I think that God likes coffee … well … He likes the people who are at coffee shops anyway …

Last week I was heading off interstate again and had a spare hour at the airport and so I decided to pop into Gloria Jeans and grab a caffeine hit. As I waited, I got chatting to the girl making my coffee. As we chatted about working there and the challenges that stressed people could be for those in the service industry I felt God prompting me to offer to pray for her.  We chatted around this some more and she mentioned to me that she would in fact like to work with animals.

I looked at her, asked for her hand and prayed.

As I prayed for a new job, a new position and for favour, a couple of ideas “popped” into my head regarding work and study. I mentioned them to her and suggested she follow it up … she said she would.

As we finished up with the prayer I felt Holy Spirit say “ask her if she wants Me” … and so I did.

She looked at me with a big smile and said “why not!” … and so, I led her in a simple prayer of salvation. She received Jesus into her heart, I gave her my number, I suggested she find a local church to plug into and wandered off happy with my coffee …

This may read very simply … and I must say … it reads simply because it was simple … it was God’s idea and God’s ideas work … because …

God is Good!

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