On Monday 13th June 2011 we decided to head up to the local park as a family, so the kids could show me some new tricks they had learnt while I had been away.

We walked up to the end of our street and as we crossed the road to the park I saw a guy with a walking stick and a huge bandage over his right calf/knee. He was walking carefully and had obviously injured himself quite badly. I looked and knew I was to stop and offer to pray … especially since I had been away at a school of healing in Sydney for five days … what was the point of the time spent, the expense incurred and the seeking God’s power if I did not stop and offer … !

I walked back across the road and approached him, excusing myself, and said to him that obviously he had hurt himself. He said “yes”. I said to him that I was a Christian and had just been to a healing school and had seen many healings and miracles. I then asked if I could pray for him.

He said “if you want to…” so I introduced myself, and he said that is name was Casey.

I asked what he had done and how. I found out that he had torn his right calf muscle and that he had done it in some sort of fighting style sport (cannot remember what it was). I asked him if he had forgiven himself and the other person and he used the street version of “stuff happens” and so I asked if I could place my hand on his calf to which he said was very painful…

I knelt and prayed, placing my hand on the front/side of his right shin/calf. I felt the anointing and I knew God had wanted me to stop.  I asked him if he felt anything … he felt nothing.

I was hoping that he would feel fire, heat, cold, see angels, visions of God, fall under the powerful anointing I carried … well not quite, but I was hoping he would feel more than nothing, especially after nearly a week of learning and receiving God’s power.

I said “no worries … not everyone feels anything but they get healed anyway”. He said he did not believe in that stuff. I said that did not matter and prayed again – hoping he would feel at least something.

Again, he felt nothing.  I thanked him for letting me pray … stating “you never know it may be healed by tomorrow” … to which he answered that the injury would take 6 weeks to heal … I replied that he may just be healed sooner than that and again recounted a few more healing stories. I wished him well and crossed the street again to head off to the park and watch my children, that I had missed so much, play in the park.

I know God wanted me to stop. I know that God wants him healed. I know that he could be healed very quickly … and I know this all because …

God is Good!



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