This story is amazing.  This is a person who currently works at a very prestigious legal firm in town.  He is employed in a top position, is highly educated, but, like all of us, still has to get over the fear of stepping out and offering to pray for the sick.  Regardless of that fear, he has chosen to listen to the quiet promptings of God and, as you will read, he has allowed Dr Jesus to work miracles of healing through him as he goes – first in the office tea room, and later, as he works in his office.  Jesus goes with us, where ever we go, and so where ever we are there are miracles waiting to happen.

This is definitely worth a read.  I felt the anointing all over it.  He is a mighty man of God, one of many that God is positioning throughout society to impact Australia at all levels of society … in the parks, in the playgrounds, in the schools and in the ivory towers of the legal profession.  He is one of the many that are willing to step out because he knows that …

God is good!

My friend writes in an email received 20th July 2011:

I work at a large law firm in the city.  I was in a small galley tea room making a cup of tea when one of the tea ladies R, who cleans the kitchens and collect cups from offices etc. came in. We have known each other for many years. I asked how she was and she said she had been having terrible pain in her shoulder and neck for 2-3 weeks.

Without stopping to think, I asked if she would like me to pray for her. Her eyes almost popped out of her head. I explained I was a Christian and I believed God wants to and does heal people through prayer. She said “I believe, I believe”.  I got permission to place my hand lightly on her shoulder and neck. I could feel the muscles were like concrete.  I asked the Spirit to come and waited, then prayed peace for R’s body, mind and spirit and healing for the muscles and joints in her shoulder and neck. As I prayed I felt some movement in the muscles under my hand, the stiffness seemed to be going.  After a while I asked her what was happening for her.  She said “Its fine, it’s wonderful”, moving her shoulder around and “your hand was so hot”. (I didn’t feel any unusual heat in my hand but she did.)  She said she had a small amount of pain in one part of her neck so we prayed again. Then a man came into the tea room and said “What’s this – reiki in the tea room”. I said, “this isn’t reiki – this is God”.

I saw R later that day in the same tea room with another tea lady. She had experienced complete healing from the pain. She thanked me and called me her doctor and I told her that I was very happy to pray for her but it was Dr Jesus who healed her.  R was cool with this as she has an Eastern Orthodox background. Another tea lady N said she had terrible pain in her arm and a lump on her upper arm. I offered to pray but 2 other people wanted to come into the tea room (and there was no room so she said another time. R keeps telling her story to most of the non-legal staff and still calls me and Jesus her doctors when she sees me.

A few days later N came by my office on her rounds and she said she didn’t want to bother me, but I asked if she would like prayer. She let me feel the lump on her upper arm through her shirt and there was a raised lump the size of a 10c piece on her upper arm. We prayed in my office and the pain in her arm reduced a lot (but not completely) but the lump disappeared – neither of us could feel it.

When I asked her the next day how she was, she said the pain was reduced but a small lump had come back – it was much smaller than before and I could feel it was much smaller. So I prayed again and again the pain reduced. I told her I would pray for her anytime. I said if the lump persisted after we had prayed a few times she should consider seeing a doctor. She said she had more faith in God to heal than doctors.

Yes … I say it again …

God is good!

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