His blessing and loving kindness follow us – jumping with joy; breakfast is on Him; and a double portion of bread … A Psalm 23:6 weekend

We have had a weekend of favour and blessing.

It started with a free coffee because they did not have soy milk for my coffee … so they did not charge for my husband’s coffee when I went to sign for it … I thanked the gentleman and left thinking how kind he was and figuring it was God’s favour …

Although we were away as a family my husband had to head down the coast for a day’s work – (which is another story of timing and favour).  The kids and I went for a walk and my youngest (4-year-old M) decided he would have his jump on the trampolines as promised.  I agreed and as I went to pay the cashier I prayed for favour … perhaps a little longer than the usual 10 minutes (we are often blessed with 15-20 minutes) … the young guy did not even look at me as he took my money …

We sat down, and I checked my watch to be sure we got our 10 minutes worth of jumping – given the young guys attitude.  10 minutes went by and the kids were still jumping … the cashier called some off … M (and by now his big sister 7-year-old R) had been giggling away and were jumping with joy … 15 minutes clicked past … others were called off … they kept jumping and I waited for our call off … 20 minutes … the giggles and jumping with joy continued as hot little faces grinned with delight … in the end they giggled and jumped with joy for 30 minutes …

The kids put on their shoes and as they walked out they said they obviously had just received God’s favour (R said she had prayed for God’s favour too) … perhaps it was a double dose of God’s favour … perhaps it was our favour being “pooled”.  They both looked up at the young guy, who still did not look at us, and both poppets happily chirruped “thank you” a few times, being sure he heard them.  He did acknowledge them, but not once gave any of us eye contact …

The following morning we decided to have breakfast out since my husband had one breakfast fully paid for through work.  My breakfast would cost $27 and the kids $15 … at first they looked at M and said he would be “free”, but, after we had thoroughly enjoyed our breaky together, we went to sign for the food bill and they said to us that both children were free and they would only charge us $21 for our fully cooked very yummy breakfasts (the lower charge for a “pre-booked”)… we wondered what was going on, but then thought … ok … its His blessing and favour …

Then, this Sunday morning we had packed and then popped out for a cooked breakfast for just A and I – the kids having eaten as we packed to leave.  Once we got there R announced that she wanted an egg.  M followed suit.  A and I looked at each other and thought we would order a serve of eggs and cut the toast in half (you pay extra for another piece of toast), and while it may seem a little thing, I noted that again we had been blessed … when the dishes came out, A’s and mine came out with one piece of toast (as per the menu), but R and M’s eggs and toast came out with two pieces of toast … so there was no need to half the toast between them.

Now many may say … “so what” … but you know what? …  I believe these are little touches of God’s goodness and kindness in our lives and I choose to celebrate each little thing He does for me, my family, my friends, my Church, even the miracles that take place in our amazing country

His goodness and His loving kindness follow us all the days of our lives because …

God is good!

Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

(Psalm 23:6 NASB copyright 1995)



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2 thoughts on “His blessing and loving kindness follow us – jumping with joy; breakfast is on Him; and a double portion of bread … A Psalm 23:6 weekend

  1. This is such a beautiful story and sooo encouraging. If these ‘little’ things from God touch our lives, then the little things we do for others to show the Father’s heart will also touch others. It left me feeling that I didn’t have to ‘climb Mt Everest’ to express God’s love for others but to be aware of the ‘small’ promptings that can make all the difference. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment – it was so encouraging to read. I believe that we do not have to climb Mount Everest, but be ourselves with Jesus and “leak Heaven” as we go about our lives, and people are changed and touched by Him (often in very dramatic ways) – He wants to impact them more than we do, we just need to listen and let Him out, but be ourselves as well … I would love to hear how you get on … Thank you!

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