“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Revelation 19:10…releasing the goodness of God

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy … “ (Rev 19 10).  To prophesy is to declare God’s intentions, His goodness … Paul writes in 1 Cor 14:3 “But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort”; indeed, Paul writes that “I would rather have you prophesy” (1 Cor 14:5), to emphasise the importance of the prophetic word being released by believers.

Well, this story has that very power.  This story came in and a person I know read the testimony in its “raw” form.  The story is about sowing into the Kingdom of God financially … but, as a person with a benign tumour read it, the “tone in the ear shifted” … the ear has been affected by a tumour and the hearing has been affected … so, as a completely unrelated Jesus story was read it seems that power was released into the ear … this shift has encouraged that person to read more, listen to more, engage more with the testimonies of healing from a Good God!

If the spirit of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, then could Jesus and His presence ride forth on a story, on a testimony, and cause a shift in something that is unrelated to the subject of the story?  I know that Bill Johnson covers such concepts in his book “The Power of the Testimony” … healings do take place as testimonies have been released into the atmosphere, but I think (but I could be very wrong here) that the healings referred to were only ones of a similar nature to the testimony released, a similar condition … this release of power came on the reading of a financial miracle testimony, and the power of Jesus was released into an ear …

Could it be as we share our stories of a Good God that power is released for more than  just the miracle to which the story relates? …

Just one more good reason to let the world know that God is Good …

The story received by email Monday 5th September 2011 reads:

Here is a story of sowing into the kingdom of God.

It started about a month ago; my wife was invited to a Birthday morning tea. We know this family is standing in faith for financial provision, so we decided to put $100 in her birthday card.

A couple of weeks later, our family and some others were in Geelong helping my wife’s grandparents by laying gravel in their driveway. After we finished, my wife’s Pa gave us $100 as a way of saying “thank you”.

We sowed that money into the love offering for David Wagner.

Then, at a conference where our catering business was supplying food, we had sold only half of the food we prepared! So, we were giving away pies, pasties etc in the afternoon to whoever wanted something to eat rather than throwing them out. One person wanted to pay and I said “you can’t pay, but you’re more than welcome to make a love offering…” Later I found out that he gave my wife $100, we sowed that too back into the love offering for Bill Johnson and Leif Hetland.

The next day of the conference we sold EVERYTHING! We had a little bit of product left over which we were able to make into little hampers to give away – Such Fun!

So last Tuesday I was working in a factory area selling coffees, when I was described by a factory boss as being like a “white light” and … he ordered $100 extra in coffee.

Last Wednesday we went to my wife’s sister’s house to cook her some dinner. She is pregnant and not feeling the best at times. We cooked 7 meals, plus 3 serves of fried rice; our kids came too and slept on the couch.  My wife’s sister and her husband came for dinner last night, and gave us a thank you card, with a Coles voucher in it – value: $100

Makes me wonder what would happen if we started to sow $500?!

What stories of God’s goodness are you keeping to yourself?

You never know … if you start to tell the stories in your own life of a Good God, you may just release the spirit of prophecy, and with it a tumour may shift, a leg may grow out, or a heart may be healed … you will never know unless you start to speak and, I hazard a guess, that if you start power will be released … and that power will heal because …

God is Good!

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  1. numbers numbers numbers numbers …check them out…numbers…not the study of numbers, but the actual numbers appearing in the news these last two years, this last six months, the frequency of the number 22, 17, 7, 11, 3 the numbers dont lie, and i’ve seen the golden city, the clouds, the many miracles, it’s awesome what is happening, the evil spirits are fleeing, the evil doers are trying to appear good, the good souls rejoice, and if your unsure, read the blog, cause it’s all about God Most Higg. when evil meets an immovable force, the energy of pure love, something wonderful happens…the evil energy turns on itself, i’ve seen it happen, and it’s gonna happen regularly these coming months..

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