A friend of mine has been stepping out and offering the Kingdom of Heaven as she goes … where ever she is … be it work, her son’s basketball, where ever.  I love her testimonies (see link for some others).  She sent me more testimonies last week and they continue to inspire me to keep going.  She sent this testimony today. 

Because K chose to believe and release Heaven’s healing in faith, a young boy may be healed and may be ready to play basketball sooner than he would have been.  As a minimum, at the time, the pain receded, relief came for the boy as he waited for the ambulance, and favour was released …

K writes in her email dated 4th August 2011:

This stepping out is really becoming a lifestyle thing …

Last night I went to pick up S [her son] from basketball training. When I arrived one of the boys on the team had fallen and hurt his elbow pretty badly, so much so that the Coach had called an ambulance. They feared it was dislocated or even broken. All the boys had run down to the entrance of the school to wait for the ambulance & the Coach was outside speaking to 000. When I went into the gym, the boy J was sitting with his mum looking quite ill and he was in a terrible amount of pain.

I sat next to him and his mum and asked if I could pray for him while we waited for the ambulance.  They agreed.

I commanded the pain to go and asked the Holy Spirit to come in and heal his elbow. I asked that his elbow would not be broken and that the peace of God would flow over him and his mum.  I then asked how the pain was, he said it was still there but not as intense. I said I wouldn’t touch his elbow but would hold my hand near it and keep praying, so I sat there quietly praying for peace & healing & praying in my heavenly language.  I asked him if he could feel anything. He said he could feel heat coming from my hands. I explained that he could feel the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. I then began sharing testimonies of healing with him & telling him I believe God is going to heal him & he will be playing basketball in no time.

When his Coach came in she said he looked much better and had his colour back. He was still in some pain though. Unfortunately I had to leave as I had family waiting for me at home as we had to go to a function that night.

I just spoke to his mum this morning [the day after].  She was thankful for my prayers and she believed it made a great deal of difference for him.  God is so good, because they were shown favour went they went to the hospital & were seen in 1 ½ hours when the place was absolutely hopping.  The x-rays couldn’t confirm a break as there was too much fluid to see, so they have put  a support cast under his lower arm to protect it until they can x ray again on Monday.   They said if he can stretch his arm out straight by then all will be good.  – Yay!

So I encouraged his mum to keep praying healing scriptures over him & to keep commanding the pain to go. I shared with her my journey in believing God’s word and activating it. So I am still waiting and believing in a complete healing…

My friend knows, and is discovering more and more, who she is in Christ, and she is choosing to step into her identity.

Jesus said:

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

John 14:12 (NASB)

And so she steps out … and God backs her up, because we have His word that He will, His word is good, and he fulfils His word because …

God is Good!

Link to another of K’s testimonys (healing of migraine): http://godisgoodstories.com/2011/03/09/migraine-gone-game-won-ks-story-of-a-good-god/

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