So many of us attend functions, schools, seminars … on healing, miracles, signs, wonders, God’s power, His will for our lives … We get excited, even convinced that we will use all that God has for us, but then we freeze, fear grips, or we are tired, want a rest, or just do not want to face rejection … or perhaps in the moment we truly believe we will step up and out … but then we get “busy” and we forget the thrill of feeling, hearing, learning about and from God … and life gets back to “normal” …

This is a story from August 2010.  It is a longer story but I think worth the read.  I had attended Randy Clark’s Healing School 1 in Sydney, at great cost and effort to myself, my family, and those that offered to help out while I was away.  I had prayed for a few people while in Sydney … seen a girl be healed of nasty hay fever (God is Good) and now I was at the airport … relishing the last few hours I would have to sit quietly with a coffee and start to read a book I had just purchased from the school.

God had other plans …

I went to get my coffee.  God said that I was to pay for the order for the people behind me.  I did.  They were shocked and blessed.  I was thinking about my book and the half hour I had to sit and read.

I then went to the desk to see if I could get a better seat – praying for God’s favour.  I got it!  I got a seat in the first row or two in economy, so that (as the girl at the desk said), I could get off and see my kids quickly after being away.  I felt to offer to pray for the girl.  She readily agreed and I imparted favour, received a word of knowledge that she was a single Mum (which she was) and prayed for her future, for a wonderful person to come, her “knight in shining armour” that would treat her as she deserved to be treated – a princess.  I also prayed for favour for her trip that she was about to take.  She responded amazed and I could see she felt truly blessed.  God is Good!

Again, thinking “that must be it” I wandered over to the gate with my coffee and book.  There was a really cute little “poppet” who kept smiling at me so I pulled out some biscuits and offered them, with the parent’s approval.

I made myself comfortable again and started to get into my book … when the girl nearly opposite me took a phone call and screamed and started to sob.  I tried to ignore it … someone else went to her aide and I felt that I just wanted to be quiet and read … but the prompting got so strong I put my book down and went over to offer to help.

Her name was H.  She was on her way to Melbourne.  Her dad had just come out of surgery for prostate cancer and she was going down to see him.  The phone call had been her sister calling to tell her that there were complications and that her dad was dying … his heart had stopped and they were trying to revive him and he was unlikely to be alive when she got to the hospital.

The other woman sitting with her was obviously a Christian and was comforting her well – far better than I could.  I thought … “well, I’ve been to Healing School, there was a word during the school for healing of prostate cancer and my own Dad had died of the disease … I had a right of pay back and I had the anointing for healing of prostrates because it had been released at the conference”.  I quickly explained this to her and asked if I could pray … and I did with the other woman looking at me as if I was crazy because I was calling “life and not death” … I thought to myself “what am I doing … what if he dies?“ but I kept on regardless.

With the prayer out of the way I gave her my card for support in Melbourne and said to her I would try to arrange for her to sit next to me on a seat further back, to keep her company … or she could take my seat to get her off the plane quickly, and went to speak with the hostesses.  Instead, they gave her a business class seat and promised to keep an eye on her throughout the flight …

We got on the plane and there was a very angry American.  He was very offended at me for having a large bag on board and refused to move his bag, even when the air host tried to get him to help.  I found somewhere else for my bag, refusing to get angry and offended back although I had felt shamed before everyone …  I had got on board late due to the “event” with H.

Once lunch had been served and cleared God made it clear that I was to apologise to the American and the fear physically spread up my lower back.  I apologised, especially since God made it clear to me that He did not want the American to carry an offence.  He forgave me, melting as I gave an unreserved apology.  I climbed back into my seat and again tried to settle to read, but as we started to ready for landing I got a head ache and so stepped out and asked if the guy next to me had a head ache … he didn’t, but after chatting I ended up praying favour for his family and kids and for an upgrade for him – he was travelling overseas and this was his first leg of the trip.  He said he would ask for a better seat on to the overseas destination where he was going after I told him about my favour with seating and another friend’s favour that I had prayed for an upgrade and who had received an upgrade to business class going to the States  … on tickets that “just could not be changed”.

And H … The long and the short of it … her dad survived and to follow are the emails that I received …

Sent: Tuesday, 24 August 2010 12:39 PM

We met at the airport on Sunday. I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me and thank you for your prayers. My dad is still fighting he is in intensive care but improving every day.

… you and the other lady were two angels by my side and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me.

When I got off the plane I found out that his heart had stopped and they had to resuscitate him, that’s why my sister got the call from the hospital to tell her to come in.

We are praying that he recovers, but he is still really unwell.

I just want to thank you so much you are an amazing person, and God bless you for being there when I needed someone by my side

Lots of love


She later wrote in response to my email:

 On 27/08/2010, at 4:11 PM

Hi …,

Thank you for your kind offer and for continuing to pray for my dad.

Our priest came past and read a few prayers for him, and you are right miracles do happen.

He [is] doing so much better today, his doctor can’t believe how well he is [emphasis added] compared to how he was on Sunday.

Thank you again …

And again she wrote:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 10:01 AM

Hi …,

That would be nice thank you [author’s note: in response to my asking if she would like her dad prayed for by our church’s prayer groups]. When my sister called me last Sunday they took 20 minutes to resuscitate him, by that time I was on the plane and didn’t get the update of how he was until we landed. [Author’s note: she was told at the airport he would not live and to come straight to the hospital from the airport].

He came out of intensive care yesterday and hopefully will be home by the end of the week. Things are looking good my family is very happy and relieved how well he is doing, and he can’t wait to come home!

I leaveMelbourneon Saturday, but it has been nice spending time with the family.

Hope you and your family are well.

Best wishes


I am glad I “interfered”.  I am glad I stopped and helped, even though I could have left it to the other stranger that had gone to help.  The miracle happened while she was on the plane and she arrived to a father that lived … that was dying or dead in the natural when she received the phone call …

He was dying, but then he lived because …

God is Good!

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