I was out and about Monday 25th July 2011 and had stopped, prayed, prophesied and bought coffee for a few people.  M (my four-year-old) wanted to go to a particular shop where Sammi worked.  I hesitated and checked with God and felt to go too, thinking that M’s desire could have been God inspired and so we headed up to the store.

As we walked in I was surprised to see Sammi – she had been given work at Highpoint and I had thought she had already left.  She looked up as she served another customer and said “hello”.  I motioned that I would wait to see how she was getting on.

I had prayed for Sammi a number of times, the last time being for her back and she had been relieved miraculously of the extreme pain , but then I had heard from the girl that she worked with a few days later that the pain had returned the following morning. See below for links.

I asked Sammi about her back, telling her that I had been told that her back had got bad again the day after I had prayed, and what she had to tell me was surprising and encouraging to say the least.

Sammi said that after the prayer she had been great.  Pain had returned, but on the other side of her back, lower down.  She said it had been so bad she had an MRI.  The great news was that the scan showed that she had been COMPLETELY HEALED where the original bulging disc had occurred (where I had prayed for her); but what the MRI also showed was that she now had a different problem, lower down, a bulging disc further towards the small of her back on the other side to where it had been originally. 

She told me that she had been healed when I prayed for her, and that it had been so complete that she had been amazed and had told her Mother the entire story, saying to her Mother that she had healing in her hands (she did because I had prayed for an impartation of the gift of healing the last time I saw her).

She then went on to tell me that she had been in so much pain with the new problem that she had taken 2 weeks off work.

I listened and felt that it was a spirit of infirmity.  The last time I had prayed for her I had felt she needed to ask Holy Spirit to fill her up, but she had said she did not need to do so.  I had later told a friend about the whole experience and about my puzzlement (and my obvious sense of discouragement) about how she had seemed to “lose” her healing and he responded something like: “Clean out the house … and if you leave the house empty, 7 more will come and occupy” (referring to Matthew 12:43-45).

I asked her if she wanted me to pray and she enthusiastically said “yes”.

I laid my hand on her lower back and she commented on how hot my hand was … I could feel it too.  I prayed and mentioned to her the scripture above, asking her if she knew it … she did.  I said to her that I felt she needed to make a recommitment to Jesus and so she did, giving Him her heart and asking Him to fill her completely.  I then said to her that I know she felt she was full of the Hoy Spirit but I just felt she needed to ask Him in to fill her up too, she did.  I said that the Holy Spirit would displace any spirit of infirmity in her back.  She again prayed asking the Holy Spirit to fill her up.

I asked her how her back was and she said the pain had shifted down further … and I thought “caught”, recalling how Randy Clark had taught that if the pain shifted as you prayed it could be a spirit of infirmity, and if the pain started jumping around to feel encouraged and go for it.  I explained that to her, encouraging her that it had shown itself and was on the way out …

There were a few other issues I felt she needed to forgive around her wedding.  She prayed forgiveness and continued to ask the Holy Spirit to fill her, my hand hot on her back.

As I finished up I said try it out.  She moved around, touching her toes and twisting it and said it was great … nearly all gone.  I asked her if 100% was pain-free, where was she? and she said 95%.  I said “great, lets give it one more go?” and so I prayed some more and she looked and said all the pain was gone … She smiled saying how nice it was to be pain-free.

I went over to the counter with her and gave her my numbers, knowing that I would probably not see her before she left on Thursday, and as I did the new Manageress said “are you a healer?” I responded saying “I am a Christian, the Bible says that these signs shall follow those that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick and be healed, I just choose to believe that and do that, so in a way I am a healer, but really I am just a Christian that believes what the Bible says”.

I left absolutely delighted.  Sammi had been healed.  The pain had not come back the following day, but rather a different issue had erupted. I had been so disappointed when I had heard that she had regressed, but the girl who had told me this had not got the story straight … Sammi’s back had been healed (with a scan to prove it) but another issue had occurred …

The first time I had prayed for Sammi I had felt she needed to ask the Holy Spirit to fill her up.  I felt encouraged that I had probably heard correctly, and that God had, in His mercy and loving kindness given Sammi a second chance at being filled with His goodness and healing grace, to be free of whatever it was that was afflicting her …

Sammi had received the double portion – two healings, a second chance, and had tasted, felt and seen that …

God is good!

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