I was up at the hairdressers last Wednesday (27th July 2011) and I was offered a free blow wave by the salon.  I was planning to just have a dry off, which means they do not style it thereby saving time, since I was tired and wanted to get home; however, when the offer was made I felt Holy Spirit say “take it, say yes” and so I did, wondering why, and feeling a bit embarrassed receiving it.

C was washing my hair.  I had said to her earlier that she seemed to be in a good place .  She looked at me and quizzed me how I knew.  I did not realise that she had known about G, who was the young guy that I had prophesied to two years ago, and who had told me recently what an impact the written prophetic word had made – he carried it in his wallet and read it regularly (see below for link to related story).  In any case, G had undergone quite a change.  He no longer dressed in a very “camp” way, but had seemed to tone it down, and I wondered if that was in direct relation to the word I had written which was full of God’s love and acceptance for him.  C mentioned it, and agreed with my observation, and she was intrigued by the whole event … 

C was going to blow dry my hair and she started chatting about it all, commenting on how much the written prophecy had impacted G and how she marvelled at being able to do that.  She then went on to say that she was frightened of dying … I sat and listened thinking “what are you up to God?

As she spoke I suggested that everyone could hear from God, because He loved us all, Christian and non-Christian, and He spoke to us all more than we thought.  She agreed that he loved us all.  I found out later that C had come from a Catholic background, having been brough up in “the faith” with an Italian background, but without a personal relationship with God.

When I said she could hear from God too she seemed excited.  I went on to explain that we all had a “God space”  (see http://www.refocussing.com.au/godspaces) and that He wanted to connect with her so badly He would let her know where He was for her right then, in the salon as she was drying my hair (and I held my breath as I said it trusting God would show up!).  So, as she dried I suggested to ask Him where He was for her and she said “Jesus, where are you for me right now?” and then her eyes lit up as she looked at me in the mirror.  I said “where is He?”  She replied “He is right above me looking down”

I thought of the woman in Myers from last year, who had asked Jesus to come closer and closer, and then asked Him to come in her heart (see below for link) and I said to C “Do you want him to come closer?”  She replied “yes” so I said to her to ask Him to come closer.  As she did, she lit up more and I said “where is He?” and she said “right next to me on my right”, and she motioned to the place. 

I said again, “do you want Him closer?”  She did and so she asked Him closer and He came closer, and was right next to her, as she invited Him closer I could feel the anointing increase.  I then said, “do you want to ask Him into you, so you have Him inside, do you want to ask Him into your heart?”  She looked at me in the mirror, all excited and said she did and so, as I watched her in the mirror, in the middle of the busy hairdresser, as she dried my hair she said “Jesus, come into my heart” and as she did her face changed.  She told me she felt a “shift”, and she felt completely different.  She said she was full of joy, and she looked it!

I then suggested she say sorry for being away from Him, to accept what he did on the cross for her etc, which she did and she looked so delighted she looked like “the cat that swallowed the canary” except it was that she had taken in the saviour of the world instead …

We kept talking.  I asked whether she felt any more fear of dying … she stood and thought for a moment and said “No!”  She was so excited!

I then told her about the gift of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus said that he would not leave us as orphans and that when He left He would send another, the Holy Spirit.  I quickly explained the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy which she was so intrigued with, and the gift of tongues, and there, in the hairdressers, I prayed for a baptism of the Holy Spirit, and for an impartation of all three gifts … and she quietly started to pray in tongues.

I gave her a cuddle and told her about the angels around her, dancing and celebrating at her new life,  told her about the angels in Heaven, and the great crowd of witnesses that were all celebrating and dancing, and as I did a little dance to the groovy music playing in the salon to make my point … her beaming the entire time.

I gave her my personal details, suggested she read the book of John as a start and encouraged her to plug into a local church, making a few recommendations and giving her details of her preferred choices next service … she very excitedly said she would go, and would take her brother with her … I thought ooo another saved soul on the way to Heaven …

I left that night with a blow wave, and she left with her salvation intact … she left her fear of death behind in her old life, having stepped into the new … alive to Christ, ready to get to know her God, ready to hear from Jesus, ready for a fullness of life with the Holy Spirit, and I know she will if she pursues it (as I think she will) because …

God is Good!.


Story that refers to the prophetic word given to G: http://godisgoodstories.com/2011/07/09/toothache-heartache-god-cares-about-it-all/

Story that refers to Myers salvation: http://godisgoodstories.com/2010/11/30/myer-is-full-of-the-spirit-of-god-%e2%80%93-a-prodigal-daughter-comes-home-wednesday-9th-june-2010/

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