This week there has been a couple of backs that have been healed … and more favour released…

Last Monday, 4 year old M had to go to the toilet at school pick up.  A bit irritated, since I had asked him whether he needed to go before we left for pickup, I took him to the loos.  As I waited, another Mum came into the bathroom, looking quite grey and a bit grouchy, which for her was quite unusual.  She apologised after grouching at her 4 year old son, and explained she was tired, had a cold, had hurt her back and was in a lot of pain.  She is a “key personality” in the land of Mummy-hood at my daughter’s school.  Very kind in fact, but a central personality.

I knew I had to offer to pray, but I did not want to … I did offer and she said “yes”.

I placed my hand on her back and prayed, commanding her back to behave as it was designed and telling the pain to leave.  I also prayed for her freedom because I have intuitively known that she is “trapped”. The pain levels lifted somewhat and so I prayed again.  The anointing was strong.  She felt it too – commenting on the coolness.  She said the pain did not all clear but was much better. I hugged her saying that she may see an improvement over night and I asked her to let me know how she got on because often the healing took time to settle in. 

I hurried off, and prayed quite a bit for her as I drove home and through the afternoon and early evening.

I saw her at kindy pick up 3 days later, where our boys go to kindy together.  She said she was much better.  She wanted to let me know.  She did look a lot better and was much more her cheery self.  She said she did not know if it was my prayers or the osteopath that helped, but that she was much better by Wednesday.  I thanked her for letting me know and felt a mixture of joy, but I also battled a sense of “she was just being nice in telling me this” … I encouraged myself knowing that God wanted her healed regardless and it did not matter if it was my prayers (and therefore His power) or the osteopath visit, either way He loved her and wanted her well!

That same afternoon (Thursday) I went up to the local shopping centre with my children to purchase an item from the store where Sammi worked (see links below for Sammi’s story – prayers of kindness were answered miraculously after that prayer … thank you God!).  Sammi got married a couple of months ago.  I had been in the store last Sunday and had then asked how she was.  At the time I had been told by L that she had hurt her back badly, and had a bulging disc.

Well, this afternoon Sammi was there.  She was in pain and was walking very carefully.  She told us about her wedding and showed us her wedding photos.  After looking at the photos I offered to pray.  She said that someone had prayed for her the day before.  I asked if they were a Christian and she replied that they had said they were a “medium”.  I suggested I give it a go and pray.  She showed me where it hurt, and I placed my hand on her lower back.

I prayed and told anything that was not of God that had got access through the medium to leave.  I continued to pray and as I did I gently suggested that she not receive prayer from anyone other than a Christian – no rake, therapeutic touch or mediums, just Christians … (note: I do have a relationship with this person and so felt I could speak to her about this).  As I continued to pray my hand heated up and she said she could feel the heat and tingles were going down where the pain had been shooting into her legs.  I prayed for some time and once I felt that it was enough I asked her to check it out.  She did and told me it was 75% better.  I said “great, let’s have another go”.

I prayed again and prayed for more favour for her (which I had prayed for her before her wedding).  I asked if she had received any promotions or raises since I had prayed for her to receive more favour– she said no but that she had got a job at another branch at Westfield, much closer to home, which was great because they were renovating a home.  She currently travels 1½  hours a day to get to work so the new job was a real blessing … she agreed that that was favour!  I had left my hand on her the entire time and I felt a shift in the sensation – a coolness, which she felt too.

I finished up and asked her to try it out again.  She stretched, bent over, touched her toes, and walked and as she did she exclaimed that the pain was leaving and her back was better than 85% and as she kept talking and moving the pain left … She was happily surprised, even a bit shocked, as was her work mate.

I prayed for her, asking if she was a Christian – she said she was and that she had the Holy Spirit in her (saying she had been “confirmed”).  I could sense that Holy Spirit wanted her to ask Him in, but I did not feel to push the point …

I prayed for her to receive the gift of healing.  I warned her that sometimes the pain could come back and that she was to tell it to go away in the name of Jesus.  I told her to put her hand on the place and command healing into her back.  I said as a Christian she would also see the sick healed and quoted “…these signs shall follow that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed”.  She said she would do as I suggested.  I do not always warn people, but I did this time …

We left with her amazed but delighted that she was pain free.

I thanked God all the way home and when I thought of her I prayed healing, blessing and thanking Holy Spirit for what He had done.  I was so very happy for her … and delighted with the outcome that had played out before me, since I so often do not know the outcome of prayer for people in the streets.

Yesterday (Friday) we popped back in and I saw Sammi’s work mate called L.  I asked after Sammi.  L told me that her back had been fine until she came into work the following day when the pain came back.  Sammi was off at the chiropractor.  I asked L if Sammi had put her hand on it and told the pain to go.  L said no – she had put an ice pack on the spot instead.

I was disappointed.  I do not know why the pain came back.  I was sad that she had not given God a go first and had gone for the ice pack first and then the chiropractor.  I do not know why the pain came back, but I do know that God is Good, and that He had healed her the day before and that she kept that healing until the following morning.  I do know that she was free of the pain.  I do know that something happened.  I do know that I do not know the answer to “why?”…

The Bible says that the enemy comes “…to kill, steal and destroy” … and I believe that Sammi’s healing was stolen …

As you can imagine many thoughts come at you when this type of thing happens.  You can choose to get discouraged and I admit I did feel sad.

Regardless – there is a decision to be made at these times and I choose to continue to believe that God heals; that the power of healing is in our hands; our payers count and the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective … I choose to press on, regardless of the outcome … the fact is Sammi was better the day before, why the pain returned I do not know … but I do know that regardless I will choose to believe that …

God is Good!

Post Script: after writing up this story today (Saturday) I again needed to pop into the store to buy something and L was there.  We chatted and she said how she hoped to be granted a promotion when Sammi left for Highpoint.  I asked her “would you like me to pray for you?” and she replied quickly and definitely “yes please” … so again I prayed “upgrade, favour, promotion, prosperity” … L will let me know what happens.  I ran around the counter and gave her a hug.  I told her to tell Sammi to pray for herself for healing next time she saw her and she said she would … I believe that she intuitively knows that …

God is Good!


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