and, although I know it may seem repetitive … God is Good! 🙂

  2. God cares and honors prayers so a young ballerina can dance with joy! Love hearing your testimonies of how God is Good! 🙂

    • He sure does care. She’s still dancing … Overseas now and her family have continued to see God work in their lives in various ways over the years since. God is Good!

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