We were up at Mt Baw Baw as a family for some snow play on Saturday 9th July 2011.  I was sitting at the end of the toboggan run when a mum and I exchanged glances as a child came flying down the hill at break neck speed.  As I smiled at her I noticed an arm sling on her right arm and I immediately thought of the call to arms that God has been heralding recently (see links below).

I laughed and suggested that she had been doing a little too much tobogganing, knowing full well that I had to pray for her.  She smiled back and walked over and said her daughter had bent it the wrong way and had torn the muscles and the nerves were pinched and causing pain and much numbness.  I grimaced and offered to pray for it to be healed quickly recounting the healing of someone with a broken foot.

She readily agreed.  Her name was K and she came over and sat by my side.  I said to her that the thick gloves would be no impediment to God recalling an image I had seen on God TV of Heidi Baker ministering in the cold with Georgian and Winnie Banov … I noted she did not take off her thick gloves to lay hands and somehow I had confidence that I could do the same …

I placed my hand on her right shoulder and started to pray.  As I did I told the story about A who had broken both her legs and who had been healed, feeling or sensing that it would increase her faith levels. (see link below for story). 

As I prayed I mentioned she may feel something and she said she did .. a tingling and heat.  I said, laughing “well its not from me, I’m really cold”, but I can feel the warmth in my hand which is great because it is really cold.

I kept praying and released healing for the torn muscles, a reconnection to take place, for all ligaments to reconnect as they should, for the pain to leave and for the body to function properly.  I prayed for a peaceful sleep and asked her if her sleep had been disturbed … it had.  I told the spirit of arthritis to leave and released peace and the shalom of God (explaining as I did that the shalom of God meant peace … but so much more too including peace, health, etc … ).

She said it was still warm and tingling. I kept praying and her daughter ran over and told her the bus was leaving … she did not appear to want to leave.  I then asked her if she felt anything else.  She then said she felt coolness, but that it was not coolness from the snow or the cold, it was different.

We did not have time to discuss it any further.  Her young daughter was over again urging her to leave.  I saw a tag around her neck asked if she was on a camp, wondering if she was a Christian she was so receptive.  She replied she was … for kids with leukaemia and she motioned to her daughter …

I was surprised and knowing she had to go I quickly said that we could get some people from our church to pray for her daughter.  She said she that her daughter had been prayed for.  I mentioned the name of our church and said if you cannot remember it just think of white snow … white horse… Jesus rides on aWhitehorse– Google us and you will find us and you will find it and you can contact us for more prayer if you want it…

She said she would.  She did not seem to want to leave, but she did, and I watched her walk away through the snow, on a glorious winter’s afternoon at Mt Baw Baw.  As I watched I pondered how much she must have been through and I knew that I was there so that she would know that she was loved … that she also mattered to God … and I thought of a good God who had set us up … he knew I would stop for her because of her arm … who knows where the encounter will lead her … or her family because …

God is Good!

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